Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More Bounce: Gamma

More Bounce is back with tracks heavy on the CD promo tip. Pick these up cause they're good people doing good things.

  • Low Budget's Club Shotta officially dropped right-cheah! Right-cheah! Like we told you about before

  • Emynd and Bo Bliz just released their latest mixtape Electro Cute. As the name suggests, you can expect electro along with Bmore club, dancehall, miami bass, crunk and more. Unfortunately no tracks to download but hit up cause they have a player with 5 clips. Don't forget to check them dudes out this Friday at White T's White Belts for the official release party.

  • Ayres and JD just released their Houston for Dummies. An Htown education with 27 tracks that dropped from '88 to '05. From the Geto Boys to Paul Wall &
    Chamillionaire to classic UGK. This is a must have for all those that like sittin sideways with that candy paint. As a bonus you get a second disc Houston Rocks It by DJ Eleven with 44 tracks. Check the snippet and then go buy it

  • Ronnie Darko from BBC and Spankrock DJ released this Chi-Town Bump

  • Also check out this movie of some Chi-town antics with friends Spank and Devlin.

  • In support of Killsound CBK aka Art Cubik has an excellent mix for you to download. High energy crunktastic tracks with Bmore club, crunk, and all around hot beats. Get it here

  • Them boys Caps N Jones will be down for Killsound as well. Big shout to them for their mix Moving in Stereo making it into Spin's top 40 of the year.

  • Its that time of the month and Lemon-Red released his latest in the mix series with Paul Devro. Unlike previous mixes, Devro mixes some bollywood, some iraqi, some italo, some pfunk. one new rap song, some old ones, etc”. Get the mix here

Alright back to normal and we'll continue this every week. Got something you want to contribute? Email us at or hit us up on the 51:51 Myspace jumpoff.

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