Tuesday, May 16, 2006

11 hour marathon

Its Saturday night about 9:21 PM. I'm waiting in anticipation for the Plastic Little, Rubbed Raw & Pyramid Skeem show to start at Pageant Gallery. The MySpace bulletin said an 8PM start, but its a DIY show at an art gallery. Should I seriously expect them to start on time? I did, or at least close to on time. I had been running around South street grabbing something to eat. I was going to stop at Lorenzos but the line was out the door. Random pizza place two has no one in line so thats fine for tonight. Next up is Philadeli for 16oz yuengling cans. So here I am sitting outside with beer in hand hidden in a paper bag because the owners were worried about open containers. Minus the beer it reminds me of punk shows from when I was in high school. Hark! I hear "Check 1, Check 2." Finally, its almost time.

Inside its hipsters, dance moves, skateboards & 80's fashion like whoa. I'll just continue drinking for now. First up is Pyramid Skeem and the TKO Method. Track after track is a series of steps to make you him rich. The show was incredibly energetic and he kept up the act the whole time with a full business suit, sterotypical step by step plans, a few actual business jewels spattered in and the all important step 3 of buying the album.

Up next is Jazzy Jess spinning some Bmore club etc. Honestly its just making me more anxious to get to Metro. Theres some good tracks. People dancing etc.

Up next was Rubbed Raw with their eclectic electronic/bmore/hipster hop etc. No joke the members are DJ Dogdick, Big Daddy Nugg & Lil Crissy. It was a really interesting show. They were incredibly into the show. Bouncing around in the crowd, after urging the crowd up as close as possible to the front. I enjoyed the show, but between the poor sound quality (just turn it down when it starts to sound bad) and me being too anxious, I ended up leaving before Plastic Little even went on. As I was leaving, I'm not sure what was going on but there was a good portion of the group and crowd on the floor. I would definitely go to another show, hopefully next time there will be better sound quality. Fonk was there and in the same boat so we headed to Metro.

We arrive at Metro in time as NYC club queen Oxy Cottontail was just about to go on. Ms. Cottontail was rocking a dope denim jacket but the picture doesn't do it justice. It was a classic Oxy set with club tracks and more for the downstairs to rock to. We head upstairs and the main room is packed. Brendan is on and spinning at his own birthday party. Lix is doing his thing in his custom Eagles jersey. Aaron LaCrate is up next. As expected he's killing it on the decks. The crowd is going crazy dancing their asses off. Debonair is pulling double duty and MCing. LaCrate is dropping exclusive tracks and rocking a 2 Live Crew shirt. Debonair Samir is up next and drops some exclusive tracks of his own including Throw It Up and LaCrate's Oxy Anthems. The lights come on and the owner comes telling Brendan and Low Bee to cut the music. They agree saying they're just going to play one more track and end up dropping 4 more. Its 2:20 and the bouncers are getting anxious as the music fades out.

Listen to Brendan as he breaks down the night as the bouncers are kicking people out.

It's only 2:30 so its on to the after party. Word of advice, when leaving a club at this time, its not a good idea to walk down the street breaking bottles. I'm not saying I did this but rather a certain G. Cops don't seem to take well to this. Luckily he only cared enough to yell obscenities out the passenger side window. In talking with said ociffer, G tilted back and forth between Fuck tha police and I don't want to piss this dude off too much. On our short walk to Transit for Making Time, steel reserves and small bottles of alcohol seemed to quickly disappear.

We're inside and its typical Making Time: three levels of drunk dancing. More birthday celebrations with that girl Sara. Add more drinking, dancing, pillow fights, pictures and its 3:30.

After the afterparty its the late night party in a section of Fishtown that I'm unfamiliar with. More drinks, Youth Suicide Fantasy and all of a sudden its light out. So I'm in random Fishtown area. Lets see, I think we came from this way. The streets are empty. Continue with "educated" guesses to get home and eventually I end up at an El station hours later. Needless to say I was walking the completely wrong way but ended up making it home early morning. On my way home I pass by Love park and there is a band playing at 8AM. Hmmm. No time to really process this so its time to crash.

Long night, long post. Check the pics

Bonus mp3's:
Pyramid $keem - Semina

Pyramid $keem - Organizing Priorities

Pyramid $keem - The Anatomy of a Pyramid Skeem (dope sample)

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Anonymous said...

Word of advice, when leaving a club at this time ....

>>> Do not attempt to recover from your driz by hitting the pizza shop. Unwanted calories ... Thanks for the shoutout ... 5151 - This definately was one of the most fun times I've had in a while ... Thanks for your guide to it. fONk