Monday, July 17, 2006

1 Year of Alchemy

Atma, Miss Behave and MC High IQ will be celebrating their one year anniverssary on DnBTV today starting at 8 PM tonight.
From Atma.
This Monday night we are proud to say will be the 1 year show for the Alchemy 101 crew coming straight out of Philly! With the recent addition of Smokey to the lineup, as long as the official addition of loyal guest That K.I.D. to the Alchemy 101 roster, there's much to celebrate. We've added an extra hour because there was just too much in your face, no-nonsense, dancefloor drum n bass to continue to try n cram into just 2 hours. So tune in at our new time, 8pm Est so you can be a part of another DnBTv milestone! Peep it!

Listen to it here.

In the meantime listen to Atma's Pound for Pound mix. This is perfect for a Monday with sexy, jazzy dnb to get you through the day.

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