Friday, July 07, 2006

All I Wanna Do is Disco Dance With You

I need to learn more French because Fluo Kids has so much quality music they release. Teki Latex of French group TTC leads off with his debut single "Disco Dance With You". This incredibly infectious rhythm makes me want to get up and start dancing here at work regardless of odd stares from coworkers. I just may be partial to songs about dancing, yet what really puts this over the top is the remix from Spank Rock and Amanda Blank. Amanda's silky smooth hook makes my spine tingle. Spank Rock kills his verse with "Now you're moving to it all sweaty like it was Hollertronix and shit". Amanda's verse is top notch like we've all come to expect.

The single is out July 17th I believe on Arcade Mode and possibly Turntable Lab as well.

Teki Latex- Disco Dance With You (Spank Rock Remix ft Amanda Blank)

Read on for the original review (in English) of all 5 tracks at Fluo Kids

For more info on Teki check his myspace for the original track, the remix and another track Electronic as well as the EPK below with him in Barcelona.

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Martin said...

Thx, for the info on the Spank Rock mixtape thingy, I had a suspision that it had to be longer than just 15 minuttes.

Great Teki Latex track btw! Thx