Friday, March 16, 2007

What it Do: Kiss Me I'm Irish

WTF is up with this weather? 70 2 days ago and this ice/rain/snow mix now??? Spring is coming soon, spring is coming soon. Saturday is going to be off the hook regardless. Being Irish myself, St. Patricks day is great. Everybody wishing they were. Philly actually has the largest population of Irish descendants in the country. But please, please, please no green beer. Green beer is not Irish, I find it disrepectful, we make quality beer, Guinness, Smithwicks, Murphys, Beamish etc. Pouring food coloring in your Bud Lite still means you have shitty beer, its not Irish. If you pour Jameson in it, instead I might forgive you, but probably not because you're now spoiling your whiskey. [/rant]

  • Art show at Fuel with Philly Slick, Drake etc has been canceled!
  • Hands and Knees - week in and week out, free sparks and pbr early, Jhn Rdn, Ian St. Laurent - M Room (Frankford & Girard)
  • AJ Ready Right at 700 Club - shelltop hip hop, devo etc at 700 Club (700 N. 2nd)
  • Zodia Pisces Edition = Classic hip hop + dive bar - Medusa Lounge (21st and Chestnut)
  • Sex Dwarf - New wave disco at Fluid (613 South 4th Street)
  • Erin Express - I know, its still fun though. Plus its a reason to drink during the day.
  • Grasshopper 1 day sale - Prefer shopping over drinking? At least 20% off everything (727 Walnut)
  • Caps & Jones & Emynd & Bo Bliz at M Room with KMass - (Front & Girard)
  • Funkshun 5 Year anniversary party at their new space Vacuum.
    • The Vacuum is a two story building in the Fishtown area with an enclosed courtyard and a spacious, conceptually constructed interior that can provide two rooms of (newly upgraded) sofund, and a third outside area weather permitting. This is our lasting home, where the imaginings of f(x) event conception approach full realization and the heart and soul of the project will be spoken and heard with vivid clarity.
      first on Saturday, March 17th and again on May 5th
    • Flyer, Vacuum is located at 2nd and Tilghman (between cecil b and montgomery ave)
  • Winterfest IV - 1 - 6PM, bands, dj's, cold sake, ice carving contest, InLiquid Benefit

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