Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New from Minnow

Check out the new arrivals at Minnow on 6th and Bainbridge.

  • New graf book from KR covering his career in photography, graffitti, creator of Krink and more.

  • Another graf book from Also Known As brought to you by the infamous 12oz prophets

  • Finally, ladies Kinked Works is now available at Minnow. Who is Kinkedworks?
    Kylie and Kurt, Kurt and Kylie, Kinkedworks, or just plain Kinked is what you can call this slightly prolific operation comprised of 2 part time workaholics, part time bff's, and part time pimps with art school bfa's. We work much, and when work is fun, it doesn't matter what you're doing because you'll always enjoy it, right? So, we have lots of fun, and sometimes we even yell, because this is all just so fun...

    You may also know Kurt as NBC (No Body's Child) from Plastic Little who happen to have a single coming out soon along with an album in stores in June.

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