Sunday, January 15, 2006

Like postmen

We here at 51:51 are like postmen. Despite wind, blackouts and snow we still go out to party at the best spots in Philadelphia. Luckily, this has been easier now on Saturdays as the Popoff Shack weekly at Metro Lounge is now up and running. The shack's supporting cast of Hollertronix, Soul Travelers, Steve Bloodbath and Dan the Swede promises to be the spot for the winter. With last week being completely crazy we knew this place had potential.

We walked in early and chilled downstairs as the Water dudes (Steve and Swede) were dropping jewelz. Lix was playing pool before heading upstairs for his set later. Some breakers had come out and were doing their thing as the floor was perfect, clean and almost like linoleum. We headed upstairs and Brendan Bring'em was on the tables with Lix and Jes One on the mic. The crowd was going crazy as the dancefloor was packed. One of the "features" of Metro is the pole on the dance floor. This leads to impromptu dancing sessions with those that are closest. Last night was no exception as a group of ladies found the pole to be their favorite dance partner. Needless to say this is definitely a key spot on Saturdays. We were having technical difficulties with the audio blogging but check for posts from Killsound. Check out all of the pictures from the Popoff Shack

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