Thursday, February 16, 2006

True Love Never Dies

We received an email inviting us to a party at the Puma store on Monday February 13th. We had seen flyers for a party in NYC but hadn't yet heard anything about the Philly store. So when we finally got the email we were extremely excited. Besides the requisite free booze, Rhymefest was headlining with Twilight Tone while Brendan Bring'em would be opening up. Rhymefest is one of the next great rappers out of the City of Wind aka Chicago. He is signed to Mark Ronson's label, Allido, and has been a major force behind Kanye West. Fest wrote part of Jesus Walks and found the sample as well. Rhymefest was also on that incredibly infectious track with Kanye called "Brand New".

We walked in early and there was already a line out the door. I picked up a sampler for Rhymefest's new album "Blue Collar" and then stopped by to get a drink. The lovely bartenders from North were there handing out drinks, the Bawdy girls were there dressed up as PBR maiden and Brendan was dropping the beats.

Rhymefest came on and delivered as expected. Fest went through favorites like "Brand New", "Dynomite" and more. He was really energetic as he was all over "the stage". He was on the counter reciting lyrics for two tracks. He was definitely an entertaining MC to watch. I can't wait for his full length. I'll post up a sample later so check back soon.

As we were walking out I got hooked up with a Puma/Evisu grab bag. As a late Valentines gift we're offering this to you the loyal readers of 51:51. Ladies, sign up for the guestlist for the Rub and then email us. The first to email us will receive a medium Teal Puma/Evisu t shirt, Chewy Cats, CD's and more.

Luckily a friend let me borrow her camera so go check out the pictures. And in camera related news, I got a new one today, so we're all set for The Rub at Transit this Saturday.

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