Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Bounce: Iota

Tracks below from Dieselboy and Hive who are playing this Friday @ Fluid. A preview track from the upcoming Snap or Die mixtape from Low Budget & Deluxxx that we may have mentioned once or twice. Sweatheart album listening party tonight with Plastic Little. More from Zilla, Delay and a Jay Dee tribute.

  • This Friday Saints & Sinners is bringing back that Platinum flavor with the Human Violence tour featuring Dieselboy and Hive. Check out two live mixes
  • Dieselboy @ Therapy Sessions

  • Hive's Welcome to the Violence was killing it last year, check the live mix from the BBC

  • The Snap or Die mixtape is coming soon. What is Snap? Its the latest style of hip hop originating out of Atlanta. Atlanta seems to be at the forefront of hip hop style with new styles every few years. Check out Luch Millions - Bunny Hop for a slight taste of whats to come. As soon as we can get our hands on this we'll let you know.

  • DJ Booth and chameleonic from hOttawa, Canada's hottest party Disorganised present Disconnected Volume 3

  • The Sweatheart album listening party is tonight at the 700 club with special guests Plastic Little. Plastic Littles' album will be out soon but if you haven't picked up Thug Paradise 2.1, you need to. Check out these tracks Driz Hollering part 1 and Lovely Lady type song part 1

  • Delay mixed crunk and psychedelic rock for this psycrunk mix. Wow, this is innovative and really good

  • Gilles peterson did a 90 minute tribute mix to Jay dilla, check it out here (I tried uploading this so you could dl it, but it wasn't working. I'll try again and post it up if it works)

  • Jay Dee does the remix for As serious as your life by four tet

  • Rhythm Incursions, the radio show presented by Mr Trick and Waxfactor, will be releasing a series of tie-in mix CDs. The first two feature Zilla and Mr. Trick and Waxfactor. CD drops March 7th.
  • Check the sampler for Zilla's Grinted

  • Mr. Trick and Waxfactor are Uppin the Ante

  • 2 down 1 more to come for this week. I hope you enjoy this cause rewrote it like 3 times thanks to a bug in blogger.

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