Thursday, May 18, 2006

Its good to be the king

Umm, king is definiely a bit exaggerated. Yeah, so Brian McCrone from the Philly Metro contacted me yesterday and wanted to do an article on the blog for their new weekly article "Blogarithms". I was expecting a small blurb in the back of the Metro in the entertainment section. I got a call this morning saying that it was actually on page 4 and the main area of the page. This is all kind of crazy right now. I'm not sure how the Metro actually picked up the blog. I was hoping I could keep it kind of conspicuous, but no. When I got into work today there was the article taped on my door and around the office (thanks coworkers).

The article failed to give credit to my co-contributor Seg. His posts tend to focus more on emotion and more personal stuff with some humor thrown in for good measure. Brian actually mentioned in the interview how he enjoyed Club Virus. Honestly, I just report on whats going on. Its the DJ's, promoters, artists and musicians that really make the site so I want to thank all of you. Check out the links to the right and you can also follow along on my bookmarks.

Check out the article here.


G147 said...

Way cool! And the power of the Internet 1, Doubters 0.

Casi G said...

Get chea VIP on my man.

Anonymous said...

"inconspicuous", surely.
- annoying coworker (you can probably guess which)

Anonymous said...

Nah, clearly he meant "conspicuous" and hung up all those flyers himself, but someone else tore them all down.
- a less annoying coworker (now figure out who's who)