Thursday, July 20, 2006

Diplo / CSS / Bonde Do Role Tour Blog & Hollertronix Reunion

Vicarious living via Chris Lemon Red is available now that the tour has officially kicked off. Chris is travelling along on the bus and will be at every show selling merchandise. Say hi to him and you just may end up on the site. Nudity is a sure fire way.

Meanwhile things in Philly are heating up as the weather kinda, sort of cools down. The show is sold out, all 250 tickets at the Mummers Museum. However, maybe, just maybe, there may be 50 more tickets available. Maybe. (Holla at R5) Regardless, just added is the official afterparty: It's the return of Hollertronix! Oh snap! Low Budget will be joining Diplo for an insane afterparty at Transit from 12 - 3:30 with special guest Dave P and reinforced sound. For all those at the show, its free. If you don't manage to get tickets its only $5. My brain is going to melt from all of this. Open bar 8 - 12. Hollertronix at Transit. Ideally, I will make it through all of this with pictures. Then again...
Over at Fluokids I found these awesome tracks among others:

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