Friday, March 30, 2007

What It Do

Spring has sprung and apparently spring fever has been scientifically proven. I'm down. Oh and listening to the Blaqstarr videos has got me ready for sure.


Don't forget to check the 5151calendar for regular events

Plastic Little, Bonde Do Role Photos

Um, wow. Being upfront when Plastic Little was on, I almost got crushed. I definitely did have lots of PBR spilled or poured on me. One of the most incredible shows I've been to in awhile. At first I wasn't sure Broadzilla was a good idea because its usually packed on a normal nite. I think it was worth it.
Photos by Yap Snaps.

DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody

Disco 2007. Because I am somebody featuring appearances by Dave from Chromeo and Busy P the head of Ed Banger Records.

Pick up DJ Mehdi's album or some of the remixes at Turntable Lab. I know I slept on this.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Josh Wink and Mr. C Tonite - Free!

Every last Wednesday, Josh Wink has a monthly at Fluid that he actually plays at. Its incredible. It continues tonite with Mr. C from the world famous club The End in London. Mr. C also runs the club night and record label Superfreq. Listen to Mr. C dj at The End's 11th bday party here or just down the page at his own night.

Get on the list here for free admission.

Space 1026: Kingdom of Magical Extinctionss

This Sunday!

The long-standing Space 1026 tradition, which has been in hiatus since 2003, re-emerges with their 2007 Food Show: Kingdom of Magical Extinctions!

Date: Sunday, April 1st, 2007
Time: 6 pm
Where: Space 1026, 1026 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

In the spirit of a vegetarian chinese restaurant, whose menus are still broken down into categories such as "mock chicken" and "mock beef" at the Kingdom of Magical Extinctions all are invited to participate by making a magical or extinct creature out of food, for display and/or consumption. "Mock Unicorn," "Mock Smurf" "Mock Pterydactyl Wings with Chefs Special Sauce"; the possibilities are endless!

Those interested in preparing dishes for the event are asked to email cperkins[at] so she can add your creation to the "menu". And everyone is welcome to experience the spectacular spectacle that awaits!

The Space asks those not contributing a piece to the show to donate 5$ to help cover the costs of the event. Proceeds from the will go towards the on-going development of the Space 1026 Mummers brigade – The Vaudevillains.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bonde Do Role & Plastic Little Moved

To Broadzilla on Thursday at Upstairs at Sals. Doors open at 9. Plastic Little starts at 10, Bonde Do Role goes on afterwards. $1 PBRS 9 - 11. Special surprise guest that will have people bugging out but they're not mentioning who until Thursday. Also, entrance is now $5 instead of the $7 it would have been at Danger! Danger!.

Diplo & Questlove at Reading Terminal Market

RSVP now by subscribing to the magazine and then filling out the RSVP form. $20 gets you six issues, entrance to the party, free drinks and 100% goes to one of 12 charities of your choice.

Plastic Little, Bonde Do Role & Danger! Danger!

I am pleased to report that the Plastic Little video shoot was a blast. Running around in an old hospital is the jump off. Meanwhile there was choreographed dancing, a bit of nudity, pink nurses, lager and even calculus homework. Talking to Max from Free News Projects, he let me know that the video will be ready for release when it hits Japan and he mentioned that the ultimate goal is to have a video remix for each of the tracks on She's Mature. We will be sure to keep you informed of any upcoming video shoots. For now, if you haven't yet, pick up the album at your favorite music store including iTunes and eMusic. Also don't forget about The Remix of The Remix of The Remix, the Plastic Little x Turntable Lab remix contest.

Also, the real point of this post is to mention their show this Thursday at the Danger! Danger! house in West Philly Broadzilla at Upstairs at Sals. They will be playing with Bonde Do Role, Dave P, Pinkskull and more. For those of you not familiar with Danger! Danger! and the on again West Philly diy house party scene, 34th Street did a recent feature on them.
Located in a quaint residential area, the Danger! Danger! house seems unremarkable on the corner of 47th Street and Warrington Avenue. But behind the unassuming facade is one of the most popular venues of West Philly's burgeoning house show scene. The seven residents, whose history together stretches as far back as middle school, have become seasoned concert promoters. . .

Russell Brodie, unofficial house spokesman and member of in-house band Grandchildren, spearheaded this ambitious project. "I just started inviting bands that I had been hearing a lot about," Brodie said. "It was like trying to put together a regional showcase.
Tickets are only $7, show starts at 8:30 and is all ages.

If you happen to read the Philadelphia Weekly, you will have noticed Jayson Musson's (aka Pack of Rats) new column "Black Like Me". Jayson has a unique writing style and humor that usually has me laughing out loud when I pick up the paper. His humor was responsible for Plastic Little being banned in Vice (temporarily), much of the press releases for Plastic Little and the Too Black for BET series. Here is a snippet from his past column
Listen. R. Kelly can't do no types of wrong. R. Kelly can pee on a thousand little girls on their way to a thousand little Girl Scout meetings and he'll still be a saint in my eyes. If I had a daughter, I'd let him take a shot at her, maybe hoping it'd help me win the Powerball or something. “Go 'head, Kells—aim for her bigass forehead! Don't worry—I'm not going to sue you, dawg. I love you, nigga!” I mean, if Catholics eat Nilla Wafers and claim it's the body of Christ, why can't R. Kelly's piss be of spiritual significance? I'm a flirt.
Check out the first edition of Too Black for BET and his illustrations at his website. Read "Black Like Me" over at the PW, read more ramblings from Musson, Kurt, JonThousand and Amanda Blank at"Fuck Your Blog, Son" (currently NSFW) then head over to the store and choose either Too Black for BET, individual posters from TB4B II, or even receive a daily life affirming quote or haiku.

UPDATE: Plastic Little and Bonde do Role have been moved to Upstairs at Sals for currently unspecified reasons. According to the 34th Street article above, there has been a crackdown by L&I on house party venues. No current facts yet, so we can't quite blame everyones favorite fun smasher.

Redman - Put It Down

New video for the Timbaland produced Put It Down featuring Don Vito, Brick City, Shots of Cuervo fucking up my liver, The Naked Cowboy. Yo Philly, You know what it is, Holler at your boy. Redman - Red Gone Wild (Thee Album) out today. Get it at Amazon for 9.99.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What it Do

You know whats fun? Getting updates from Jay Simplefly and Tommy Up partying on a yacht in Miami saying how much fun they're having eating chicken satay and empanadas while DJ Haul spins and Jazzy Jeff is up next. I'm not mad, its cool. I was just outside without a jacket and it wasn't really that rainy. Oh and at first I didn't think anything was going on, right about now I can't keep up. Plus mixes are killing it right now.


Plastic Little Video Shoot Sunday

New video shoot for Plastic Little. Check the press release
Hey friends! On March 25th we will be shooting a music video for the Philly based rap group Plastic Little. The song we are doing is called "Dopeness" which you can listen to hear here.


The basic premise for the video is that, Kurt Hunte, one of PL's MC's is a doctor who dances and raps while making his hospital rounds. We are doing it in the style of an old musical. At the end of the video the patients
all come running out and have a dance modern dance party in the halls that ends in a big musical-style pose finish.

We are shooting on SUNDAY March 25th at the Women's Medical College in Roxborourgh.
START TIME: 4:00pm
END TIME: 9:00pm.

If you are interested please respond to the producer, Duncan Frazier:

We need to know ALL names so we can let the security guards know you are coming.

This is an abandoned hospital facility that is owned by the state and is in various states of disarray. We have permission to be there and it is safe but you still need to be careful.


Please bring fun party clothes. You will all be wearing hospital gowns over your clothes but certain articles of clothing may make an appearance so please bring your own fun outfits.


Our location is the Medical College of Philadelphia Hospital 3300 Henry Avenue in Roxborough. We are shooting on the 6th floor. There will be signs marking the way.

Car: It is approximately a 25 minute drive from Center City under normal traffic conditions. There is a parking lot at the hospital to the right of the building we are using.

1.) Take Rt. 76W
2.) Bear right at Roosevelt Expy/US-1 N toward Roosevelt Blvd.
3.) Take the first exit for Wissahickon Ave/S.Hunting Park Ave.
4.) Make your first right at Stokely St.
5.) Go down 1/2 mile to Roberts Ave. and make a right
6.) Turn right at Henry Avenue.
7.) The Women’s Medical College is the second complex on the left
8.) Turn left into the complex and park on the right
9.) The building is ahead on your left.

Google Maps

Public Transportation: The 32 bus goes directly from Center City to the hospital itself. There are stops at Broad and Washington, 15th and JFK, and 27th and Poplar among others. Here is a link to the online pdf schedule

Give yourself about 45 – 60min, of travel time depending on traffic. On Sundays the bus runs every hour.

Cousin Cole & Pocketknife EP: Tougher Than Featherz

Cousin Cole and Pocketknife present Flagrant Fowl 002 "Tougher Than Featherz". We've been continually impressed with Cousin Cole's remixes and mixes and this batch of remixes is no different. You should recognize "Atlantic Records, TI Clearance" right away as this was everywhere way back when all we had was a leaked version of "My Love". Continuing with the rnb flips, there are not 1 but two remixes of Kell's "Ignition". Pocketknife introduces the Pied Piper to Tone Loc with great success on "Wyld Ignition Thang". Meanwhile Cousin Cole's "Ignition Remix Remix" is a Bmore club floor filler that will make you bounce, bounce, bounce. For all the rock fans out there I've heard Jesus & The Mary Chain are reforming, well Couin Cole has brought them to the dance floor with his "Just Like Honey". For these two I'll let Pocketknife explain them "The rework of Suicide's "Ghost Rider" feels like something Carl Craig could have created. On "She's the Star," Pocketknife takes one of Arthur Russell's more subdued cello and voice compositions back to the disco." Listening to all seven tracks and knowing the M.O. of this blog, you would already know that "Bam a Lam" is my favorite track. Cole remixes Ram Jam's "Black Betty" into a Bmore banger that has been killing it in the hands of Scottie B, Cosmo Baker, Sinden and Catchdubs. All in all a fine, fine product that is limited to only 600 vinyl copies. Get yours quick because I heard they're selling fast. PS. You already heard "Bam a Lam" and "Just Like Honey" right?.

Buy Tougher Than Featherz at Turntable Lab

Cousin Cole Space, Pocketknife Space,

DJ Soul - Assorted Donuts

Brand new J Dilla tribute mix featuring all Dilla all the time. 20 tracks of nothing but killer Dilla tracks. Far and away, my favorites are the two Ghostface tracks. He was made for those beats. (Whip Me With A Strap was originally called "One for Ghost" on the Donuts album.) Course picking your favorites on this album is like picking favorites when you have kids.

Download DJ Soul - Assorted Donuts. (Tracklisting)

Bonus: J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix) taken from "Hella International" 3/12-inch Box Set.
Limited edition quantities to be sold online after Stones Throw presents Hella International. Its cool, only one more reason why I'm jealous that I'm not in Miami.

DJ Soul, J-Dilla, OkayPlayer

Thursday, March 22, 2007


You can determine the fanciness of a hotel by the variety of caution signs it possesses.

Caution: Undergoing maintenance. Please excuse our appearance.
Caution: Wet Floor. Watch your step.
Caution: Daylight. Avoid looking directly at the sun.

The five star hotels on broad street have caution signs for events that are inadvertible.
Caution: Falling Ice.

There's not a lot of use for that warning. I don't care what kind of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon skills you've got, you're not going to dodge a block of ice falling above your head.

I think the sign should be of a more explanatory nature.
It should say:

Clarification: Ice just hit you in the face.

And now, to continue Tuesday's post, more movies you should see at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

I really wish I was better at writing segways.

The Bothersome Man

Where you can see it:

Dante's Inferno

Where you can see it:

638 Ways to Kill Castro

Where you can see it:
Okay that's it. If you think I've forgotten to mention a good movie, post a comment and I'll tell you how wrong you are. How very, very wrong.


- Seg

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Double L & El Professor Present Home for Carnival 2

Double L & El Professor are back again with Home for Carnival 2. They've upped the ante from Home for Carnival with over 50 of the hottest soca tracks this time.
From El Professor:
If you scored the first one and you think you know what to expect- you have no idea what you are in for and basically how bananas #2 in the series is. The first jawn SOLD OUT at, Turntable Lab, as well as a number of online web sites. Six months later our first mix is still alive and well, as it is currently being bootlegged on eBay and in Japan and Australia and doing business in other countries not in the Western Hemisphere.

Given that Soca is a very annualized sound, Double L and I put this mix together AGAIN to represent the best of Soca over the past few years. Nothing less than the biggest tunes here- right up up up to di time. If you don't know much about it, and are looking to get into Soca- this is a great time to get up on some game with a tight mix (for cheap!).

MP3 Album Samples
Check the full tracklist here. In Australia available from Jimmy Sings. In Tokyo, available from Moonwalk records. All others Paypal $5 ($7 outside of the US) to ADobson302 {at} Both prices include shipping at no additional cost to you- so don't sleep! Please include name, shipping address, and quantity. Prompt shipment is guaranteed.

Bonus: G13 Carnival Rave!
1. Dawg E Slaughter (TnT)- "Alright"
2. Rupee (Barbados) f/ Shaggy (JA) & Fayann Lyons (TnT)- "The Game of Love & Unity"
3. El A Kru (Antigua)- "Expose (Precision Road Mix)"
4. Nadia Batson (TnT)- "Spirit Call"
5. Minmi (Japan) f/ Machel Montano (TnT)- "Sha Na Na (Japanese Wine) Tempo Mix"
6. Denise Belfon (TnT) f/ Spontaneous (Grenada)- "Bicycle Wine"
7. Bunji Garlin (TnT)- "Flags & Colours"
8. Young Marcel (TnT)- "On & On (D' Big Truck Pass)"
9. Destra Garcia (TnT)- "Sign"
10. Ragga (TnT)- "Revelazz"
11. Dawg E Slaughter (TnT)- "Stage"
12. Fayann Lyons (TnT)- "M.A.S. (Make A Stage)"
13. Machel Montano (TnT)- "Jumbie"
14. Patrice Roberts (TnT) f/ Machel Montano (TnT)- "Light It Up"
15. Shurwayne Winchester (TnT)- "Open D' Gate"
16. Destra Garcia (TnT) f/ Naya George (TnT)- "Last Lap"
17. Ms Alysha (TnT) f/ H20 Phlo (TnT)- Go Down Low & Wine"
18. Machel Montano (TnT) f/ Vybz Kartel (JA)- "Hold You Tonight"
19. Rita Jones (TnT) f/ Bunji Garlin (TnT)- "Hardcore Lovin"
And Keeping with the island theme some zouk:
Double L pon di MySpace, El Professor pon di MySpace

Obrigado Dilla

Thank you Dilla.

Pick up Ruff Draft today. Download the 2 x CD / 2 x LP or buy the product and receive a limited edition 45. Philly you can get it at Cue Records. Rest of the world check the stores here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Films you might want to consider possibly watching

I am not qualified to recommend films.
I do not have a certification in recognizing good art.
I like weird films.
I think films in foreign languages are superior because they have subtitles.
I think films based on comic books tend to suck.
I think films laced with drugs tend to kick ass.
I like hiphop, sexuality, and people getting shot in the head.
I think Asian actresses look amazing in pretty much any lighting.
And I think that Borat has already been made; there's no reason to keep making comedies.

Alright, that's a long enough disclaimer.

The Philadelphia Film Festival is one of the most culturally significant local events that happen all year round. This year, from April 5th to April 18th, there are around 300 films to be enjoyed, contemplated, and savored. I am going to unceremoniously cut this list down to a small fraction of its size. Hey, obviously not ALL of them are going to be savored.

I've been watching trailers, reading summaries, doing all the dirty work for you.
Here's what you should go see.

Invisible Waves

Why you should go see it:

This director made the film Last Life in the Universe, one of my favorite films. Alright, so theres a pretty good chance that if you saw that film you wouldn't like it. Maybe you shouldn't see this film. Forget it.

Where you can see it:
  • Ritz East
    • Friday, April 6 - 5:00pm
    • Sunday, April 8 - 7:30pm


Why you should go see it:

The description says this is a comedy, but after checking out the trailer I'm going to disregard that entirely. I think this is going to be fucked up a film about relationships, trust, and identity. I think the girl gets her plastic surgery to change her face in order to find out if her boyfriend would cheat on her, and then shit goes wrong from there, as it usually does when you try to alter your identity to see if it fucks up your own relationship.

Where you can see it:

Day Night Day Night

One line summary:

Day in the life of a suicide bomber. The last day.

Why you should go see it:

Not many movies ask you to empathize with a suicide bomber. You gotta be curious to know if they can actually pull this off.

Side Note:

I'm sitting in a cafe and this white girl is complaining about being at an airport and standing in line behind someone who "looked like a terrorist," yet she was stopped and for an hour and interrogated.
"If you're going to racially profile, at least profile the right person! I'm white! He's the one who looks like a terrorist!"
Her friend is doing a very good job at hiding her mortified expression.

Where you can see it:


Why you should go see it:

It's a film about a German graffiti crew who decide to bomb(tag) a whole train. If thats not a good enough reason to see the film, I can't even talk to you.

Where you can see it:

It's difficult to put a price on good art, but in this case it'll cost you about 11 dollars.

I'll post more later in the week.
You guys have any films you absolutely gotta see?

- Seg

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pics from Saturday

Saturday was a crazy good time. I had a blast. Shout out to Yap Snaps. More pics from Caps & Jones & Emynd & Bo Bliz here.

Friday, March 16, 2007

What it Do: Kiss Me I'm Irish

WTF is up with this weather? 70 2 days ago and this ice/rain/snow mix now??? Spring is coming soon, spring is coming soon. Saturday is going to be off the hook regardless. Being Irish myself, St. Patricks day is great. Everybody wishing they were. Philly actually has the largest population of Irish descendants in the country. But please, please, please no green beer. Green beer is not Irish, I find it disrepectful, we make quality beer, Guinness, Smithwicks, Murphys, Beamish etc. Pouring food coloring in your Bud Lite still means you have shitty beer, its not Irish. If you pour Jameson in it, instead I might forgive you, but probably not because you're now spoiling your whiskey. [/rant]

  • Art show at Fuel with Philly Slick, Drake etc has been canceled!
  • Hands and Knees - week in and week out, free sparks and pbr early, Jhn Rdn, Ian St. Laurent - M Room (Frankford & Girard)
  • AJ Ready Right at 700 Club - shelltop hip hop, devo etc at 700 Club (700 N. 2nd)
  • Zodia Pisces Edition = Classic hip hop + dive bar - Medusa Lounge (21st and Chestnut)
  • Sex Dwarf - New wave disco at Fluid (613 South 4th Street)
  • Erin Express - I know, its still fun though. Plus its a reason to drink during the day.
  • Grasshopper 1 day sale - Prefer shopping over drinking? At least 20% off everything (727 Walnut)
  • Caps & Jones & Emynd & Bo Bliz at M Room with KMass - (Front & Girard)
  • Funkshun 5 Year anniversary party at their new space Vacuum.
    • The Vacuum is a two story building in the Fishtown area with an enclosed courtyard and a spacious, conceptually constructed interior that can provide two rooms of (newly upgraded) sofund, and a third outside area weather permitting. This is our lasting home, where the imaginings of f(x) event conception approach full realization and the heart and soul of the project will be spoken and heard with vivid clarity.
      first on Saturday, March 17th and again on May 5th
    • Flyer, Vacuum is located at 2nd and Tilghman (between cecil b and montgomery ave)
  • Winterfest IV - 1 - 6PM, bands, dj's, cold sake, ice carving contest, InLiquid Benefit

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mad Decent x Wowch Collabo

  • If you haven't heard Mad Decent Radio #14, you definitely need to. It features Blaqstarr mixing it up with real, hard hitting Baltimore club. Listen to it here and subscribe with iTunes here.
  • Blaqstarr's Supastarr EP available now at iTunes and on wax at Turntable Lab.

New DJ Nappy Thugstep Mix

Holla! Nappy just hit me off with a brand new thugstep mix. Turn the bass up!
01. young jeezy - take it to the floor f. bonecrusher (nappy vs tes la rok dubstep mix)
02. big kuntry king - throwback f. ti (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
03. slim thug - like a boss (nappy vs vex'd dubstep mix)
04. slim thug - diamonds (remix) f. young jeezy, sick pulla, killa (nappy vs emelkay dubstep mix)
05. jase - go hard
06. boss-n-over - self made f. bun b (nappy vs skream dubstep mix)
07. lil wayne - go dj (nappy vs benga dubstep mix)
08. big cas - check my feet (nappy vs. hijak extended dubstep mix)
09. allstar cashville prince f. yo gotti - tear it up (nappy vs el rakkas dubstep mix)
10. brisco - opa-locka (feat. rick ross)
11. 8ball - anotha level
12. riskay - dope girl (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
13. the game - dreams (nappy vs paradigmx dubstep mix)
14. 2vm - placita
15. the twilight singers - love
New video posted up from Nappy in New Brunswick over at Youtube. Nappy and J Past mixtape coming soon, maybe even tomorrow if I can leak it.

UPDATE: More video from Nappy in New Brunswick with an interview laced in as well courtesy of Rock the Dub.

Friday, March 09, 2007

What it Do

Rest in Peace Big. This weekend is major all up and down the East Coast.


Rest In Peace Big

One of the greatest of all time was shot and killed 10 years ago to the day. Sadly he left us with only two albums with one being released nearly two weeks after he passed. Today we are celebrating his life and his incredible body of work.
We'll always love Big Poppa. What was your favorite track? Video? Something I leave out? leave it in the comments.

Kids With Guns - Sinden at Fluid

Yes! Yes! Yes! Sinden is going to be at Fluid tonite. Which is incredibly awesome but sucks that its the same night as Simian Mobile Disco. Its cool, Making Time is open late so Making Time, Fluid, Making Time I think. Meanwhile back to what matters, Sinden has blowing up the airwaves lately with his track Beeper. Actually, everything he touches turns to gold. Check out Beeper, Hustlin remix, Mekon ft Roxanne Shante baile funk remix and Ghetto Bitches Juke remix all available on his MySpace page at Meanwhile he holds down a weekly radio show at Kiss 100, launched Counterfeet with Dave Taylor aka Switch, a residency at Fabric in London and formerly was resident DJ with Basement Jaxx in Brixton. If you want the full bio, holler at his MySpaz.

Courtesy of Mad Decent Blog where you can peep the tracklisting, I have two of Sinden's radio shows from Kiss 100.
Tonite, Sinden at Fluid only $5 on the guestlist if you sign up right here.

Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat

DJing at Making Time tonite with Crystal Castles, it's Simian Mobile Disco. SMD broke out on the scene last year with their hit Hustler. Simian Mobile Disco is back with It's The Beat, a surefire club banger. It also works well as an alarm clock ring.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Questlove and Diplo at Reading Terminal Market April 5th !?!?!

From Diplo

whoa ...
we taking over jebediahs lemonade stand -- 9- 2 am!!!
get your overalls on..
i had to go to the philly concert guide to believe it.....

holla back, get it in eaaarly

carpool cause parking is wack down there

Umm, wow. I don't know what to say

Whats Up With Caps & Jones?

For those of you familiar with the Philadelphia Weekly, one of the features is "Whats Up With?". Its usually a local musician or at least one living in Philly. Sometimes they stretch as far to Baltimore for cats like Rod Lee. This week's feature is on DJ duo and recent Philly transplants Caps & Jones.

Veteran DJ duo Will “Honorable Caps” Creeley and Brian “Pandemonium Jones” Curtis are having more fun than you are. After making a name with their debut mix CD Bouillabaisse and influential follow-up Moving in Stereo, it’s safe to say C&J are in the building. Imagine a rap fan’s journey through the cosmos with Carl Sagan and The Big Lebowski’s Dude. If there’s a genre titled “no genre,” this recording is the benchmark.

“If we didn’t make the music we wanna hear, nobody else would,” says Creeley, 26.

You can download their mixtapes Bouillabaisse and Moving In Stereo among others at And, I forgot to mention this in the White Tees post but Caps & Jones & Emynd & Bo Bliz will be tag teaming at the M Room on St. Patricks Day March 17th!!!

Whats Up With Caps & Jones?

Fabric Live 33 - Spank Rock Megapost

What I just sent... Is it true that you automaticly get to dj in Ibiza after doing one of these?
Thats XXXchange after having just sent Fabric Live 33 master to London on January 29th. Fabric Live members will have received this on Saturday, UK retail gets it next week but the US won't get it until the 24th. For now just marinate on this:
“I came up with the idea that every person that does a mix after the last person always has to start with the song that the last one ended with. So that last song, the idea was we were gonna put it at the end so you listen to ours and it ends, and you listen to Diplo’s and that’s what it kicks off with – so they all have a connection together.” – Ronnie Darko

And the result is Fabriclive 33, a statement-making mix bursting with personality. From the dialogues in the intro and outro (which Alex secretly recorded before their performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show) to their secret sound effects to their debauched singing to just the quick draw, short attention span levelling of genres, if this mix asks a question, the answer is downright hilarious. Tricks are for kids and don’t you forget it.

“The thing is, we fuck around a lot, all the time…and I think a big part of the aesthetic of our performances and how we roll, as far as making the party, is debauchery and fun. And if something’s sloppy, you kind of own that a little bit, you know? So we just sort of carried that over into the fabric mix, we thought maybe it would be good to have a little bit of humour in it. And there’s some other stuff – we did a lot of recording, we made a lot of sound effects. For example, there sounds on there that sound like bombs dropping, which we made by mic’ing the sound of us picking up amplifiers and dropping them. There’s little stuff in there that took a while to make, and yeah…there’s some stuff in there you gotta check for. It was really fun to make.”- Chris Devlin


01. Intro
02. Kurtis Blow – The Breaks – Universal
03. CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix) – Sub Pop
04. Mr Oizo – Nazis (Justice Mix) – F Communications
05. Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight – Stuart Argabright
06. Yello – Bostich – Universal
07. Zongamin – Bongo Song – XL
08. Kano – I’m Ready – Antibemusic
09. Daft Punk – Technologic – Virgin
10. Switch – A Bit Patchy – Data
11. The Contours – Do You Love Me – Motown
12. Mylo – Drop The Pressure – Breastfed
13. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Rhino
14. Para One – Dudun Dun – Institubes
15. Best Fwends – Myself (XXXChange Remix) – Moshi Moshi
16. KW Griff – Good Man – Morphius
17. Uffie – Hot Chick (Feadz Edit) – Ed Banger
18. Metro Area – Orange Alert (DFA Remix) – Source
19. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train – Virgin
20. Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler – Wichita
21. The Romantics – Talking In Your Sleep – Nemperor Records
22. Chicks On Speed – Wordy Rappinghood (The Playgroup Remix) – Chicks On Speed Records
23. Bonde Do Role – MelĂ´ Do Tabacco (XXXChange Remix With The Ford Granada) – Mad Decent
24. Miss Kittin And The Hacker – Stock Exchange – Miss Kittin
25. Rick Ross – Hustlin’ – Island Def Jam
26. Hot Chip – Over And Over (Maurice Fulton Remix) – EMI
27. Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair – Expanded Music
28. L.T.D. – Love To The World – A&M
29. Outro
Sadly, doesn't appear to have any new vocals, but if it is anywhere near the quality of Voila! or Couche-Tard, you will not be disappointed. Full press release

In other Spank Rock news. Ronnie Darko has a brand new pretty site.
Somehow I don't think I ever posted these

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weekend Pics - Thugstep, White Tees

Mad late but better than never right? It took me awhile to recover, what can I say? White Tees on Friday was ridiculous. I missed drinking 22's of Obolons. Crazy amounts of people, lots of dancing, beer pouring, pictures, camera flashes and more. Shout out to everyone in this photo and everyone that missed out on it. Afterwards, I decide that I should ride to Jersey with Nappy and Evelation to see Nappy spin tomorrow. Hey its 3 AM, seemed like a good idea at the time. Fast forward hours later after doing circles trying to get back on 95 after it was closed due to an accident and I'm on gravity hill in Plainsboro. Weird New Jersey in full effect. Next day is ice cream shops, car trunks slamming on my head, missing exits, no parking spots and then a house party in New Brunswick. Shout out to James, Khris, Pandemonium Jones, Definate Music, J Past, Evelation and Nappy. Oh and to the girl in the silver coat and the Nintendo Power Glove too, holla at me, I heard you make music. Definitely worth the trip. Devil may care attitude wins out!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Righteous Path

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol will not lift you out of depression and solve all your problems. Yeah I know, it's completely false advertising. However, when properly administered, and with the right dosage, women may accomplish these things.

It was a Friday night in Northern Liberties, and I was standing there, holding a beer with a name like "oblong", trying to look like I wasn't wallowing in a pool of my own self pity and despair. Never mind why, just think of the last time you were trapped at the bottom of the hole.
"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose!"

While in this state, I had decided it would be a good idea to consume a can of concentrated stimulants and escape out into the night. So far it was not going as planned. I had gotten myself into a huge club packed with lively people, blaring music, and beautiful girls shaking about, and still I felt nothing. My delicious beer was only magnifying my feelings concerning the futility of existence. The Wawa-brand energy drink that I was forced to chug prior to entry had not succeeded in short-circuting my nervous system. I was about to give up and leave, perhaps using the excuse, "I have to get up early tomorrow... so I can shoot myself in the face."
Things were looking grim.

But it was then that I was jerked by the arm and "forced" into dancing with some attractive ladies. I became alive. Serotonin flooded my nerve endings, and my skin glowed with radioactive heat. How mysterious the body is. As terrified as I am of anything resembling a relationship, I can't get enough of brief physical encounters with lovely strangers. It's the best kind of therapy money can't buy. I danced all around and left the club feeling great.

Isn't that a happy ending? And I'll even throw in a moral. Here it is:
Do not look towards alcohol or any other mind-altering substance to bring you up from the bowels of the depressed state. For these intoxicants are shallow and their effects are short lived. Instead, strive to make a transient, physical connection with an attractive part of a beautiful girl's body. Clearly, this is the righteous path towards happiness.

Okay, enough evangelistic moralism. Here's what you need to do to achieve such an effect:

Develop a dancing style. If you're not comfortable with the way you dance, no one else will be. For me the breakthrough happened when I realized that dancing is all hips. Moving your feet and hands does not make you a dancer anymore than talking on your headset and honking the horn makes you a Philadelphia taxi driver. You also have to actively try to hit people. It's just a part of the job.

Master "The Bump." This is when you approach a girl from the side, and kind of bump into her while dancing. The key here is getting the pressure right. If you have enough pressure, she'll feel it and you'll be able to tell if she pushes back, which means she's down with dancing. If you push too hard, simply start a fight with the smallest guy near you.
As she recovers from the shock of being hipchecked on to the ground and covered from head to toe in her own beer, she'll see that you are defending her honor by attacking the guy who pushed you into her. Of course, you're really just randomly starting a fight with the least threatening guy at the club, but she won't know that. (Note: If I'm the guy you select... well then, I hate you.)

While I like to test the waters, this step has been proven optional by countless drunk guys everywhere. When I see these guys in action, I'm reminded of the final scene in Borat: "Oh, consent is not necessary!"
That's not how I roll. Here's some tactics I don't use, but I see them all the time, and they're very entertaining.

Shark Infested Waters - Get your boys together and approach a couple of girls, surround them, and then come in low with your legs open and arms extended upwards. They have no where to go, so if you bring the circle in tight, you will technically be dancing with them. And they won't know it until it's already too late.

The Face-off - Groove right up to a girl's face, and then continue to approach her as she backs further and further away. Eventually, she'll back into something that won't move, and she'll be forced to acknowledge your existence. If having your existence acknowledged is not important to you, step up behind her and dance with her butt while she continues to converse with her friends. It'll be just like you're not even there.

The Pole - If you can get near a pole or a column placed in the middle of the club, you can trap any girl who walks between the pole and you. Congratulations, you're now dancing with the girl! ...or you're lying on the floor with your face covered in mace. In which case I'd advise that you continue to move your hips: people might think you're just doing the worm.

Anyone know of any other brilliant dance strategies?

- Seg

Friday, March 02, 2007

What It Do : First Friday First Day of Summer

Its unseasonably warm outside, I don't see a cloud in the sky. Something seems wrong, wasn't it just 20 degrees outside last week? By the way where did February go? Oh and I decided to post this pic of the Peek a Boo Revue because I'm hoping we'll get all sorts of new Google traffic searching for burlesque or strippers or hottest moms i'd like to fuck.

  • First Friday
  • White Tees White Belts at the Ukie. But you should already know.
  • Let Me Ride with Cuebik, Breakdown, Dev79 and Starkey hosted by Illy at Fluid
    • Then there is the whole issue of the flyer and how SEPTA was upset and went to the club and confiscated flyers and called Dev79 directly and multiple other people. There was no cease & desist letter so I assume its ok for someone else to use the same flyer design next month.
  • 611 Dance party at Medusa - Rave Cave transformation once a month
  • Flamin Hotz Records presents Get On Down at Upstairs at Sals - Featuring Tom++ from Funkshun, DJ Icey Mike from Paris (Flamin Hotz Records) and PDX transplant NicktheV
    • playing, Electro, UK House, Bmore, Balie, Chicago House, Indy Dance classics, Some French shit, but mainly Electro

No press is bad press

Ok now in the Philly blogosphere. Jay Simplefly sends out a weekly email about Fluid happenings since he has now taken over booking duties. Highlight of the announcement is the Kids With Guns (myspace featuring Santogold remix) party featuring Sinden. Phillyist has a regular post entitled "Proofreading Philly." Well since Jay has never really focused on spellchecking etc, he got picked up again. I email Jay, choices lines include "haaa. they just played the shit out of me!" "they sound like my mother actually. lol." and of course "I spell horrible because Im so busy making it the fuck happen! ;)". So Jay and Tommy Up respond in the comments, and of course our resident snarklog Philebrity picks it up. So I am all but forced to pick it up to continue a story that isn't a story. Speaking of stories that aren't stories, did you know/notice that the AP refused to report on Paris Hilton for a whole week? Moral of the story: Really you're still reading this?

Stella McCartney Runway Show

Not sure who djed it but they started out with the Spank Rock/Pase Rock/ Santogold "Lindsays Lohan's Revenge" track aka Baby Rat. Wow, like really, whoa. Really, really NSFW video here. I would not suggest watching if you just ate or plan to eat for the rest of the day, just sayin. Meanwhile next track was MIA - XR2 and then later they play Santogold - Find A Way. I have Santogold's EP and will be doing a full post about them next week. Needless to say, check out her MySpace. This girl is about to blow.

Watch and download the show here.

Plastic Little - The Remix of the remix of the remix

It's official, the Turntable Lab x Plastic Little remix contest is now open which we hinted about here. The top two tracks will be featured on The Remix of the Remix album released later this year. Prizes include cash, Serato, Turntable Lab credits and photos of your mom.
Turntable Lab and Plastic Little present Remix of the Remix of the Remix of The Remix Remix Contest

*Friday, March 2nd thru Friday April 20th, 2007

The ROTROTROTR begins! Calling all deejays, remixers, mash-up artists, breakdancers, art school students, unpaid interns, coffee shop employees, advertising hacks, out-of-work actors, ex-reality show contestants who lost, ex-New Ravers, ex-electroclash fans, and parents. Plastic Little has teamed up with Turntable Lab to host a contest with real prizes, including a Serato software package, Turntable Lab goods, and a chance to have your remix included on The Remix of The Remix album, to be released Fall 2007 by Free News Projects/ToneArm Records.

Try your hand at remixing Pretty Tony (aka Ghostface Killah), Metal Face (aka MFDoom), Coke n’ Wet (aka Spankrock), sweet and nasty Amanda Blank, The Black Boy George (aka Pack of Rats), Chalk Dustin’ (aka Jon1000), and Nobody's Child (aka NBC) and Plastic Little will share their immense wealth and fame with you.

Acapellas are available at These are not the full acapellas. We aren’t that stupid. You'll get the whole acapella if you are one of the semifinalists in the contest. There are eight bars from each emcee and the BPM is stated in the title of the file name/song title. Once songs are submitted to us via email or ninjas, we will post them weekly on the website for the Universe to hear. On April 20th we will announce who has made it to the semifinals and send out the full acapellas.

The Rules:

1. You can do whatever you like. Any BPM, any style. Shit, if you want to throw a verse on the track as well, be our guest. Our celebrity judges represent a range of musical stylings: Ghostface Killah, Diplo, Low Budget, Spank Rock, Scottie B, Hot Chip, The Rub’s very own Cosmo Baker, Plastic Little and the all-knowing staff of Turntable Lab.

2. Save the audio files as an MP3, no larger than 4MB

3. No more then 3 submissions per entry

4. Submit by email (aka the Internets) to Please include you name, email address and phone number

Snail mail (aka not the Internet) can be sent to:

The Remix of The Remix of The Remix
She’s Mature
1026 Arch Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

The Pay Off:

1. First place, Grand Prize winner receives:
  • Serato software package (turntables and computer not included)
  • $100 credit at Turntable Lab
  • Winning track featured on the The Remix of The Remix album release for Fall 2007
  • A photo of your mom hanging out with Plastic Little

2. Second place, two winners:
  • $100 credit at Turntable Lab
  • Your track featured on the The Remix of The Remix album release for Fall 2007
  • A photo of your mom with the first place winner

3. Third place, four winners:
  • $50 credit at Turntable Lab
  • A photo of your mom
For inspiration, check out the just-released full-length Low Budget Immaturity Mixtape, available from the She’s Mature Bodega at It’s 12 bucks and that includes shipping and handling by a beeeeautiful, blonde intern…The mixtape is also available from our Turntable Lab homies at
We'll be following this and will post remixes as they come in. Good luck

Thursday, March 01, 2007

MC Velcro - Nice in 2 / Se quedan cortos - DJ Eleven

Shout out to the big homie DJ Eleven for putting me on to this.
I got to peep it in P.R. in January, but it gets better every time. As the chorus says, most rappers are aiiiight in one language, he’s nice in two.
Check out Eleven's mixtape Winter Sadness. Chilled out jams to go with your Winter blues. Now that its March, its a good mix to just chill and watch the snow melt with friends. Yeah, this is incredible and I've only made it track 2.
Download part 1 here (ends with Sade track 11)

Full tracklisting:
1. Etta James “Stormy Weather”
2. The White Stripes “In The Cold, Cold Night”
3. Corrine Bailey Rae “Til It Happens To You”
4. Alice Smith “Dream”
5. K-Os “The Rain”
6. Gladys Knight “And This Is Love”
7. Bruce Ruffin “Rain”
8. Ken Boothe “Ain’t No Sunshine”
9. Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi Is Dead”
10. Ann Peebles “Can’t Stand The Rain”
11. Sade “King Of Sorrow”
12. D’Angelo “The Root”
13. Smokey Robinson "Quiet Storm”
14. James Brown “Down And Out In New York City”
15. Genius feat. D’Angelo “Cold World” remix
16. Average White Band “Stop The Rain”
17. Eddie Kendricks “Date With The Rain”
18. Outkast ''13th Floor / Growing Old”
19. Spirit “Ice”
20. Ghostface feat. Mary J. Blige “All That I Got Is You”
21. Bobby “Blue” Bland “Ain’t No Love”
22. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson "Winter In America"
23. Lee Moses “California Dreamin’”
24. William Bell “I Forgot To Be Your Lover”
25. Smokey Robinson “We’ve Come Too Far To End It
26. Kool & The Gang "Winter Sadness"
27. John Legend “Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside)”

Buy Winter Sadness or any of Eleven's other mixtapes here. PS. Canadian Bacon is free with the purchase of any two mixtapes. I recommend the whole catalog well all of those that aren't sold out :).