Friday, July 14, 2006

Its a Spank Rock weekend

Spankrock performing today for free you say? Special Spankrock DJ set Sunday you say? Why yes I do. Tonight catch Spankrock perform twice at the Trocadero. They'll be opening the show up at 7:45 and then closing the show beginning at 11:45. You must RSVP so get on the guestlist here.

This Sunday Paper-Street continues on with the Sundays are the New Black party with a special DJ set by Cool MC Disco Spankro which made #1 in the Philadelphia Weekly A-List. Get on the guestlist here for $5 admission.

  • Still haven't bought YoYoYoYoYoYo? Really? Well you can download Rick Rubin for free.
  • New tour mix from Ronnie Darko - Radio Active.
  • Air! Cock! Thrust! - Post up your best ACT by September and win "whole ass load of Spank Rock/Baltimore Bass Connection prizes and exclusives!!!"

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