Sunday, February 19, 2006

Party and Bullshit

While some of us are underachievers, we have a simple goal that underlies all of 51:51. Quite simply its "Have More Fun". Its really quite easy. Add good music, lots of strangers, alcohol, friends, red bull, dancing and alcohol and shake together until the club closes. The BPP have this mix down to a science and so it elevates our game whenever we party with them.

The night started out like a typical Saturday as we pregamed with our friends brandy, red bull and vodka before heading out to Metro for the Popoff shack. When we arrived Finger on the Pulse were on the decks downstairs. FOTP are a trio of dj's from nyc with a crazy dance party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Drink specials were in full effect with $3 lagers. We headed upstairs and Brendan and Jesone were on the decks with that Soultraveling vibe. Happy birthday to whoever's birthday it was. BPP rolls in and the party is officially started. Emynd, Bo Bliz and Deluxxx in the place while Elixir is focused on the mic. Deluxxx lets me know that the Snap or Die mixtape with Low Budget is almost done but is on hold as Low Bee tours Europe. The place is packed, a group of girls are giggling and dancing near the pole. Go ahead Seg, I see you. I run into Sara and she lets me know that I should pick up this months issue of The Fader as I make a cameo appearance in the Spank Rock article as the pictures are from his appearance in Phily. Its all about that party and bullshit. 1:30 and we still have another party to go to.

Fast forward to Transit as we arrive and security recognizes us as we roll up. Its the Rub with Ayres, Cosmo and Eleven on the main floor with four turntables and two laptops. Downstairs Joey Blanco from the Soultravelers has the baby making jams. The Rub had the motherfucking remix live and well with the party jams. Shortly after 2 the rest of the Metro crowd packs the place. Oh no, it looks like a member of BPP could be sidelined from playing but no. The BPP are professionals and play through the pain and kick game regardless. Dancing, lagers, pictures and shots are effortlessly mixed together as we party and bullshit. We have succeeded, our goals are deemed accomplished so we stumble home with help from Mr. G.

Check the slideshow for photographic evidence.

Jay Simplefly has pictures up as well from Sweatheart/VIP @ Khyber then the Rub @ Transit here

More pictures posted courtesy of Ayres

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