Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Bounce: Alpha

So since we love music so much, we thought we would start a new regular post with links to all the hottest ish that is blastin through our speakers. The title will definitely be called "More Bounce". Right now I'm looking at separating them by giving them a subtitle of Greek letters. If you have a better idea hit me off with an email. I'll give you credit and link to your site and all sorts of fun stuff. Anyways, without further ado:

Since I know you all love that Baltimore club music and mixes check out this new ish:

  • Spankrock in the lab with Disco D

  • Check out our Myspace Jumpoff to listen to the new single "Back Yard Betty".

  • Since I'm feeling Spankrock-ariffic, download this Bmore mix from the Voila mixtape.

  • Check out Spankrock December 17th at Transit with the Rub. Click here to get down with the get down

  • Don't sleep on Amanda Blank. She is about to put the game in a chokehold. Check it out here on Blow from that Bmore Gutter music alongside Spankrock.

  • The dynamic duo is killing it again on Bump.

  • Since I know yall are fiending for those Baltimore Club mixes, check out the Tittsworth sampler from the forthcoming album

  • Ayres has been putting in the work on that Bmore club as well check out Broke Ass Home hot off the presses

  • If you're on Bmore overload right now check out Clicktrax for a 2 part live mix from JDH and Dave P.

  • Diplo's been doing his thing and remixed Kanye's 'Gold Digger' Check it out here Shout to DJ Benzi

  • Well, so thats just a start. We'll be putting quick links on the side to the latest hot ish soon for all those that feel lazy and don't want to scroll down the page.

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