Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Plastic Little, Bonde Do Role & Danger! Danger!

I am pleased to report that the Plastic Little video shoot was a blast. Running around in an old hospital is the jump off. Meanwhile there was choreographed dancing, a bit of nudity, pink nurses, lager and even calculus homework. Talking to Max from Free News Projects, he let me know that the video will be ready for release when it hits Japan and he mentioned that the ultimate goal is to have a video remix for each of the tracks on She's Mature. We will be sure to keep you informed of any upcoming video shoots. For now, if you haven't yet, pick up the album at your favorite music store including iTunes and eMusic. Also don't forget about The Remix of The Remix of The Remix, the Plastic Little x Turntable Lab remix contest.

Also, the real point of this post is to mention their show this Thursday at the Danger! Danger! house in West Philly Broadzilla at Upstairs at Sals. They will be playing with Bonde Do Role, Dave P, Pinkskull and more. For those of you not familiar with Danger! Danger! and the on again West Philly diy house party scene, 34th Street did a recent feature on them.
Located in a quaint residential area, the Danger! Danger! house seems unremarkable on the corner of 47th Street and Warrington Avenue. But behind the unassuming facade is one of the most popular venues of West Philly's burgeoning house show scene. The seven residents, whose history together stretches as far back as middle school, have become seasoned concert promoters. . .

Russell Brodie, unofficial house spokesman and member of in-house band Grandchildren, spearheaded this ambitious project. "I just started inviting bands that I had been hearing a lot about," Brodie said. "It was like trying to put together a regional showcase.
Tickets are only $7, show starts at 8:30 and is all ages.

If you happen to read the Philadelphia Weekly, you will have noticed Jayson Musson's (aka Pack of Rats) new column "Black Like Me". Jayson has a unique writing style and humor that usually has me laughing out loud when I pick up the paper. His humor was responsible for Plastic Little being banned in Vice (temporarily), much of the press releases for Plastic Little and the Too Black for BET series. Here is a snippet from his past column
Listen. R. Kelly can't do no types of wrong. R. Kelly can pee on a thousand little girls on their way to a thousand little Girl Scout meetings and he'll still be a saint in my eyes. If I had a daughter, I'd let him take a shot at her, maybe hoping it'd help me win the Powerball or something. “Go 'head, Kells—aim for her bigass forehead! Don't worry—I'm not going to sue you, dawg. I love you, nigga!” I mean, if Catholics eat Nilla Wafers and claim it's the body of Christ, why can't R. Kelly's piss be of spiritual significance? I'm a flirt.
Check out the first edition of Too Black for BET and his illustrations at his website. Read "Black Like Me" over at the PW, read more ramblings from Musson, Kurt, JonThousand and Amanda Blank at"Fuck Your Blog, Son" (currently NSFW) then head over to the store and choose either Too Black for BET, individual posters from TB4B II, or even receive a daily life affirming quote or haiku.

UPDATE: Plastic Little and Bonde do Role have been moved to Upstairs at Sals for currently unspecified reasons. According to the 34th Street article above, there has been a crackdown by L&I on house party venues. No current facts yet, so we can't quite blame everyones favorite fun smasher.

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