Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Films you might want to consider possibly watching

I am not qualified to recommend films.
I do not have a certification in recognizing good art.
I like weird films.
I think films in foreign languages are superior because they have subtitles.
I think films based on comic books tend to suck.
I think films laced with drugs tend to kick ass.
I like hiphop, sexuality, and people getting shot in the head.
I think Asian actresses look amazing in pretty much any lighting.
And I think that Borat has already been made; there's no reason to keep making comedies.

Alright, that's a long enough disclaimer.

The Philadelphia Film Festival is one of the most culturally significant local events that happen all year round. This year, from April 5th to April 18th, there are around 300 films to be enjoyed, contemplated, and savored. I am going to unceremoniously cut this list down to a small fraction of its size. Hey, obviously not ALL of them are going to be savored.

I've been watching trailers, reading summaries, doing all the dirty work for you.
Here's what you should go see.

Invisible Waves

Why you should go see it:

This director made the film Last Life in the Universe, one of my favorite films. Alright, so theres a pretty good chance that if you saw that film you wouldn't like it. Maybe you shouldn't see this film. Forget it.

Where you can see it:
  • Ritz East
    • Friday, April 6 - 5:00pm
    • Sunday, April 8 - 7:30pm


Why you should go see it:

The description says this is a comedy, but after checking out the trailer I'm going to disregard that entirely. I think this is going to be fucked up a film about relationships, trust, and identity. I think the girl gets her plastic surgery to change her face in order to find out if her boyfriend would cheat on her, and then shit goes wrong from there, as it usually does when you try to alter your identity to see if it fucks up your own relationship.

Where you can see it:

Day Night Day Night

One line summary:

Day in the life of a suicide bomber. The last day.

Why you should go see it:

Not many movies ask you to empathize with a suicide bomber. You gotta be curious to know if they can actually pull this off.

Side Note:

I'm sitting in a cafe and this white girl is complaining about being at an airport and standing in line behind someone who "looked like a terrorist," yet she was stopped and for an hour and interrogated.
"If you're going to racially profile, at least profile the right person! I'm white! He's the one who looks like a terrorist!"
Her friend is doing a very good job at hiding her mortified expression.

Where you can see it:


Why you should go see it:

It's a film about a German graffiti crew who decide to bomb(tag) a whole train. If thats not a good enough reason to see the film, I can't even talk to you.

Where you can see it:

It's difficult to put a price on good art, but in this case it'll cost you about 11 dollars.

I'll post more later in the week.
You guys have any films you absolutely gotta see?

- Seg

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