Thursday, March 08, 2007

Whats Up With Caps & Jones?

For those of you familiar with the Philadelphia Weekly, one of the features is "Whats Up With?". Its usually a local musician or at least one living in Philly. Sometimes they stretch as far to Baltimore for cats like Rod Lee. This week's feature is on DJ duo and recent Philly transplants Caps & Jones.

Veteran DJ duo Will “Honorable Caps” Creeley and Brian “Pandemonium Jones” Curtis are having more fun than you are. After making a name with their debut mix CD Bouillabaisse and influential follow-up Moving in Stereo, it’s safe to say C&J are in the building. Imagine a rap fan’s journey through the cosmos with Carl Sagan and The Big Lebowski’s Dude. If there’s a genre titled “no genre,” this recording is the benchmark.

“If we didn’t make the music we wanna hear, nobody else would,” says Creeley, 26.

You can download their mixtapes Bouillabaisse and Moving In Stereo among others at And, I forgot to mention this in the White Tees post but Caps & Jones & Emynd & Bo Bliz will be tag teaming at the M Room on St. Patricks Day March 17th!!!

Whats Up With Caps & Jones?

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