Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Resurgence of Bass

Gone are the heydays of the Philly jungle massive when Dieselboy's weekly drum n bass smashdown Platinum was the premiere event for bass heads. Week in and week out headlining talent from around the world would touchdown to tear the roof off a packed Fluid nightclub every Thursday night. Sine and Icon provided proper warmup for DJs like Marky, Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company and more.

This past Friday a touch of this energy was back in the air as the Human Violence tour came to town. Dieselboy and Hive headlined while mic support came from Messinian, Sharpness, Illy and Checkwun. Old jungle heads got their groove back as the DJs tagteamed on decks. With each track, they upped the ante with bigger bass and harder beats.

As of late there appearas to be a resurgence of drum n bass in Philadelphia. There are currently three different weekly parties and major monthly parties as well. Simplefly, Saints and Sinners and long time Philly dnb flag carriers Substititution are carrying the torch back into the caves of 165+ BPM territories.

This Saturday, Simplefly and Substitution continue this trend with a Collector's edition of Rowdy at Transit nightclub. Although not purely drum n bass, John B and Dara will surely remind you that jungle's not dead. Downstairs your party rocking jams will be provided by Nick Catchdubs, Emynd and Bo Bliz alongside Bmore club's Tittsworth.

This appears to be just the beginning as March 16th sees the return of Ed Rush & Optical with newcomers Pendulum headlining at Pure nightclub with The Burial. A mere two days later Emerald City will be host to Adrenaline where Shimon will be headlining the jungle/mashup room with Caps N Jones and DC-Balto's own Scott Henry in the main room.

Jungles not dead and its back with a vengeance.

Check out the pictures from Friday at Fluid here.
Angelo Yap was back at Absolute Beginners again and has pictures here.
UPDATE: Angelo also has pictures from the Freak Nurses party Low Life

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