Monday, January 16, 2006

Its murrderrrr

You have no idea if you weren't here tonight. DJ's off the hook. People dancing like whoa! Upstairs with the dnb madness. Downstairs with the other ish mixing it up. The audio blogging was working and we have 5 posts for you below. I've also realized that my favorite problem at a club is trying to determine which room to spend the most time in. It becomes incredibly difficult when you want to be in two different areas at the same time yet definitely satisfying at the same time.

Dev79 was up first downstairs with that stateside grime. If you didn't get The Slit Jockey mixtape and 7" last night, go cop that. CBK aka Art Cubik was next to hold it down with that Bmore crunktastic club music with Illy emcee on the mic. Listen to CBK's posting and his take on the night. Up next on the audio blogging phone is Illy Emcee. At midnight Caps N Jones walked into the building and had the place going crazy. It was Caps birthday so he was definitely hyped as can be heard here. Pandemonium Jones always comes correct as they battled back and forth trying to drop hotter records. I ran into Deluxxx aka Dirty South Joe and Low Budget who mentioned that they have a mix cd coming out this spring. Keep posted as we learn more details.

Upstairs was a pure drum n bass audio assault. Element and J. Treehorn were up first. The triple tag team of Jae Kennedy, Karl K and Kaos came correct as they have been doing in Philly for 13 years. Finally Moving Fusion stepped up and tore the place down. As a huge member of RAM records, Moving Fusion had everyone going crazy as it was almost too much for the place to handle. Rotating on the mic and keeping the crowd hyped was Illy, BKi and Checkwun.

Listen to Jay Simplefly's wrap-up alongside dMarie. dMarie also offers some timeless advice

After the party we headed to a members only after hours spot with a crew of people. With ping pong, cheap Yuengling porter and a group of friends, this was a perfect way to end the night. Pics up now

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