Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Friday of 2006

So to start out 2006 right we thought we would check out that monthly showcase called First Fridays. We here at 51:51 felt that we should partake in some cultural events before partying like we usually do and oh yeah a wine buzz is a good way to start out the night.

First up we stopped by Jinxed clothing for sushi, beer and the works of Roy Miranda, Joy Less posh, Scott Kirschner and Justin Cipa. These were all quite good. Roy had some wonderful surrealist photo paintings while Scott Kircschner's magical oil paintings were amazing. Check out the store as they should be up until next month. From there we headed to Old city and the heart of First fridays. Gallery Siano had an amazing photo installation. Gary Koutsoubis' Sandunes of Namibia caught my eye while the metal sculptures in the gallery with common tools and found objects were a wonderful addition. Next we stopped by Drizzle gallery to see works by Jaisen Crocket and Jordan Eagles. Jaisen's photos “seem to be so real and yet they are completely fictional.” Through the wonders of technology Jaisen was actually in Tampa via webcam. Jordan meanwhile had a series of images from his Pop organic series. Heavily inspired by Andy Warhol, Jordan's images are a juxtaposition of pop culture, corporate imagery and vivid scenes that are purely American. Next up was a multi media installation at Nexus celebrating Ben Franklin since it is his 300th birthday. Jordan Eagles has been busy and was featured at Qbix as well. Back by popular demand, Alive is an interesting project that uses blood mixed with acrylics, resin and metallic powders as the primary medium. Incredibly vivid, these paintings are a refreshing examination of art and give a new meaning to interactivity. We usually stop by Lineage gallery but it was closed when we walked by.

After rubbing elbows with the artistic community it was time to get crunk with them dudes at White T's White Belts. Scot Matelic opened up as we walked through the door and picked up Electro Cute emynd and Bo Bliz's new mixtape. Dan the Swede was there as well since holyshitthisdudeiseverywhere. This wasn't no damn game either.

Not being quite satisfied with 135 BPM and lower we decided to head over to the Pontiac grille for the DNB Liberation Front tour. Mason, Dstar, Basic operations, Vector Burn, Beet and Bad Lieutenant while Sharpness was on the mic. Nothing quite like a full on assault of DnB at 2 am.

Check the pics here

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