Friday, July 07, 2006

Disco D and Trick Daddy Collabo

I just received this from Disco D about that banging Trick Daddy track he played last Sunday.
Hey guys,

I received a call today from Craig Kallman, the CEO and Chairman of Atlantic Records, the consequences of which will change rap, pop and electronic music forever. They have decided that "I Pop", a song I produced, will be the first single off of Trick Daddy's upcoming album to be released this fall. He is coming to my studio on Monday to mix the record.

If I could describe the record in words: 110 BPM ghettotech / acid house with Trick Daddy returning to 'Shut Up' / 'Nann' / 'Scarred' days. In 2 words: The Shit.

A Haiku:

Trick Daddy's 'I Pop'
The biggest beat that I wrote
Thus far in my life

I'm posting a snippet of the rough mix on my my space as we speak.


P.S. I have a show in Amsterdam tomorrow night

P.P.S. After Craig Kallman was done talking to me about Trick Daddy, he spent the next 20 minutes asking me questions about Spankrock and Amanda Blank

Whoa! (like Joey) Spank Rock and Ms Blank are certifiably blown up. Disco D is a serious tease but he did throw up a snippet of 'I Pop' on his myspace

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