Saturday, January 28, 2006

Get um girl

Wow, stewardesses, bad girls being good, fashionistas, rappers, fashion designers, calendar girls and all the girls on the dance floor. It was ladies night last night and not a moment too soon. If you missed out, here is your next chance.

Last night was jampacked with events and unfortunately we only made it to two. Let us know if you have pictures from Stoya at Waxbar, or Absolute Beginners as we maximized our dancing time last night. First off we headed to Fluid for the Freak 1 year anniversary party. Jon Gill, WallyC and Deadboy provided the beats, Zeit Und Raum provided the fashion and Media Giant had the usual amzinging visuals. You may remember Zeit und Raum from Pleasuretown in October. Freak is their main party and last night they had 11 models showcasing the highlights of the past year. The models looked stunning with their creative and themed outfits which debuted at their monthly parties over the past year. Next Freak is a nurses party with Let Me Ride and Vesago at Transit. Oh and Miss December let me know about an all night party in two weeks. Keep posted for more info.

After pulling ourselves from Fluid we headed to the Khyber Upstairs for the Straight Dope with Meddafore and Seclusiasis. The place was packed as the dancefloor was going crazy while the dj's dropped heat like Dipset, Amanda Blank, Dizee Rascal and that super soaker track at the end of the night which had all the ladies twerkin it.

Check out all of our pics here. A fellow flickrite was at Freak the whole night and has more pics from the night. You may remember his pictures of Stoya designs from Pleasuretown.

3 dimensions

old city in three dimensions [flash experiment]

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Bounce: Zeta

Zeta means 6. We're all over the place with this post from Motown Philly to Baile Funk remixes to real Funk. Get them now while they're hot.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Back once again

Back once again with the Saturday Popoff. 5151 getting down as usual as Saturday is the ideal night of the weekend right now.

To start things out right we headed to Medusa for Let Me Ride with CBK and Breakdown. They're there every 1st and 3rd Saturday with that party music. From Bmore club to hip hop to reggae, they're mixing it up in full divebar style. With cheap beer and shot specials, its definitely an easy cheap way to get crunk. At the next Let Me Ride, February 4th, Tittsworth and Dave Nada will be mixing it up. We're definitely looking forward to that since the last time we saw them we tore the club up at Silk City.

From there it was off to the Popoff Shack. Metro on Saturdays is clearly a consistent weekend winner. By the time we got there the place was packed as Dan the Swede and Steve Bloodbath were holding it down downstairs and Low Budget had them going crazy upstairs. Lix was on the mic keeping the crowd hyped as the whole place was dancing. The Popoff is clearly the Philebrity hangout right now. Last week Sean Agnew was seen on a break from his busy schedule. This week we ran into Jayson aka Pack of Rats from Plastic Little. He let us know that the album is almost finished and is crazier than ever. As soon as we get a sampler we'll have it up here. King Britt stopped by to show support for Low B. I also ran into my man Adam from Dae Recordings who has some major things in the works right now. They have a huge party coming up in March with Caps & Jones, Shimon, Scott Henry and more. Be sure to check back as we'll keep you updated as the date gets closer.

We've got two new audio posts for you with your girl Q checking in
this is an audio post - click to play

Lix is back with the Popoff Shack wrapup.
this is an audio post - click to play

After the party we headed to Silk City diner as it is clearly an afterparty winner.

Check the pics.



Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Bounce: Epsilon

Back once again with your weekly Wednesday audio waves. We've got 10 new tracks for ya. If you have new music you want added here hit us up with an email

  • Like we mentioned here, The Slit Jockey mixtape volume one was released last week with Dev79 the Philly grime specialist on the mixes. There are original tracks from dev79, starkey, stumble and spots from Kano, Lix, Bruza, Wiley and more. Definitely not to be missed, oh yeah its $5. Don't forget to pick up the 7” as well.

  • Morphius and Club Kingz have teamed up to release the undisputed godfather of the Baltimore Club scene, Rod Lee, entire collection starting with his seminal mixtape Operation Startup.

  • Yo check out Johnny Cocco and 2 new mixes to download. Don't sleep on his Myspace either as he has four quality remixes up there including a Hung Up club mix Powder groove is a clear winner as well cause we're addicted to Nintendo.
We'll be back once again next week so keep you're ears open.

Monday, January 16, 2006


To document a good time takes a lot more effort than to report a bad one.
I'd rather stumble from the bar with a beer bottle dent in the back of my skull, a memento of some trivial late night scrap, the cause of which will never be reconstructed.
I'd rather flee the club with chunks of skin carved out by fingernail extensions, the end product of some minor miscommunication and subsequent disagreement.
This is from a writing perspective.
Which shouldn't shock anyone, its a cultural thing. Tomorrow, we'll read about scandals and malfunctions and burn victims. No one likes to read partly cloudy. We'd rather see the smoking gun than the flashing green light. Its like some masochistic hand grenade ticking in between the id and the superego, itching to be fed.
It was a good time tonight,
which means I have nothing to feed you.

Its murrderrrr

You have no idea if you weren't here tonight. DJ's off the hook. People dancing like whoa! Upstairs with the dnb madness. Downstairs with the other ish mixing it up. The audio blogging was working and we have 5 posts for you below. I've also realized that my favorite problem at a club is trying to determine which room to spend the most time in. It becomes incredibly difficult when you want to be in two different areas at the same time yet definitely satisfying at the same time.

Dev79 was up first downstairs with that stateside grime. If you didn't get The Slit Jockey mixtape and 7" last night, go cop that. CBK aka Art Cubik was next to hold it down with that Bmore crunktastic club music with Illy emcee on the mic. Listen to CBK's posting and his take on the night. Up next on the audio blogging phone is Illy Emcee. At midnight Caps N Jones walked into the building and had the place going crazy. It was Caps birthday so he was definitely hyped as can be heard here. Pandemonium Jones always comes correct as they battled back and forth trying to drop hotter records. I ran into Deluxxx aka Dirty South Joe and Low Budget who mentioned that they have a mix cd coming out this spring. Keep posted as we learn more details.

Upstairs was a pure drum n bass audio assault. Element and J. Treehorn were up first. The triple tag team of Jae Kennedy, Karl K and Kaos came correct as they have been doing in Philly for 13 years. Finally Moving Fusion stepped up and tore the place down. As a huge member of RAM records, Moving Fusion had everyone going crazy as it was almost too much for the place to handle. Rotating on the mic and keeping the crowd hyped was Illy, BKi and Checkwun.

Listen to Jay Simplefly's wrap-up alongside dMarie. dMarie also offers some timeless advice

After the party we headed to a members only after hours spot with a crew of people. With ping pong, cheap Yuengling porter and a group of friends, this was a perfect way to end the night. Pics up now

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Like postmen

We here at 51:51 are like postmen. Despite wind, blackouts and snow we still go out to party at the best spots in Philadelphia. Luckily, this has been easier now on Saturdays as the Popoff Shack weekly at Metro Lounge is now up and running. The shack's supporting cast of Hollertronix, Soul Travelers, Steve Bloodbath and Dan the Swede promises to be the spot for the winter. With last week being completely crazy we knew this place had potential.

We walked in early and chilled downstairs as the Water dudes (Steve and Swede) were dropping jewelz. Lix was playing pool before heading upstairs for his set later. Some breakers had come out and were doing their thing as the floor was perfect, clean and almost like linoleum. We headed upstairs and Brendan Bring'em was on the tables with Lix and Jes One on the mic. The crowd was going crazy as the dancefloor was packed. One of the "features" of Metro is the pole on the dance floor. This leads to impromptu dancing sessions with those that are closest. Last night was no exception as a group of ladies found the pole to be their favorite dance partner. Needless to say this is definitely a key spot on Saturdays. We were having technical difficulties with the audio blogging but check for posts from Killsound. Check out all of the pictures from the Popoff Shack

Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Bounce: Delta

Back once again with that new ish and hot tracks.
  • Killsound is going to be huge this weekend. We've been mentioning this for about a month cause we're so excited. Check out some mixes of some of the cats that will be there.
Shout out to Amanda Blank for making it into the Philadelphia Weekly but you should already know about her

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Poppin off like C4

Remember when I said I needed Pimp C to do the voiceover for Pleasuretown a couple months back? Well next time he's at a party he will be cause now we're going to be audioblogging and partying. Tommy up and Brendan blessed us with the first post live from the Popoff shack.

this is an audio post - click to play

Lix was next representing for Low B and Hollertronix.
this is an audio post - click to play

Cosmo recorded a drop too but I'm not sure what happened to it. We're still working on the specifics and working out the kinks but look out for more posts in the future.

Popoff shack and the XXXplosive tour was ridiculous. Cosmo, Pase Rock, Low Budget and Brendan Bring'em rotating on the tables and laptops all night upstairs while Steven Bloodbath and Dan the Swede were downstairs for two levels of enjoyment. To cap the night off, 2 AM rolls around and we're just getting started as Amanda Blank steps on stage with mic in hand. From sonning people to rocking the crowd, Amanda had the place going craaazzzy. Unfortunately, Spank Rock was sick and couldn't make it but will definitely be back soon and we'll keep you updated.

Since we decided to get into the audioblogging game we thought we'd let you all be involved as well. Slurred Audio is a new site where you can call in and leave a message that will be automatically posted. The only request that we have is that you call when you're drunk. Whats more fun than drunk dialing? This time no one will know it was you and you don't have to be ashamed as long as you don't call yourself out. So start drinking now and leave a post.

Check the pics here.

barely functional

Last night there were many obstacles to overcome before anything remotely resembling pleasure could be attained. This resulted in series of lesssons learned which I feel I must share with you. Please, do read on.

Number 1: The postal office is fucking busy at 11:10 pm on a Saturday. I'm not sure if all these people standing in front of me are all planning to go to a club immediately afterwards to get drunk and plastered, but if they are, they certainly don't mind waiting in line for another 45 minutes first.
I'm not.

Number 2: 30th street station does NOT sell tokens at 11:20 pm on Saturdays. I have no idea why. I would think this would be peak hours for vampires and methheads. They must be confused about the main clientèle of their transportation system.

Number 3: There are two brands of token booths: “Out of order” and “barely functional.” Both will slow your pace, but you must persevere. Flattening out your dollars bills will help the process go more smoothly. Cursing and death threats also work. Don't ask me why.

I'm providing this information as a public service in order to encourage efficiency in the bar and club industry, helping our economy stay strong, which means I'm a true patriot. Fuck bush.

This is a picture of a guy lighting a joint in his hand underneath the sea level of the crowd.
Pretty sneaky.
Although I think taking a picture of this secretive ritual without the guy realizing is pretty sneaky too.

Theres something to be said of the fact that when one person dances like shit, he looks like he's dancing like shit, but when 10 people are dancing like shit, they look like they're actually good. Check it out yourself next time you're in a club. Anyway, I realized that its not individual ability which makes dancing in a crowd look good, its the ability to coordinate your flailing, spastic movements with everyone else's.

My poem to the bartender

Why do you ignore me?
Why can't we talk?
We'd be perfect together.
Me with my five dollar bill waving
desperately in your face.
you with your catatonic blank stare
and monotone voice uttering
“one second”
I crave your attention.
Because you're the only one
with beer.
But you don't need me:
Everyone has five dollars.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Friday of 2006

So to start out 2006 right we thought we would check out that monthly showcase called First Fridays. We here at 51:51 felt that we should partake in some cultural events before partying like we usually do and oh yeah a wine buzz is a good way to start out the night.

First up we stopped by Jinxed clothing for sushi, beer and the works of Roy Miranda, Joy Less posh, Scott Kirschner and Justin Cipa. These were all quite good. Roy had some wonderful surrealist photo paintings while Scott Kircschner's magical oil paintings were amazing. Check out the store as they should be up until next month. From there we headed to Old city and the heart of First fridays. Gallery Siano had an amazing photo installation. Gary Koutsoubis' Sandunes of Namibia caught my eye while the metal sculptures in the gallery with common tools and found objects were a wonderful addition. Next we stopped by Drizzle gallery to see works by Jaisen Crocket and Jordan Eagles. Jaisen's photos “seem to be so real and yet they are completely fictional.” Through the wonders of technology Jaisen was actually in Tampa via webcam. Jordan meanwhile had a series of images from his Pop organic series. Heavily inspired by Andy Warhol, Jordan's images are a juxtaposition of pop culture, corporate imagery and vivid scenes that are purely American. Next up was a multi media installation at Nexus celebrating Ben Franklin since it is his 300th birthday. Jordan Eagles has been busy and was featured at Qbix as well. Back by popular demand, Alive is an interesting project that uses blood mixed with acrylics, resin and metallic powders as the primary medium. Incredibly vivid, these paintings are a refreshing examination of art and give a new meaning to interactivity. We usually stop by Lineage gallery but it was closed when we walked by.

After rubbing elbows with the artistic community it was time to get crunk with them dudes at White T's White Belts. Scot Matelic opened up as we walked through the door and picked up Electro Cute emynd and Bo Bliz's new mixtape. Dan the Swede was there as well since holyshitthisdudeiseverywhere. This wasn't no damn game either.

Not being quite satisfied with 135 BPM and lower we decided to head over to the Pontiac grille for the DNB Liberation Front tour. Mason, Dstar, Basic operations, Vector Burn, Beet and Bad Lieutenant while Sharpness was on the mic. Nothing quite like a full on assault of DnB at 2 am.

Check the pics here

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More Bounce: Gamma

More Bounce is back with tracks heavy on the CD promo tip. Pick these up cause they're good people doing good things.

  • Low Budget's Club Shotta officially dropped right-cheah! Right-cheah! Like we told you about before

  • Emynd and Bo Bliz just released their latest mixtape Electro Cute. As the name suggests, you can expect electro along with Bmore club, dancehall, miami bass, crunk and more. Unfortunately no tracks to download but hit up cause they have a player with 5 clips. Don't forget to check them dudes out this Friday at White T's White Belts for the official release party.

  • Ayres and JD just released their Houston for Dummies. An Htown education with 27 tracks that dropped from '88 to '05. From the Geto Boys to Paul Wall &
    Chamillionaire to classic UGK. This is a must have for all those that like sittin sideways with that candy paint. As a bonus you get a second disc Houston Rocks It by DJ Eleven with 44 tracks. Check the snippet and then go buy it

  • Ronnie Darko from BBC and Spankrock DJ released this Chi-Town Bump

  • Also check out this movie of some Chi-town antics with friends Spank and Devlin.

  • In support of Killsound CBK aka Art Cubik has an excellent mix for you to download. High energy crunktastic tracks with Bmore club, crunk, and all around hot beats. Get it here

  • Them boys Caps N Jones will be down for Killsound as well. Big shout to them for their mix Moving in Stereo making it into Spin's top 40 of the year.

  • Its that time of the month and Lemon-Red released his latest in the mix series with Paul Devro. Unlike previous mixes, Devro mixes some bollywood, some iraqi, some italo, some pfunk. one new rap song, some old ones, etc”. Get the mix here

Alright back to normal and we'll continue this every week. Got something you want to contribute? Email us at or hit us up on the 51:51 Myspace jumpoff.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year and welcome to 2006. In an annual celebration of life and making it farther than anyone else before, we welcome a new year. Each New Year brings with it the promises of new beginnings with a chance for new and continued success. New years is a celebration of new possibilities, directions, choices and chances. Yet it seems best with those that we've known for the longest. Friends and family you may never see alongside those you may see every day gather together with you at this once a year revelry. Past, present and future mingle, dance and party together as we toast to new beginnings and catch up on where we've been.

To celebrate this occasion we met up with a group of friends in NYC to head out to the The Rub. With Ayres, Cosomo and Eleven rocking the decks, the soundtrack was set and handed out as we walked through the door. With a champagne toast at midnight, we welcomed a new year (a second later) with the soundtrack from our life of new and old tracks mixed effortlessly together as we partied together until 4 am. Words cannot begin to describe this, but pictures start to. For added simulation, listen to the New Years Mix or the Motherfucking Remix.

Don't forget, this Saturday at the Popoff Shack (Metro Lounge, Front and Fairmount, Philly) the XXXplosive tour will be passing through with Cosmo Baker, Pase Rock and Spank Rock. As always we have Brendan Bringem and Low Budget upstairs while Dan the Swede and Steven Bloodbath will be rocking the decks downstairs. Get on the list to ensure entry cause its going to be packed.