Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Bounce: Theta

Alright back to the normal grind. If everything goes well we'll have three music posts for you this week since we've been slackin...

  • First up, is a Low Budget remix of Spankrock's "Put that Pussy on Me" aka Fukstik

  • Discobelle has a new mix from "Caps ochs Jones" - lyssnar

  • Newish mix over at Mynine by Slow and LilF - cent trente bpm

  • We'll be sprinkling all sorts of Jay Dee throughout these next posts. The more you hear the more you realize how much hip hop needs and misses him. For now check out DJ Emskee from hiphopmusic.com for a 2 hour tribute mix. Part1. Part2.

  • Damagecontrol was nearly off the air but they're still alive and kicking it. Download their latest show. Check them out every Thursday morning (Wednesday night) at 12 am central time, 1 am eastern etc.

  • The fonkquish mob is back with two more downloadable tracks
  • Check out Bridge over breaking the funk"
  • WhatchuDoinWitChu is deadly on the funky bass sounds
  • The new album is out soon so go get that when its out

  • As promised here is a track off the Rhymefest sampler - "These Days"
  • Sidenote, Rhymefest is the first track in the Cosmo Lemon Red mix

  • Finally, we got some reggae riddims for ya. Dr. Evil was one of our favorite artists on Club Shotta, so we have two tracks for ya
  • Dr. Evil - More Punnany
  • Dr. Evil - No HIV

  • Alright, one down, two to go. Assuming I don't have to deal with too much unnecessary, silly activities like homework or real work, Check back tomorrow for the next post.

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