Thursday, March 22, 2007


You can determine the fanciness of a hotel by the variety of caution signs it possesses.

Caution: Undergoing maintenance. Please excuse our appearance.
Caution: Wet Floor. Watch your step.
Caution: Daylight. Avoid looking directly at the sun.

The five star hotels on broad street have caution signs for events that are inadvertible.
Caution: Falling Ice.

There's not a lot of use for that warning. I don't care what kind of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon skills you've got, you're not going to dodge a block of ice falling above your head.

I think the sign should be of a more explanatory nature.
It should say:

Clarification: Ice just hit you in the face.

And now, to continue Tuesday's post, more movies you should see at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

I really wish I was better at writing segways.

The Bothersome Man

Where you can see it:

Dante's Inferno

Where you can see it:

638 Ways to Kill Castro

Where you can see it:
Okay that's it. If you think I've forgotten to mention a good movie, post a comment and I'll tell you how wrong you are. How very, very wrong.


- Seg

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