Saturday, February 11, 2006

Your guide to the weekend

Saturday, February 11th
PHRESH : celebrating women in hip hop!
Painted Bride Arts Center
Lady Liberty: Exploring Women’s Roles in Hip-hop, from 1976-2006
1:00 – 2:30pm | FREE

Panel discussion with b-girl Rokafella; A Touch of Jazz general manager Irize Refined Earth; visual artist Stacey “FlyJawn” Wilson, co-founder of Beat Society Stef “Tataz” Douglas, and journalist and WRTI radio personality Bobbi Booker.

PHRESH Film Screenings
3:00 – 4:30pm | Tickets: $7
Films include “She Rhymes Like a Girl” (Takagi), “Beat Back Bush” (Jazzmen Joy Lee), “The Art of Hollering” (Vivian Wenli Lin), “Rebel Radio” (Christian Rozier), “B-Girl” (Emily Dell), “Girlfight” (Tamiza Sankiya). Curated by Philadelphia filmmaker Maori Karmael Holmes.

PHRESH Performance
Saturday, February 11
7:00 – 10:30pm | Tickets: $20 | Bride Members: $10
The all-day PHRESH celebration culminates with a massive collaborative performance by dynamo dance collective Montäzh (Philly), rap-rocker rebel Malene Younglao (NYC), rhyme sayers Versus and DJ Sparkles on turntables. With visual art by Stacey Wilson and video projections by Araeia Robinson, the renaissance is here.

Ghostface Killa at Armands @ 3 PM!

Wu Pre party at Silk City 6 - 10 PM

Poppoff Shack @ Metro Lounge 9 - 2

This is from the good doctor Steven Bloodbath, regarding downstairs at Metro on Saturday, so uh...yeah:

Come out and DANCE!!!.............FOR ONCE


It's Called.... "The Pop Off Shack" (ooohhh..... how urban)

Where the Young and Crazy Mix and Mingle with the Grown and Sexy Soul Travelers' Brendan Bring'em & Lowbudget upstairs

And Downstairs it's the WATERDUDES!!!! Steven Bloodbath & Dan the Sweeede.

come early so you can hear me rock that Quiet Storm Type shit!!!!

The Pop-Off Shack> Saturdays
Metro Lounge> Front & Fairmount
Doors at 9pm> $5

Afterparty sledding at Art Museum
We'll be taking advantage of this apparently huge snowstorm by drunk sledding at the Art Museum. Philly is so worried that I actually got called by the city last night at like 9:30 saying I should be prepared. So we'll be stocking up on the crunk juice for that second wind at 2:30

Sunday, February 12th

Winged Lion Pride presents "Love AGAINST Abuse"
1718 Samson Street
8pm - 12am (EARLY!)
DJ Lady Jae + DJ Roxy droppin 12 inch jewels....
NLove, Kelema and more doing LIVE ART
FREE (with a heavily suggested donation to the effort)
-Jeremy (who I've known since his age was a single digit) and the folks over at Winged Lion have been doing their thing, in both the club and the community. They are putting together a benefit for Women Against Abuse, featuring a line-up of female artists and DJ's to raise money, awareness, and involvement for the women and children of the WAA shelter. It's early too, so before you head over to Loie, make a donation to a worthy cause. Winged Lion Pride are definitely ones to watch this year.

Cosmo Baker at Walnut Room
Imagine that PaperStreet was in a contest with the devil where we both had to throw a party and whoever's party was more fun would win. The devil would roll out a solid gold dance floor and have Rick James performing with a special set from Tupac and the original DJ from Studio 54 would be on the decks. But we'd just lay back in the cut watch. Then when his little party was over we'd get on the cell and wait for Cosmo Baker to pull up in his Jetta. Match point.

It's gonna kind of be like that this Sunday, only better because it's at the Walnut Room. Oh yeah and like I said it's FREEEEEEE.

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