Saturday, May 20, 2006

Controlled Recklessness

As the oncoming cars approached us and their lights got larger and blinding, we probably should have thought we were going to die. Probably, there should have been some fear associated with flopping down into the road immediately in the path of oncoming vehicles. Maybe later on, this could be described as the near death experience, that one time where messing around and “horse play” quite nearly had a violent and tragic ending. Instead, we laughed drunkenly and stumbled back on to our feet, forgetting any lessons we might have learned.

Look, I don't know why all of you decided it was a great day to rent limos and drive around south street at a slow and ostentatious pace. But you won't get away with it.
“Hey!!!” I point my finger and smile at a face sticking out of a limo. This limo is not a stretch limo.
“Your limo is a little bit smaller than the limos up ahead!!!” I repeat this a few times for good measure, and the face just stares at me.
“A little smaller!! just a little bit smaller!!” As the limo drives off, I wonder if I've succeeded in lowering the value of the ride.

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