Friday, May 26, 2006

Terri Hatcher Loves Mojito

From Tommy Up at Paper Street.
Okay, I swear to god I'm not making this up. I was on an American Airline's plane yesterday and I'm bored, so I'm flipping through the on-flight magazine called American Way (seriously, this is how bored I was). Terri Hatcher is on the cover and there's this interview where she talks about Philly and what she likes to do here. So far, so good. I'm reading and she says: "Philadelphia primarily has a lounge and hip-hop scene, but there are a few really great dance scenes. The best is a Saturday-night party that’s thrown all summer, called Mojito, and hosted by Tommy Up. The party is in the courtyard of an office skyscraper in Commerce Square with a huge fountain, great live house music, and guest DJs...A small restaurant, Marathon Grill, supports the party. It’s a great time and a great crowd."

Um...Terri Hatcher has a crush on me, WTF? I get all excited and start showing this old couple next to me. I'm jabbing at her picture and going, "She likes me! Look she just said my name! I'm gonna go to LA and make out with her and we're gonna make babies!" They got excited for me but they thought it was the mom from The O.C., but whatever...I'm so famous on American Airlines now it's ridiculous.

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