Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year and welcome to 2006. In an annual celebration of life and making it farther than anyone else before, we welcome a new year. Each New Year brings with it the promises of new beginnings with a chance for new and continued success. New years is a celebration of new possibilities, directions, choices and chances. Yet it seems best with those that we've known for the longest. Friends and family you may never see alongside those you may see every day gather together with you at this once a year revelry. Past, present and future mingle, dance and party together as we toast to new beginnings and catch up on where we've been.

To celebrate this occasion we met up with a group of friends in NYC to head out to the The Rub. With Ayres, Cosomo and Eleven rocking the decks, the soundtrack was set and handed out as we walked through the door. With a champagne toast at midnight, we welcomed a new year (a second later) with the soundtrack from our life of new and old tracks mixed effortlessly together as we partied together until 4 am. Words cannot begin to describe this, but pictures start to. For added simulation, listen to the New Years Mix or the Motherfucking Remix.

Don't forget, this Saturday at the Popoff Shack (Metro Lounge, Front and Fairmount, Philly) the XXXplosive tour will be passing through with Cosmo Baker, Pase Rock and Spank Rock. As always we have Brendan Bringem and Low Budget upstairs while Dan the Swede and Steven Bloodbath will be rocking the decks downstairs. Get on the list to ensure entry cause its going to be packed.

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