Wednesday, July 19, 2006

J Hill Xperience and an Open Bar

Every third Wednesday of the month Mental Sharp and Yellow Brain perform together live with an open bar which is usually enough. Tonight though, J. Hill will be performing his last night in Philly before L.A. Reid flys him out to turn him into a superstar. J Hill was born in West Philly and has been on the music circuit performing at The Five Spot, Doc Watson's, Mill Creek Tavern and more.

Listen to two tracks to check out the newest philly neo-soul export.

J. Hill Xperience - I Miss Her
J. Hill Xperience - Leave a Message

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Anonymous said...

when will this guy be performing next...i heard the Cd is incredible... i saw him open for John Legend and he was just as good with no deal yet!

This kid is incredible and his album will sell for years as he has the most classic sound since the marvelous Marvin Gaye!

Keep us informed!!!

di1 said...

Haven't heard about him since he left Philly. Apparently he has changed the group name and goes by Joshua and the Purple Church. Check him out on myspace (what else? :) )