Friday, March 23, 2007

What it Do

You know whats fun? Getting updates from Jay Simplefly and Tommy Up partying on a yacht in Miami saying how much fun they're having eating chicken satay and empanadas while DJ Haul spins and Jazzy Jeff is up next. I'm not mad, its cool. I was just outside without a jacket and it wasn't really that rainy. Oh and at first I didn't think anything was going on, right about now I can't keep up. Plus mixes are killing it right now.



Jay said...

The Yaght party was straight bonkers son!

Good to be back in Philly tho. Love me some 5151.

stay fly mang.

di1 said...

Next year I'm definitely going. I want to party on yachts. Philly is poppin though, Josh Wink tomorrow, BDR and P. Little Thurs, Cosmo on Friday. Philly is on and poppin.