Friday, May 26, 2006

Hollertronix 1.5 reissue

The debut EP from Hollertronix has been repressed and reworked with a new unreleased version of "Newsflash".
Ukranian prayers have been answered with this new 1.5 version. A-side stays the same with the Missy vs. Clash remix(1), which is probably the defining track that started the whole Hollertronix craze (it hit leadoff on their first mix). The b-side features a track everybody is still going mad over, the almighty David Banner vs. Eurythmics(2) track. This track still makes the crowd go buck, definitely one of the most powerful dirty south tracks in existence. The final track takes the place of the Trina vs. New Order blend from the original 12". It's a unreleased demo version(3) of the Diplo hit "Newsflash." This was the first vocal version he came up with, throwing one of his Trina acapellas over the new school dancehall beat. Limited edition as usual.

Naturally its on Money Studies and available at Turntable Lab

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