Friday, March 02, 2007

No press is bad press

Ok now in the Philly blogosphere. Jay Simplefly sends out a weekly email about Fluid happenings since he has now taken over booking duties. Highlight of the announcement is the Kids With Guns (myspace featuring Santogold remix) party featuring Sinden. Phillyist has a regular post entitled "Proofreading Philly." Well since Jay has never really focused on spellchecking etc, he got picked up again. I email Jay, choices lines include "haaa. they just played the shit out of me!" "they sound like my mother actually. lol." and of course "I spell horrible because Im so busy making it the fuck happen! ;)". So Jay and Tommy Up respond in the comments, and of course our resident snarklog Philebrity picks it up. So I am all but forced to pick it up to continue a story that isn't a story. Speaking of stories that aren't stories, did you know/notice that the AP refused to report on Paris Hilton for a whole week? Moral of the story: Really you're still reading this?

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