Friday, March 02, 2007

Plastic Little - The Remix of the remix of the remix

It's official, the Turntable Lab x Plastic Little remix contest is now open which we hinted about here. The top two tracks will be featured on The Remix of the Remix album released later this year. Prizes include cash, Serato, Turntable Lab credits and photos of your mom.
Turntable Lab and Plastic Little present Remix of the Remix of the Remix of The Remix Remix Contest

*Friday, March 2nd thru Friday April 20th, 2007

The ROTROTROTR begins! Calling all deejays, remixers, mash-up artists, breakdancers, art school students, unpaid interns, coffee shop employees, advertising hacks, out-of-work actors, ex-reality show contestants who lost, ex-New Ravers, ex-electroclash fans, and parents. Plastic Little has teamed up with Turntable Lab to host a contest with real prizes, including a Serato software package, Turntable Lab goods, and a chance to have your remix included on The Remix of The Remix album, to be released Fall 2007 by Free News Projects/ToneArm Records.

Try your hand at remixing Pretty Tony (aka Ghostface Killah), Metal Face (aka MFDoom), Coke n’ Wet (aka Spankrock), sweet and nasty Amanda Blank, The Black Boy George (aka Pack of Rats), Chalk Dustin’ (aka Jon1000), and Nobody's Child (aka NBC) and Plastic Little will share their immense wealth and fame with you.

Acapellas are available at These are not the full acapellas. We aren’t that stupid. You'll get the whole acapella if you are one of the semifinalists in the contest. There are eight bars from each emcee and the BPM is stated in the title of the file name/song title. Once songs are submitted to us via email or ninjas, we will post them weekly on the website for the Universe to hear. On April 20th we will announce who has made it to the semifinals and send out the full acapellas.

The Rules:

1. You can do whatever you like. Any BPM, any style. Shit, if you want to throw a verse on the track as well, be our guest. Our celebrity judges represent a range of musical stylings: Ghostface Killah, Diplo, Low Budget, Spank Rock, Scottie B, Hot Chip, The Rub’s very own Cosmo Baker, Plastic Little and the all-knowing staff of Turntable Lab.

2. Save the audio files as an MP3, no larger than 4MB

3. No more then 3 submissions per entry

4. Submit by email (aka the Internets) to Please include you name, email address and phone number

Snail mail (aka not the Internet) can be sent to:

The Remix of The Remix of The Remix
She’s Mature
1026 Arch Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

The Pay Off:

1. First place, Grand Prize winner receives:
  • Serato software package (turntables and computer not included)
  • $100 credit at Turntable Lab
  • Winning track featured on the The Remix of The Remix album release for Fall 2007
  • A photo of your mom hanging out with Plastic Little

2. Second place, two winners:
  • $100 credit at Turntable Lab
  • Your track featured on the The Remix of The Remix album release for Fall 2007
  • A photo of your mom with the first place winner

3. Third place, four winners:
  • $50 credit at Turntable Lab
  • A photo of your mom
For inspiration, check out the just-released full-length Low Budget Immaturity Mixtape, available from the She’s Mature Bodega at It’s 12 bucks and that includes shipping and handling by a beeeeautiful, blonde intern…The mixtape is also available from our Turntable Lab homies at
We'll be following this and will post remixes as they come in. Good luck

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