Wednesday, May 31, 2006

First Person Arts

The First Person Arts festival will be celebrating its fifth year in Philadelphia with its opening tomorrow on the First. The festival's theme explores "Secrets & Lies" through real-life experiences in a number of artistic mediums. Highlights include tattoos, whistleblowers, espionage, war stories, media pranksters, "ass kicking stuntwomen", Thelonius Monk, pet pigs and more. Prices range from free to a $500/couple VIP dinner with Joseph Wilson.

Get more info here and see PW's article here

First Glance Film Festival

Starting tomorrow is the First Glance Film Festival showing independent films Thursday through Sunday at the Painted Bride Arts Center. The festival is in its 9th year and began right here in Philly.

FirstGlance Film festivals began in 1996 in the basement of a small theater in Center City Philadelphia.We started as a small theatre company in Philadelphia that wanted to help fellow filmmakers get their projects shown in a public venue for others to enjoy. It’s mission was a one time weekend to show projects that might otherwise not be seen by moviegoers in the Philadelphia area. With a rented video projector and a bunch of large screen TV’s, we had a successful weekend showing about 20 projects to about 150 people. After the event we received multiple calls and emails from filmmakers and attendees. The FirstGlance Film Festival was born. FirstGlance decided to move forward and make its festival an annual event. With filmmaker interest, our sister festival opened in Burbank California in 2000 to a similar audience in a 35 seat screening room and has also become a growing annual event.

Check the schedule here. Tickets range from $10 to $15 for multiple screenings or $50 for an all access pass.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blessing in Disguise

If it's late at night, and you've been drinking, and can't remember where you parked your car, it might be one of them... blessings in disguise. No, don't get your friends to help you comb the streets looking for it, this is a divine sign from God that you should not attempt to get into or operate any heavy machinery. Also, let me tell you that saying, "All you can hope is that in 30 minutes I'm sober enough to drive," is not a particularly comforting statement to the person you intend to drive home. Or, anybody else.

Not having a car myself, none of this is a problem for me. And even if I did, it wouldn't even occur to me to drive anywhere inebriated because I'm originally from Connecticut. A state where driving anywhere at 2 AM is enough incriminating evidence for a cop to legally pull you from the window of your car and choke you into unconsciousness with a baton.

Anyways, my solution to getting home is much more eloquent:
Just think about it. Everyone has a friend who lives in the city. They won't mind if you sleep on the couch.
You might mind. But probably not until morning.

Speaking of which. Have you ever been walkin around in the cool breeze of a warm summer day. Green trees, golden rays of sunlight, that good stuff. And then. You wake up half naked, stuck to a plastic sweaty couch with bits of broken glass hiding in your flesh? This means it's morning, you're no longer intoxicated, and you're now fully capable of making good decisions again. Your first one can be getting the fuck home.

Walking through Philadelphia, past the art museum, during sunrise is probably one of the best ways to start any day. Of course, normally, I wouldn't have little specks of glass in between my toes from the shattered candle that mysteriously took a suicide plunge into the couch last night. But, its still a pretty nice walk. Except, I feel slightly delinquent, seeing as everyone else at this time of day seems to be awake solely for the purpose of walking their dog. Having no dog (being dogless) elicits wary glances from passing strangers.

Oh, and it could be the fact that I'm limping a little, and my face probably looks like its been kicked in by the grill of a freight train.
It could be that.

- Seg

Friday, May 26, 2006

Party like its a long weekend

Well cause it is.

  • Seculsiasis Straight Dope 1 year anniversary party with DJ Deluxxx - Free Khyber Upstairs (2nd and Chestnut, more inf0)
  • Ya Tu Sabes @ Metro (Front and Fairmount, more info)
  • Freak @ Raven Lounge (1718 Sansom Street) w/special guest Kevin Kong (more inf0)
  • Dan the Sweede @ Shouk (6th and Bainbridge)
  • Hands & Knees at M Room (Frankford and Girard, more info and pictures)
  • Boat cruise with Imri, Mass, Kevin Kong and Karoshi. 7 - 11PM. $25 (cash only) all you can drink beer, soda and water. BYOB is allowed within reason (no beer or coolers.) Set sail on Captain Lucky at Pier 24 next to Dave and Busters. Get there by 6:30 at the latest. Email boatparty (at) to reserver your spot.
  • The Pop Off Shack @ Metro $3 Lagers all night and $2 PBRS early on (Front and Fairmount, more info)
  • Mojito @ Marathon Grill (20th and Market, guestlist here)
  • Let Me Ride @ Medusa (more info)
  • Jam on the River
  • After party at Shampoo until 6 am
  • Sundae @ Bubble House (34th and Sansom). Soulful house music with Pete Moss, Lee Jones and Dirty 3 - 9PM
  • Jam on the River
  • Destroy Your Liver @ Khyber Upstairs with the Swede and Steve Bloodbath

Spankrock Interview on Triple J

Spank Rock is stuck on the Autobahn drunk giving interviews to Zan Rowe from Triple J on the Australian Broadcasting Company. Listen to knowledge jewels about gentrification, complicated rhymes and Bmore club along with rave game antics and more.

Interview (via ABC Triple J)

Terri Hatcher Loves Mojito

From Tommy Up at Paper Street.
Okay, I swear to god I'm not making this up. I was on an American Airline's plane yesterday and I'm bored, so I'm flipping through the on-flight magazine called American Way (seriously, this is how bored I was). Terri Hatcher is on the cover and there's this interview where she talks about Philly and what she likes to do here. So far, so good. I'm reading and she says: "Philadelphia primarily has a lounge and hip-hop scene, but there are a few really great dance scenes. The best is a Saturday-night party that’s thrown all summer, called Mojito, and hosted by Tommy Up. The party is in the courtyard of an office skyscraper in Commerce Square with a huge fountain, great live house music, and guest DJs...A small restaurant, Marathon Grill, supports the party. It’s a great time and a great crowd."

Um...Terri Hatcher has a crush on me, WTF? I get all excited and start showing this old couple next to me. I'm jabbing at her picture and going, "She likes me! Look she just said my name! I'm gonna go to LA and make out with her and we're gonna make babies!" They got excited for me but they thought it was the mom from The O.C., but whatever...I'm so famous on American Airlines now it's ridiculous.

Check the article out for more recommendations from Lois Lane. Link

Hollertronix 1.5 reissue

The debut EP from Hollertronix has been repressed and reworked with a new unreleased version of "Newsflash".
Ukranian prayers have been answered with this new 1.5 version. A-side stays the same with the Missy vs. Clash remix(1), which is probably the defining track that started the whole Hollertronix craze (it hit leadoff on their first mix). The b-side features a track everybody is still going mad over, the almighty David Banner vs. Eurythmics(2) track. This track still makes the crowd go buck, definitely one of the most powerful dirty south tracks in existence. The final track takes the place of the Trina vs. New Order blend from the original 12". It's a unreleased demo version(3) of the Diplo hit "Newsflash." This was the first vocal version he came up with, throwing one of his Trina acapellas over the new school dancehall beat. Limited edition as usual.

Naturally its on Money Studies and available at Turntable Lab

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Love Thursdays

Check out these new weekly free concerts starting today going down at Love Park aka JFK Plaza. This week is Nouveau Riche. Who is Nouveau Riche?
Grabbing from a diverse range of influences like the Roots, the Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth, Nouveau Riche bends genres without becoming one of those genre-bending bands. Seamlessly moving through different styles, they show a fearless disregard for conventional musical rules while at the same time remaining accessible and infectiously catchy. Not quite hip hop, not quite rock, and not quite pop, Nouveau Riche is helping to define the post-genre sound.

Check out these tracks from their debut EP Long Tail

Nouveau Riche - Wait A Minute

Nouveau Riche - Just A Little Louder


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Natural Selection

Coming June 9th and every 2nd Friday during the summer is Natural Selection. Enjoy soulful music from Clayton and Fulcrum along with Jazzface on live percussions. Not to worry though, because Ric Rok from the Wednesday Night Weekly will be playing the party jams inside. Complimentary drinks and apps for the early crowd. Its all going down at the Bubble Lounge, 3404 Sansom Street courtesy of Simplefly and Paper Street.

The Bubble House will be transforming this summer with more and better DJ's to compliment their Bubble Lounge. Plus look out for more collabos from S.Fly and Paper Street during the summer that might include Tittsworth, Disco D, Aaron LaCrate. Nevermind I've already said too much.

Tonight House music all night long with the Wednesday Night Weekly (TWNW) at Medusa with 611 Records House guru DZA who is celebrating his birthday. And if you want to get dangerous then check out the $1 Vitamin Water and Vodkas til midnight. Ladies free before 11. 21st and Chestnut.

Bonus: Clayton and Fulcrum - Block Party

Dubtribe Soundsystem - Rhythm In Your Mind (C&F rmx)

Clayton and Fulcrum - Summer Joy

Rick Rubin Video Officially released

Not sure how much this differs from this one, but its better quality so enjoy:

From Big Dada Records on MySpace

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New from Minnow

Check out the new arrivals at Minnow on 6th and Bainbridge.

  • New graf book from KR covering his career in photography, graffitti, creator of Krink and more.

  • Another graf book from Also Known As brought to you by the infamous 12oz prophets

  • Finally, ladies Kinked Works is now available at Minnow. Who is Kinkedworks?
    Kylie and Kurt, Kurt and Kylie, Kinkedworks, or just plain Kinked is what you can call this slightly prolific operation comprised of 2 part time workaholics, part time bff's, and part time pimps with art school bfa's. We work much, and when work is fun, it doesn't matter what you're doing because you'll always enjoy it, right? So, we have lots of fun, and sometimes we even yell, because this is all just so fun...

    You may also know Kurt as NBC (No Body's Child) from Plastic Little who happen to have a single coming out soon along with an album in stores in June.

  • Link

    Milkcrate in stock

    The new spring collection from Milkcrate Athletics has arrived at Digital Gravel. The new collection includes T's, polos, crewnecks and even button up shirts. You better hurry because they seem to be going fast. Also be sure to check out the interview with Aaron LaCrate here.


    Monday, May 22, 2006

    Art for the Cash Poor

    Only one week left to sign up for InLiquid’s 7th annual Art For The Cash Poor. AFTCP 7 will take place on June 10, 1 – 8 pm at the Crane Building (1400 N. American Street). Along with affordable art for sale, there will also be food by local vendors and the bands Foxy Contin, Man In Black: The Johnny Cash Tribute, The Nite Lights, and Phil Moore Browne will be playing throughout the afternoon and early evening. Artists and Art organizations are encouraged to reserve a table now. The absolute final deadline for reservations is May 26.

    To sign-up for a table, download a participation form for individual artists or for art organizations.

    For more information, check out the InLiquid AFTCP feature

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Spank Rock live in Amsterdam

    Check out this 40 minute show from Spank Rock live at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Spank Rock puts in another awesome show with Chris Rockswell and Ronnie Darko on the decks along with Cool MC Disco Spankro and Ms. Amanda Blank on mic control. Check out Spank Rock on MySpace for future dates in Europe, the west coast and Australia.


    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    Controlled Recklessness

    As the oncoming cars approached us and their lights got larger and blinding, we probably should have thought we were going to die. Probably, there should have been some fear associated with flopping down into the road immediately in the path of oncoming vehicles. Maybe later on, this could be described as the near death experience, that one time where messing around and “horse play” quite nearly had a violent and tragic ending. Instead, we laughed drunkenly and stumbled back on to our feet, forgetting any lessons we might have learned.

    Look, I don't know why all of you decided it was a great day to rent limos and drive around south street at a slow and ostentatious pace. But you won't get away with it.
    “Hey!!!” I point my finger and smile at a face sticking out of a limo. This limo is not a stretch limo.
    “Your limo is a little bit smaller than the limos up ahead!!!” I repeat this a few times for good measure, and the face just stares at me.
    “A little smaller!! just a little bit smaller!!” As the limo drives off, I wonder if I've succeeded in lowering the value of the ride.

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Yeti Bounce EP

    We've been putting up Curtis Vodka tracks for awhile here now. So when we heard we had a chance to be a part of his first release we jumped at the chance. The Yeti Bounce EP will be released in a limited editon vinyl on Flamin Hotz. This will be the second release for Flamin Hotz and is expected to be out mid June. Yeti Bounce will feature five tracks "where hard hitting Baltimore breakbeats meld with icey Alaskan keys creating a souled out sound that will make you want to hold your partner and slow dance fast."

    Check out the snippets and tracklisting:

    A1. Curtis Vodka - Hey Girl
    A2. Curtis Vodka - Shoulder Bounce
    B1. Curtis Vodka - Mary Jane 2006
    B2. Cassie - Me & U (Yeti Bounce Remix)
    B3. Curtis Vodka - Diamonds & Cream

    Its good to be the king

    Umm, king is definiely a bit exaggerated. Yeah, so Brian McCrone from the Philly Metro contacted me yesterday and wanted to do an article on the blog for their new weekly article "Blogarithms". I was expecting a small blurb in the back of the Metro in the entertainment section. I got a call this morning saying that it was actually on page 4 and the main area of the page. This is all kind of crazy right now. I'm not sure how the Metro actually picked up the blog. I was hoping I could keep it kind of conspicuous, but no. When I got into work today there was the article taped on my door and around the office (thanks coworkers).

    The article failed to give credit to my co-contributor Seg. His posts tend to focus more on emotion and more personal stuff with some humor thrown in for good measure. Brian actually mentioned in the interview how he enjoyed Club Virus. Honestly, I just report on whats going on. Its the DJ's, promoters, artists and musicians that really make the site so I want to thank all of you. Check out the links to the right and you can also follow along on my bookmarks.

    Check out the article here.

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Funkin' around

    This Friday a special funkin treat for you all at O'Neals. The Fonksquish Mob will be playing for free with Billy Bass Nelson. Billy Bass is the man responsible for much of the essentail sound of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. His grooves and basslines built the backbone for George Clinton and the Parliaments before there was a Funkadelic. Billy went on to play for the Commodores, Temptations, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson and more only to rejoin George Clinton in the mid nineties. Funk music is such an important essence of much of the music we feature on here, that this is a can't miss show.

    Check out the tracks below to hear a taste of the fine musical selections this Friday.

  • Fonksquish Mob @ O'Neals, August 2005 - Break The Funk (Parts 3 and 4)

  • Fonksquish Mob @ O'Neals, June 2005 (with Billy Bass) - Funky Dollar Bill

  • The Temptations - Shakey Ground
  • From Chuck daFonk "One of the greatest tracks Billy did outside of P Funk along with I Feel Sanctified by the Commodores."

  • O'Neals is located at 3rd and South with the show starting at 8 PM. For more info check out Fonksquish on Myspace

    We Got the Remix

    DJ Benzi and Evil Empire have dropped their We Got the Remix featuring 30 tracks remixed for the Clipse.

    Almost a year in the making, the Clipse’s star-studded We Got The Remix mixtape is presented by Detroit-area remix kingpin DJ Benzi and mixtape mavens the Evil Empire. Fully endorsed and hosted by the Clipse, We Got The Remix features never-before-heard remixes of tracks from the massively successful We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape, as reworked by a group of today’s hottest young producers: Diplo, Ghislain Poirier, A.Brucker & Sinden, Nick Catchdubs, Jake One, The Amps, and more!

    Also featured are exclusive, unreleased and rare tracks from the Clipse, including their heavy-hitting single “Mr. Me Too” with Pharrell, and including guest appearances from Missy Elliot, Vybz Kartel, Kardinal Offishall, Roscoe P. Coldchain and the rest of the Re-Up Gang. To top it all off, the CD is mixed front-to-back by DJ Benzi, who also lends one of his patented “refixes” to the set.

    Check the clips:
  • You'll See (Dainjah Remix) w/ Pharrell

  • See the light (Benzi remix)

  • Re Up Anthem(catchdubs remix) featuring a sample from Clapton's Cocaine

  • Drop It (les bitches remix)

  • You Know My Style (all sween remix)

  • Queen Bitch (Diplo remix)

  • 5 min album sampler

  • 30 tracks, the Clipse in the only way you can hear them (Startrak whats up with the album?), remixes from Diplo, Catchdubs, Ghislain Poirier, and more, guest spots from Missy, Pharrell, Vybz Kartel, Re Up Gang all for $6 with shipping? Surely you jest sir. Go get it here

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    11 hour marathon

    Its Saturday night about 9:21 PM. I'm waiting in anticipation for the Plastic Little, Rubbed Raw & Pyramid Skeem show to start at Pageant Gallery. The MySpace bulletin said an 8PM start, but its a DIY show at an art gallery. Should I seriously expect them to start on time? I did, or at least close to on time. I had been running around South street grabbing something to eat. I was going to stop at Lorenzos but the line was out the door. Random pizza place two has no one in line so thats fine for tonight. Next up is Philadeli for 16oz yuengling cans. So here I am sitting outside with beer in hand hidden in a paper bag because the owners were worried about open containers. Minus the beer it reminds me of punk shows from when I was in high school. Hark! I hear "Check 1, Check 2." Finally, its almost time.

    Inside its hipsters, dance moves, skateboards & 80's fashion like whoa. I'll just continue drinking for now. First up is Pyramid Skeem and the TKO Method. Track after track is a series of steps to make you him rich. The show was incredibly energetic and he kept up the act the whole time with a full business suit, sterotypical step by step plans, a few actual business jewels spattered in and the all important step 3 of buying the album.

    Up next is Jazzy Jess spinning some Bmore club etc. Honestly its just making me more anxious to get to Metro. Theres some good tracks. People dancing etc.

    Up next was Rubbed Raw with their eclectic electronic/bmore/hipster hop etc. No joke the members are DJ Dogdick, Big Daddy Nugg & Lil Crissy. It was a really interesting show. They were incredibly into the show. Bouncing around in the crowd, after urging the crowd up as close as possible to the front. I enjoyed the show, but between the poor sound quality (just turn it down when it starts to sound bad) and me being too anxious, I ended up leaving before Plastic Little even went on. As I was leaving, I'm not sure what was going on but there was a good portion of the group and crowd on the floor. I would definitely go to another show, hopefully next time there will be better sound quality. Fonk was there and in the same boat so we headed to Metro.

    We arrive at Metro in time as NYC club queen Oxy Cottontail was just about to go on. Ms. Cottontail was rocking a dope denim jacket but the picture doesn't do it justice. It was a classic Oxy set with club tracks and more for the downstairs to rock to. We head upstairs and the main room is packed. Brendan is on and spinning at his own birthday party. Lix is doing his thing in his custom Eagles jersey. Aaron LaCrate is up next. As expected he's killing it on the decks. The crowd is going crazy dancing their asses off. Debonair is pulling double duty and MCing. LaCrate is dropping exclusive tracks and rocking a 2 Live Crew shirt. Debonair Samir is up next and drops some exclusive tracks of his own including Throw It Up and LaCrate's Oxy Anthems. The lights come on and the owner comes telling Brendan and Low Bee to cut the music. They agree saying they're just going to play one more track and end up dropping 4 more. Its 2:20 and the bouncers are getting anxious as the music fades out.

    Listen to Brendan as he breaks down the night as the bouncers are kicking people out.

    It's only 2:30 so its on to the after party. Word of advice, when leaving a club at this time, its not a good idea to walk down the street breaking bottles. I'm not saying I did this but rather a certain G. Cops don't seem to take well to this. Luckily he only cared enough to yell obscenities out the passenger side window. In talking with said ociffer, G tilted back and forth between Fuck tha police and I don't want to piss this dude off too much. On our short walk to Transit for Making Time, steel reserves and small bottles of alcohol seemed to quickly disappear.

    We're inside and its typical Making Time: three levels of drunk dancing. More birthday celebrations with that girl Sara. Add more drinking, dancing, pillow fights, pictures and its 3:30.

    After the afterparty its the late night party in a section of Fishtown that I'm unfamiliar with. More drinks, Youth Suicide Fantasy and all of a sudden its light out. So I'm in random Fishtown area. Lets see, I think we came from this way. The streets are empty. Continue with "educated" guesses to get home and eventually I end up at an El station hours later. Needless to say I was walking the completely wrong way but ended up making it home early morning. On my way home I pass by Love park and there is a band playing at 8AM. Hmmm. No time to really process this so its time to crash.

    Long night, long post. Check the pics

    Bonus mp3's:
    Pyramid $keem - Semina

    Pyramid $keem - Organizing Priorities

    Pyramid $keem - The Anatomy of a Pyramid Skeem (dope sample)

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    New Spank Rock video - Rick Rubin

    Pictures etc. from the weekend coming tonight.

    For now watch this new video from Spank Rock for "Rick Rubin" which includes footage from his show in Philly.

    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    Club Virus

    I have to confess. When we started doing this blog thing, I really wasn't too into philly's night life. I didn't have an appreciation for clubs, and at times, it led to some pretty cynical postings including the infamous “duct tape” posting, after which I promised I would never try to post anything like that ever again. Anyways, in the last 6 months, I've started actually enjoying this shit. Maybe too much.
    What I mean is, when you're a pissed off cynical bastard, you use your brain a whole lot more than when you're running around in havoc-mode double fisting whiskey and lager.
    It's a whole lot harder writing posts now. But fuck it, I'm gonna try.


    So we wandered the streets for some time, and came across this payphone which started a conversation about drug dealers and payphones and do they even still allow incoming phone calls?
    Let's see. [Ring!!] Yes they do.
    I pick up the phone and yell into the mic piece, “Drugs!!! We have DRUGS here!!!”
    and Dom pokes me, “Uh, hey, theres a cop car right there.”
    I think he's kidding, but I turn, and sure enough, right next to the pay phone is a police van, with an open window, and shit, a uniformed arm hanging out of it.
    “Um, haha, uh yeah... RUN!”
    Kind of joking, kind of not, I sprint a few steps from the intersection, but somehow we haven't attracted the cop's attention. What does this mean? Has drug dealing ceased to be a priority for law enforcement? Or are philly cops really that good at spotting satire?
    Either way, I feel safer.

    - Shortly After -

    We pass by some manikins standing in their underwear with their heads cut off, and we notice this guy, all dressed up, standing by this car. Is he defending it?
    “I dare you. Walk up to the car, and touch it.” I whisper.
    “And start talking to it.” Dom suggests.
    “Yes, exactly!”
    But the dare goes unfulfilled, making the car-guard's night all the more uneventful. I don't know exactly what he was expecting.

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Ya Tu Sabes

    You should already know about Ya Tu Sabes since we've been mentioning it on here since it first started up. Metro on Fridays is the place to go for reggaeton, reggae, soca and more. The Inquirer picked up on it though and wrote up an article.

    A couple of summers ago, DJ Deluxxx, Kid Blends, Double L and El Professor hit Philadelphians with the hottest, bass-thumping sounds of reggaeton, merengue, bachata, Latin hip-hop, and reggae anthems at their infamous "Esta Bien" monthly parties.


    Diplo brings Brazilian funk on tour

    I know I've mentioned this before on here, so I'm sure you already know about Bonde Do Role. Well Reuters picked up the story and did a whole piece on Diplo, Bonde Do Role, CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) and their upcoming world tour. Check the article out here

    Naturally, the tour will be touching down in Philly thanks to R5 productions. You can catch them here in Philly at the Mummers Museum at 2nd and Washington Avenue. Pick up tickets at Spaceboy (704 South Street), from Ticketweb or call 1-866-468-7619 (toll free). Oh yeah, did I mention its $22 and includes a "Full Real Deal Four Hour Open Bar (all you can drink - beers, wine, mixed drinks etc)".

    If you didn't already know:
  • Diplo - Staring At The Sun - Africa Bambatta/Tv On The Radio
  • Diplo - Gold Digger

  • CSS - Alala
  • CSS - Music is my Hot Hot Sex (how can you not like a band with a song like that ;))

  • Bonde Do Role - Funk da esfiha
  • Bonde Do Role - Danca Da Ventuinha

  • For full info about Diplo, Bonde Do Role and CSS check out the R5 website and writeup. For those not in Philly check out Mad Decent for the full tour to find out when they'll be coming to your city.

    For the sneaker heads with money

    For all the sneaker heads out there with serious cash flow:
    Inspired by vintage spray paint colors as featured in ALSO KNOWN AS v1, this collection of seven patent leather Nike Dunk Lo's was created by NIKEiD exclusively for ALSO KNOWN AS.

    Starting May 10th at 7pm EST, the collection will be auctioned to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going to the Free Arts NYC, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the healing powers of the arts into the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families.

    This collection is one of only five sets produced and will not be available at retail. Each shoe is US size 9 and will be exhibited at Alife Rivington Club from May 8th through May 17th, when the auction will conclude.

    The highest bidder will win this exclusive collection along with all three colorways of ALSO KNOWN AS v1 [including the rare gold foil cover version limited to 250 copies worldwide] personally signed by contributing artists KAWS, FUTURA and REAS.

    For more information and additional images, please go to or write to us at

    Link to EBay auction

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Bmore Gutter Music Invasion

    This is so massive that it deserves its own post. Bodymore, Murdaland will be in the place with Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir. Its Bredan Bring'em's birthday party. Oxy Cottontail will be in the building spinning downstairs. Low Bee and Brendan and the Swede and Steve Bloodbath will be there. Its only $5. There will be $2 PBRs til 11 and $3 lagers all night!!!!!!!!!!! If I could put an unlimited number of exclamation points, that still wouldn't explain the absolute insanity of this. Get there early because its going to be packed.

    Who is Aaron LaCrate? Aaron LaCrate is an accomplished fashion designer, producer and DJ. Aaron and Low Budget put out the amazing Bmore Gutter Music mixtape in 2005. Aaron is currently producing tracks for Amanda Blank and Oxy Cottontail. Milkcrate Athletics gear can usually be found over at Digital Gravel but is currently sold out until the Spring line arrives. Check out the newest kicks. These are a crazy collaboration between Milkcrate, Vans and Lucien Pellat-finet.

    Who is Debonair Samir? Debonair Samir has been making tracks since the age of 13. He has worked with the likes of G Unit, T.I., Ceelo Green and more. He has remixed tracks from South Park to Lil Jon to Michael Jackson.

    Check out some original tracks:
    Aaron LaCrate - Bodymore Murdaland Intro

    Aaron LaCrate - Milkcrate Anthem
  • Both of these are from Bmore Gutter Music Also, out soon is the Bump EP with Oxy Anthems, Get um Girl, Throw it Up and more, get it here

  • Debonair Samir - Throw It Up

    Debonair Samir - Ms Goody Goody

    Debonair Samir - Hip hop mix

  • Get Samir's Theme EP at TurntableLab and look out for more releases on Unruly Records
  • BBoy BBQ

    Its back. The 7th annual Philly BBoy BBQ will be June 8th thru June 10th. Check the video below along with the schedule

    Thursday JUNE 8TH

    • Kick off party: EASY TO BLEND IN with live painting , good drinks and great music!!!
      • North bar and lounge 222 south street from 10 to 2am no cover

    Friday JUNE 9TH.
    • Poetry slam @ the GRASS ROOTS GARDEN
      • 1211 Carpenter street from 7 to 9 pm. Cash Prize!!!

    Saturday JUNE 1O th.
    • 10 - 11 AM CRAZY LEGS with bboy classes
      • Hawthorne Rec Center dance studio.

    • 10 - 5 PM LIVE GRAFFITI featured artist from all over the world painting live with a special feature of old school legends and kings from Philly and NY painting!!!

    • 11 - 1 PM BBOY BATTLE one on one battle for cash prize hosted by Glide Rite

    • 12 - 5 PM live performances featuring up and coming emcees, poets and vocalist from all over the country
      • GRASS ROOTS GARDEN (second stage)

    • 4 - 7 PM MAIN STAGE ( live performances)

    • 10 - 2AM After Party @ Tasty Treats @ Fluid (613 S 4TH Street)

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Diesel:U:Music Competition

    Diesel:U:Music is now accepting submissions for their 5th annual international music competition.

    Diesel-U-Music – a proven formula in the sourcing and supporting of Unsigned, Unsung, Unseen and Underground talents in music - is set to go global in 2006 with the music contest opening its doors to any musician across the world who has what it takes.

    Diesel-U-Music gives the next generation of artists both an industry and public platform on an international scale, bringing them out of their bedrooms and garages and showcasing their talents across three genres: Rock, Urban/Hip Hop and Electronic.

    Past winners of Diesel-U-Music Awards around the world include Mylo, We Are Scientists, Tom Vek, Infadels and DJ Yoda.


    Take it to

    Sneakamove has created a new Firefox plugin that allows you to type in the search box to find the sample used in a wide array of rap tracks. Get more info and the plugin here.

    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    Dip Dip Fall Back Video Shoot

    Brendan from SoulTravelers says:
    we are shooting a night club scene at tragos lounge (140 s. 19th streeet in philly) monday, may 8th at 7pm. we need extras. please let me know if you, or anyone you know can make it out. holler.

    Holler at Brendan Bring'em on MySpace

    Listen to a clip of an early version of Dip Dip Fall Back

    UPDATE: Get there at 6 for setup and logistics and then "after the shoot there will be some free booze flowing and various musical selections being played."

    Friday, May 05, 2006

    Lets Celebrate Another Country's Independence

  • Its First Friday so go check out some galleries. Favorites of ours include Black Floor, Space 1026, Siano, Nexus, Lineage and more. Check the map for locations.

  • White T's, White Belts @ Ulanas free b4 11, $5 after. Holler at them on MySpace

  • Ya Tu Sabes @ Metro

  • Saturday

  • Rittenhouse row fest 12 -5 Live performances, all day fashion show, art, music and more

  • Zoe Strauss I-95 Photography show

  • Warehouse party/ art gallery show at Mascher & Cecil B. Moore Sts
  • 4-8 pm gallery show opening featuring recent photos by BILWA and DJ'ing by Dan Buskirk and special guest Mikey Wild doing drawings. 8-10 pm performances by the Phila. New Dance/Music Ensemble & Mascher dance group. then get ready to partay on the dancefloor from 10-?? with DJs J-Smooth, Botany500, Dev79, + more keepin u movin. Free. BYOB

  • Padlock Gallery opening reception

  • Pop Off @ Metro Lounge

  • Its the return of Mojito!

  • Sunday
  • Every sunday - Destroy Your Liver!

  • EDIT: Its not really a holiday in Mexico for their independence. Check out Wikpedia for more info

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    The Rub & A-Trak stop in Philly

    The Rub & A-Trak passed through on Sunday on their Sunglasses is A Must Tour thanks to PaperStreet. The Walnut Room had an interesting crowd as half seemed to be there for the tour and the other half were there for their usual Sunday night martinis. Regardless, them dudes did their thing and real heads know the deal.

    A-Trak, Cosmo and Ayres were already on when I got there. The setup they have is nothing short of amazing. They have "four turntables, four computers (three Serato & one Ableton), a loop pedal, three mixers and a sampler." The three of them were rocking the tables etc. doing live remixes.

    A-Trak would then do a solo show demonstrating his skills that earned him a DMC World champion title at the age of 15. Next up were special guests Cuiziner and Orgasmic who performed a handful of songs. The beats were good, the performance was good, I just wish I knew French.

    Back to the The Rub and A-Trak performing the rest of the night. Meanwhile Michael Mayo aka DJ Butch Mayo was there shooting footage for his upcoming documentary Philasophical chronicling the Philadelphia DJ scene. More on that in the future. Cosmo and Ayres ended up playing past 2, after the lights came on. They just kept dropping funky track after funky track.

    I shot some video from the night, check it out here here. Pictures are here (with guest shots from Trigger)

    Simplefly put up pictures here and clip of A-Trak doing his thing.

    If that wasn't enough we have tour diaries from Ayres and A-Trak

    And for good measure to make up for not posting this until days later Bonde do Role - Melo do tabaco (A-trak remix) direct from the much improved and updated Mad Decent website

    Also check out this sampler from Cuiziner's mixtape