Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Resurgence of Bass

Gone are the heydays of the Philly jungle massive when Dieselboy's weekly drum n bass smashdown Platinum was the premiere event for bass heads. Week in and week out headlining talent from around the world would touchdown to tear the roof off a packed Fluid nightclub every Thursday night. Sine and Icon provided proper warmup for DJs like Marky, Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company and more.

This past Friday a touch of this energy was back in the air as the Human Violence tour came to town. Dieselboy and Hive headlined while mic support came from Messinian, Sharpness, Illy and Checkwun. Old jungle heads got their groove back as the DJs tagteamed on decks. With each track, they upped the ante with bigger bass and harder beats.

As of late there appearas to be a resurgence of drum n bass in Philadelphia. There are currently three different weekly parties and major monthly parties as well. Simplefly, Saints and Sinners and long time Philly dnb flag carriers Substititution are carrying the torch back into the caves of 165+ BPM territories.

This Saturday, Simplefly and Substitution continue this trend with a Collector's edition of Rowdy at Transit nightclub. Although not purely drum n bass, John B and Dara will surely remind you that jungle's not dead. Downstairs your party rocking jams will be provided by Nick Catchdubs, Emynd and Bo Bliz alongside Bmore club's Tittsworth.

This appears to be just the beginning as March 16th sees the return of Ed Rush & Optical with newcomers Pendulum headlining at Pure nightclub with The Burial. A mere two days later Emerald City will be host to Adrenaline where Shimon will be headlining the jungle/mashup room with Caps N Jones and DC-Balto's own Scott Henry in the main room.

Jungles not dead and its back with a vengeance.

Check out the pictures from Friday at Fluid here.
Angelo Yap was back at Absolute Beginners again and has pictures here.
UPDATE: Angelo also has pictures from the Freak Nurses party Low Life

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Surface Exploration

I swear this won't become a post about going out and getting drunk. I'm extremely optimistic about the club and bar scene, in that I believe it can be about so much more. You could go out, and really have a life changing experience; something that would redefine who you are, not just for the night, but forever after. Unfortunately, it's difficult to have a profound social adventure when you're having difficulty seeing peoples faces or constructing thoughts non-verbally. So, without further delay, here is a post about going out and getting drunk. Enjoy.

Lets start with a list.
A couple new warning signs of drunkenness:

1) Before leaving home, after having consumed a foh-dee, you deliberate about which foot should wear cotton and which should wear wool. You see, despite angrily groping every wool looking fabric on the ground for about 10 minutes, you can only find one wool sock. Your decision? The right hemisphere is more important, so due to the contralateral properties of the brain, the left foot should get the
wool sock.
This seems like intelligent reasoning at the time.

2) Playing pool, you go for a difficult shot and, with some frustration, miss completely.
“what are you doing?”
“What? I missed. I suck. Your turn.”
Your friend picks up the ball looks at you with “What the fuck” all over his face, and you see that he's holding a striped ball that you could of sworn was the cue ball when you hit it just seconds ago.
It is a fortunate thing that only other person who saw that is this middle aged man staring blankly at the table, apparently in a comatose drunken state. He won't tell anyone, after all, he's on your side.

[end of warnings]

We sit down at a table, with beer mugs in hand, staring out a window into the street, and having established the environmental cliché, I get the uncontrollable urge to initiate a discussion about women. Specifically concerning the dilemma of being attracted to girls even though you have nothing in common, and you can't see anything in them that you'd like to see in yourself.
D twists in his chair and looks over at the bar, “Like the bartender?”
No, not like the bartender. “Yes, like the bartender.”
“Well, thats how it goes.”
Although correct, this is NOT a satisfactory answer, but we're already on the move again, upstairs to play the aforementioned pool game. Conversation for the night has come to an end.

The rest of the night is devoted to typical club fare. Dancing with a few girls is ego inflating, but little else. I notice I'm having difficulty seeing whether they have attractive faces. I can see body shapes pretty clearly, but noses and eyes are a jumbled mess. My world becomes broken down to shapes and colors. I hunt around for attractive shapes and colors like some prehistoric mammal.

This becomes my entire selection process. And lets be realistic, dancing skill doesn't come into play unless there is so little of it that they are tripping over themselves and flailing around on the ground. And even then, they could be breakdancing.

How much longer should I spend rubbing up against strangers? I'm still drunk from the last beer I had 2 hours ago. This is starting to feel like a hollow, meaningless planet. My world is this: Bright lights, overwhelming bass, no one talks, and there are no faces. I am on mars.

I can feel alcohol draining my body of health and energy, it's time to flee. However, I meet some confusion at the coat check. Somewhere, in this wallet is the ticket that will deliver my coat to me. I dig around, find it, and victoriously hand it to the coat check girl. The look on her face seems hauntingly familiar. I have just proudly handed her a NY metro card.
Damnit! Again?

So here's the moral in all this: Get drunk and you will spend the rest of your night trying to cling to some degree of intelligence, and continually failing at that, to the disbelief and amusement of those who surround you. You will feel stupid and shallow
and the next night, you will probably do it all again.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hurricane Tribute CD

If you've seen Juvenile's video, you can see that New Orleans still needs our help. Break in the Road is a tribute CD put together by a number of artists who assembled over Soulstrut, an online discussion forum dedicated to "crate digging and hip-hop culture". The CD features original production from the likes of Ross Hogg, B. Cause, Beat Chemist, Kidgusto, dj gNat, Thes One and more. CD's are $10 and all proceeds go to Habitat For Humanity's "Operation Home Delivery", a three-phase response to help provide assistance and rebuilding opportunities in New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast.

Check out the following snippets from the album and go buy 10 today.
  • Abandoned by Gloom

  • When the Levee breaks by Meep

  • Far Away Places by Mallard

  • Mickey Deez by Grafwritah

  • Troubled Times featuring Meg Kelly by Kidgusto

  • End of Time by Beat Chemist

  • Leela Blend by Ross Hogg

  • What Went Wrong by 2ply

  • Go buy 10 now.

    New Orleans still needs help

    The pictures speak for themselves:

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    More Bounce: Iota

    Tracks below from Dieselboy and Hive who are playing this Friday @ Fluid. A preview track from the upcoming Snap or Die mixtape from Low Budget & Deluxxx that we may have mentioned once or twice. Sweatheart album listening party tonight with Plastic Little. More from Zilla, Delay and a Jay Dee tribute.

  • This Friday Saints & Sinners is bringing back that Platinum flavor with the Human Violence tour featuring Dieselboy and Hive. Check out two live mixes
  • Dieselboy @ Therapy Sessions

  • Hive's Welcome to the Violence was killing it last year, check the live mix from the BBC

  • The Snap or Die mixtape is coming soon. What is Snap? Its the latest style of hip hop originating out of Atlanta. Atlanta seems to be at the forefront of hip hop style with new styles every few years. Check out Luch Millions - Bunny Hop for a slight taste of whats to come. As soon as we can get our hands on this we'll let you know.

  • DJ Booth and chameleonic from hOttawa, Canada's hottest party Disorganised present Disconnected Volume 3

  • The Sweatheart album listening party is tonight at the 700 club with special guests Plastic Little. Plastic Littles' album will be out soon but if you haven't picked up Thug Paradise 2.1, you need to. Check out these tracks Driz Hollering part 1 and Lovely Lady type song part 1

  • Delay mixed crunk and psychedelic rock for this psycrunk mix. Wow, this is innovative and really good

  • Gilles peterson did a 90 minute tribute mix to Jay dilla, check it out here (I tried uploading this so you could dl it, but it wasn't working. I'll try again and post it up if it works)

  • Jay Dee does the remix for As serious as your life by four tet

  • Rhythm Incursions, the radio show presented by Mr Trick and Waxfactor, will be releasing a series of tie-in mix CDs. The first two feature Zilla and Mr. Trick and Waxfactor. CD drops March 7th.
  • Check the sampler for Zilla's Grinted

  • Mr. Trick and Waxfactor are Uppin the Ante

  • 2 down 1 more to come for this week. I hope you enjoy this cause rewrote it like 3 times thanks to a bug in blogger.

    More Bounce: Theta

    Alright back to the normal grind. If everything goes well we'll have three music posts for you this week since we've been slackin...

  • First up, is a Low Budget remix of Spankrock's "Put that Pussy on Me" aka Fukstik

  • Discobelle has a new mix from "Caps ochs Jones" - lyssnar

  • Newish mix over at Mynine by Slow and LilF - cent trente bpm

  • We'll be sprinkling all sorts of Jay Dee throughout these next posts. The more you hear the more you realize how much hip hop needs and misses him. For now check out DJ Emskee from for a 2 hour tribute mix. Part1. Part2.

  • Damagecontrol was nearly off the air but they're still alive and kicking it. Download their latest show. Check them out every Thursday morning (Wednesday night) at 12 am central time, 1 am eastern etc.

  • The fonkquish mob is back with two more downloadable tracks
  • Check out Bridge over breaking the funk"
  • WhatchuDoinWitChu is deadly on the funky bass sounds
  • The new album is out soon so go get that when its out

  • As promised here is a track off the Rhymefest sampler - "These Days"
  • Sidenote, Rhymefest is the first track in the Cosmo Lemon Red mix

  • Finally, we got some reggae riddims for ya. Dr. Evil was one of our favorite artists on Club Shotta, so we have two tracks for ya
  • Dr. Evil - More Punnany
  • Dr. Evil - No HIV

  • Alright, one down, two to go. Assuming I don't have to deal with too much unnecessary, silly activities like homework or real work, Check back tomorrow for the next post.

    Monday, February 20, 2006

    Rest in Peace

    Wow, its been a tough couple weeks here. Last week Jay Dilla aka Jay Dee aka the producer behind A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Pharcyde and more passed away. Go check out Stones Throw and pick up his new album Donuts released on his 32nd birthday just days before he passed. Hip hop has lost a true pioneer that has truly changed the game.

    Then word came in on Friday that Harold Hunter, an influential skateboarder for Zoo York, Kids star and NYC favorite passed away. Check out Splay as they have setup a tribute page.

    Damn, lets hope the rest of 2006 has better things in store. Rest in peace.

    UPDATE: Check out to see more photos, find out where to donate money and stay up to date.

    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Party and Bullshit

    While some of us are underachievers, we have a simple goal that underlies all of 51:51. Quite simply its "Have More Fun". Its really quite easy. Add good music, lots of strangers, alcohol, friends, red bull, dancing and alcohol and shake together until the club closes. The BPP have this mix down to a science and so it elevates our game whenever we party with them.

    The night started out like a typical Saturday as we pregamed with our friends brandy, red bull and vodka before heading out to Metro for the Popoff shack. When we arrived Finger on the Pulse were on the decks downstairs. FOTP are a trio of dj's from nyc with a crazy dance party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Drink specials were in full effect with $3 lagers. We headed upstairs and Brendan and Jesone were on the decks with that Soultraveling vibe. Happy birthday to whoever's birthday it was. BPP rolls in and the party is officially started. Emynd, Bo Bliz and Deluxxx in the place while Elixir is focused on the mic. Deluxxx lets me know that the Snap or Die mixtape with Low Budget is almost done but is on hold as Low Bee tours Europe. The place is packed, a group of girls are giggling and dancing near the pole. Go ahead Seg, I see you. I run into Sara and she lets me know that I should pick up this months issue of The Fader as I make a cameo appearance in the Spank Rock article as the pictures are from his appearance in Phily. Its all about that party and bullshit. 1:30 and we still have another party to go to.

    Fast forward to Transit as we arrive and security recognizes us as we roll up. Its the Rub with Ayres, Cosmo and Eleven on the main floor with four turntables and two laptops. Downstairs Joey Blanco from the Soultravelers has the baby making jams. The Rub had the motherfucking remix live and well with the party jams. Shortly after 2 the rest of the Metro crowd packs the place. Oh no, it looks like a member of BPP could be sidelined from playing but no. The BPP are professionals and play through the pain and kick game regardless. Dancing, lagers, pictures and shots are effortlessly mixed together as we party and bullshit. We have succeeded, our goals are deemed accomplished so we stumble home with help from Mr. G.

    Check the slideshow for photographic evidence.

    Jay Simplefly has pictures up as well from Sweatheart/VIP @ Khyber then the Rub @ Transit here

    More pictures posted courtesy of Ayres


    I suppose if one wanted to, one could set lofty goals for oneself. Like, before going out maybe set hurtles like, “Get some girl's number.” “Hook up with so-and so.”
    I was thinking the other day: it really doesn't matter the activity. Everyone likes to succeed. Even if the challenge is an arbitrary one, it still makes us feel good to have achieved what we have set forth to do.

    Now, some guys may be up for the challenge of getting digits or preforming a quantitative analysis of lips and ass, but not me. I'm small fry. I need something a little more achievable.

    [dramatic reenactment]I'm not sure what “J/k” means, but THANK YOU THAT IS JUST THE KIND OF GOAL I'M LOOKING FOR!
    Its not particularly difficult, its practical, and I can do it all by myself. I guess it could be compared quite easily to another popular activity.
    Anyhow.. with this goal set firmly in mind, I pre-gamed, and stepped boldly into the club.

    Its a typical night. Music. Girls. Blank dance floor. My friend has left me alone here for the time being, so as my eyes are rotating between the standard club artifacts, I wonder if I look self conscious.
    I'm not self-conscious, but here I am in the middle of an empty dance floor, just kind of slightly nodding to music, glancing around the room.
    I'm not self, conscious, but do I look self-conscious?
    Those girls are pretty cute.
    I'm not making a good impact here.
    Why do girls always come to clubs in mammoth numbers and form circular bandwagon protection formations. Don't they know thats intimidating? Can they smell my fear?

    I realize that wondering if you look self-conscious is pretty much the same thing as being self-conscious. But then suddenly, like wisdom from god, it comes back to me: I'm not here to dance, or get girls, or make friends. GET FUCKED UP.
    FOCUS seth. All hands towards victory!

    Okay, so that was the start of a long night where the only set goal was to get fucked up. Turns out, when you're goal is to get fucked up, you get more reckless, less inhibited, and spend more money. Examples:

    1) I don't want to brag, actually wait thats false. I truly desperately want to brag, but I'm not very good at it, so beginning the sentence with “I don't want to brag” and ending it with “danced for a while with a hot asian chick” makes sense in my messed up anti-social mind.

    2) Pissing on vending machines is both fun AND a kind of anti-corporate political statement. If you're on spring garden and 2nd, don't purchase soda by the gas station. Some of my self-righteous protest is probably still in the coin return slot.

    3) I began the night with 2 twenties and a ten. I paid no covers tonight. No coat check. No cab fare. Just a fistful of quarters for the bus here, and 2 dollars for the bus back. And now, as I sit here, I have spread out in front of me the only cash left over from the night:
    11 singles. That was supposed to be my money for the entire week and now its been converted to stripper conversation. I really can't even try to account for that kind of massive loss.

    unhappy money
    Later in the night I fucked up real big, and the reason I'm writing this is for the same reasons that autopsies are performed. What happened? What went wrong?
    Okay, lets get inside: Really amazing looking indian girl, and I'm dancing behind her for like a few tracks, and she keeps looking back at me, and I want to go and dance with her, but she has like 4 other friends, so I'm thinking the logistics are bad. But I'm starting to slide up to her, and WHAT the fuck? Who the? This guy just comes over, grabs her by the waist and whispers in her ear. I'm like, “Noooo!!!” and kind of reach out and grasp at the air helplessly. Whats funny is the guy actually notices this and it kinda fucks up his game a little. He stutters, jerks back for half a second, panics, and then reasserts himself. It actually works. I'm lost in amazement, hurt, and pissed off. They dance for the rest of the night and then afterwards, I'm sure, ride off into the sunrise in a yellow cab and live happily ever after. My imagination is pretty unforgiving.
    I suppose if we didn't have brains to imagine what we don't see, we'd live with a lot less pain. But.. there'd be more drooling. So its a losing trade off.

    I hang around the club for another half hour just getting more pissed off at myself, and then tell my friend,
    “I'm leaving. fuck-the-world-don't-ask-me-for-shit” and toss my half-full beer on the ground, wishing it had shattered into about a thousand pieces. On the way out I express my anger to a harmless trash can by kicking it over. I'm just sulking; I'll forget all about it on the bus ride home. Besides: Success! Clearly I've accomplished my goal!
    I decide to send my goal-suggesting friend a text message: “I hope you're happy, I'm so fucked up!” This is witty at 2:30 am.

    Okay, so to close up, from what I can tell, I get home at around 3, knock coffee all over my rug, and leave this little nugget of sensitive irrelevant bullcrap as an away message:
    “what a pity, drunk and no one to share it with.”
    Awww. How touching.
    Get a girlfriend you fucking drunk.

    Saturday, February 18, 2006


    Hi. I am a master of disguise, a chameleon, a ninja. On a single night, in a span of 10 minutes I am approached by 3 different people who think I am their boyfriend, bro, and drug customer, respectively. How does this happen?
    I picture my self as a relatively unique individual. So why is everyone at this bar recognizing me as someone else? Huh?

    I have this vivid memory when I was little: I went to buy clothes with my mom, and we went into some store, and my mom walks up to the retail girl who asks what we need, and my mom says, “He wants what the other boys are wearing.” Necessarily I had to kill myself after this, so I am uncertain as to what happened next, but I think that you get the idea.

    Now flash forward about 10 years:
    “Oh I'm sorry, you look like my friend, same hat.” This girl is grabbing me around the waist when she tells me this. I'm squinting down at an awkward looking cookie-dough figure. She is not attractive. It is possible it is not a she. I can't tell. It could be a gender neutral amoeba. I laugh it off and turn away cringing.

    It's no less than 30 seconds, and this guy comes up to me and starts talking about his beer being stolen or something, and then he's like, oh sorry you look like my friend. I'm like, thats fucking unbelievable, this amoeba just took me for its friend just a minute ago! Wow!

    No less than 20 seconds later this guy looks at me and asks me if he sold me acid. He got ripped off and sold some shit acid to a bunch of people and he owes them a refund. And I'm thinking about all of those people who are happily tripping their balls off, on sheets of placebos.

    Maybe I should be taking advantage of all of these mistaken cases of identity. Maybe I should pose as the boyfriend, dump her, and drunkenly try to grope one of her friends. Maybe I should talk up to this guy and try to convince him we actually are buddies and then act indignant towards his disagreement until he caves in and buys me a beer. Maybe I should get my 20 dollars back for the bad acid, and then buy some good acid.

    After all, I just want to fit into the crowd. I just want to get in with the group, right? He wants what the other boys are wearing.

    Sigh... Tommorrow, buy new clothes.

    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    True Love Never Dies

    We received an email inviting us to a party at the Puma store on Monday February 13th. We had seen flyers for a party in NYC but hadn't yet heard anything about the Philly store. So when we finally got the email we were extremely excited. Besides the requisite free booze, Rhymefest was headlining with Twilight Tone while Brendan Bring'em would be opening up. Rhymefest is one of the next great rappers out of the City of Wind aka Chicago. He is signed to Mark Ronson's label, Allido, and has been a major force behind Kanye West. Fest wrote part of Jesus Walks and found the sample as well. Rhymefest was also on that incredibly infectious track with Kanye called "Brand New".

    We walked in early and there was already a line out the door. I picked up a sampler for Rhymefest's new album "Blue Collar" and then stopped by to get a drink. The lovely bartenders from North were there handing out drinks, the Bawdy girls were there dressed up as PBR maiden and Brendan was dropping the beats.

    Rhymefest came on and delivered as expected. Fest went through favorites like "Brand New", "Dynomite" and more. He was really energetic as he was all over "the stage". He was on the counter reciting lyrics for two tracks. He was definitely an entertaining MC to watch. I can't wait for his full length. I'll post up a sample later so check back soon.

    As we were walking out I got hooked up with a Puma/Evisu grab bag. As a late Valentines gift we're offering this to you the loyal readers of 51:51. Ladies, sign up for the guestlist for the Rub and then email us. The first to email us will receive a medium Teal Puma/Evisu t shirt, Chewy Cats, CD's and more.

    Luckily a friend let me borrow her camera so go check out the pictures. And in camera related news, I got a new one today, so we're all set for The Rub at Transit this Saturday.

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Weekend wrapup

    Check out Angelo Yaps photos from Absolute Beginners.

    Saturday started out really good. Ghostface Killah at Armands with an album sampler with three full tracks. Pictures and signage. House party later to start out with. On to the Popoff shack. I must say, I haven't danced that much in years. Dancing until I nearly passed out with Brendan providing the beats. What up Joy? As promised, drunk sledding at the Art Museum afterwards. Everytime, I go I manage to meet people from Pod there. Good times. So I wake up Sunday and go to download pictures but where is my camera? *%$#! Apparently my camera went sledding without me. I hope whoever found it enjoys it and gets as much use out of it as I did. Do you like the picture of Ghostface? I'll trade you an album sampler. I'll even buy you the whole album if you return it. On the off chance that you don't know of or like Ghostface then lets make a deal. I was actually waiting for this to happen. Well, I guess on the plus side I can upgrade I just need to get one before The Rub this weekend at Transit. I'm glad Cosmo is back so soon as we unfortunately missed him at the Walnut Room.

    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Your guide to the weekend

    Saturday, February 11th
    PHRESH : celebrating women in hip hop!
    Painted Bride Arts Center
    Lady Liberty: Exploring Women’s Roles in Hip-hop, from 1976-2006
    1:00 – 2:30pm | FREE

    Panel discussion with b-girl Rokafella; A Touch of Jazz general manager Irize Refined Earth; visual artist Stacey “FlyJawn” Wilson, co-founder of Beat Society Stef “Tataz” Douglas, and journalist and WRTI radio personality Bobbi Booker.

    PHRESH Film Screenings
    3:00 – 4:30pm | Tickets: $7
    Films include “She Rhymes Like a Girl” (Takagi), “Beat Back Bush” (Jazzmen Joy Lee), “The Art of Hollering” (Vivian Wenli Lin), “Rebel Radio” (Christian Rozier), “B-Girl” (Emily Dell), “Girlfight” (Tamiza Sankiya). Curated by Philadelphia filmmaker Maori Karmael Holmes.

    PHRESH Performance
    Saturday, February 11
    7:00 – 10:30pm | Tickets: $20 | Bride Members: $10
    The all-day PHRESH celebration culminates with a massive collaborative performance by dynamo dance collective Montäzh (Philly), rap-rocker rebel Malene Younglao (NYC), rhyme sayers Versus and DJ Sparkles on turntables. With visual art by Stacey Wilson and video projections by Araeia Robinson, the renaissance is here.

    Ghostface Killa at Armands @ 3 PM!

    Wu Pre party at Silk City 6 - 10 PM

    Poppoff Shack @ Metro Lounge 9 - 2

    This is from the good doctor Steven Bloodbath, regarding downstairs at Metro on Saturday, so uh...yeah:

    Come out and DANCE!!!.............FOR ONCE


    It's Called.... "The Pop Off Shack" (ooohhh..... how urban)

    Where the Young and Crazy Mix and Mingle with the Grown and Sexy Soul Travelers' Brendan Bring'em & Lowbudget upstairs

    And Downstairs it's the WATERDUDES!!!! Steven Bloodbath & Dan the Sweeede.

    come early so you can hear me rock that Quiet Storm Type shit!!!!

    The Pop-Off Shack> Saturdays
    Metro Lounge> Front & Fairmount
    Doors at 9pm> $5

    Afterparty sledding at Art Museum
    We'll be taking advantage of this apparently huge snowstorm by drunk sledding at the Art Museum. Philly is so worried that I actually got called by the city last night at like 9:30 saying I should be prepared. So we'll be stocking up on the crunk juice for that second wind at 2:30

    Sunday, February 12th

    Winged Lion Pride presents "Love AGAINST Abuse"
    1718 Samson Street
    8pm - 12am (EARLY!)
    DJ Lady Jae + DJ Roxy droppin 12 inch jewels....
    NLove, Kelema and more doing LIVE ART
    FREE (with a heavily suggested donation to the effort)
    -Jeremy (who I've known since his age was a single digit) and the folks over at Winged Lion have been doing their thing, in both the club and the community. They are putting together a benefit for Women Against Abuse, featuring a line-up of female artists and DJ's to raise money, awareness, and involvement for the women and children of the WAA shelter. It's early too, so before you head over to Loie, make a donation to a worthy cause. Winged Lion Pride are definitely ones to watch this year.

    Cosmo Baker at Walnut Room
    Imagine that PaperStreet was in a contest with the devil where we both had to throw a party and whoever's party was more fun would win. The devil would roll out a solid gold dance floor and have Rick James performing with a special set from Tupac and the original DJ from Studio 54 would be on the decks. But we'd just lay back in the cut watch. Then when his little party was over we'd get on the cell and wait for Cosmo Baker to pull up in his Jetta. Match point.

    It's gonna kind of be like that this Sunday, only better because it's at the Walnut Room. Oh yeah and like I said it's FREEEEEEE.

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Philadelphia Restaurant Week

    Ok, we've been lax on the posts from last weekend cause we've been working on this:
    Community Walk Map - Philly Restaurant Week

    Check it out, when you go directly to the Philly Restaurant Week Map you can view the restaurants participating in Restaurant week (February 19th - February 24th) based on the type of food they serve (classifications are based on the Philadelphia Weekly and The Citypaper). When you click on a restaurant, you will see the full menu as well. Its based on Google maps, so if you're familiar using that, you should have no problem with this. If not, click on the bar on the left to zoom in and out. You can also grab and drag the map around. Go ahead, check it out.

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    Treasure Map

    We have a new gadget to debut on the site. The 5151 Treasure Map
    Community Walk Map - 51:51 Treasure Map

    You can add comments to it, see photos and get driving/walking directions.

    We'll be working on this, adding photos, new places and more. Check back tomorrow for our normal recounts of the weekend.

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    More Bounce: Eta

    Eta mix for 2006. Honestly I'm not sure what exactly what to include in this post every week and then all of a sudden I have list of at least 10 tracks like that. We do have some mainstays and so we'll start out with one: