Monday, July 10, 2006

Caps n Jones

Caps n Jones did the damn thing this past Saturday. Vitamin water is that new crack. Vitamin water and vodkas are ridiculous. What a perfect combination. I'm going on the assumption that they cancel each other out. Not that there was actually much Vitamin water in the drinks on Saturday. Jones shirt was killing it. Regardless, I can't wait til they move to Philly and take up residency somewhere.

So after we left the M Room we started walking home. No cabs seem to drive down Girard at 2:30 am on a Saturday. No worries, drunk walking is cool. You kind of just float along. Its also fun to pass your time kicking/throwing cones, throwing hats and other inane ways to make the trip that much more fun. So we eventually made a left down 10th street toward Spring Garden. As we were walking, I saw a Siamese cat. She was cute and friendly so I decided to take her picture. A young entrepreneuer then decided to approach us offering to sell the cat to us. Hmm, well I already have one cat and I don't think he wants any company. Not content with that, he then demanded $10 for the pictures. Luckily his friend wasn't nearly as serious and we were able to extricate ourselves from the situation without further complications. The rest of the walk was rather uneventful except for an intense discussion as to how serious he actually was. Thing is, I don't think the pictures of the cat even turned out that well. Oh well, I still have my camera and didn't pay $10 for pictures I took. See all the pictures here.

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