Friday, March 23, 2007

Cousin Cole & Pocketknife EP: Tougher Than Featherz

Cousin Cole and Pocketknife present Flagrant Fowl 002 "Tougher Than Featherz". We've been continually impressed with Cousin Cole's remixes and mixes and this batch of remixes is no different. You should recognize "Atlantic Records, TI Clearance" right away as this was everywhere way back when all we had was a leaked version of "My Love". Continuing with the rnb flips, there are not 1 but two remixes of Kell's "Ignition". Pocketknife introduces the Pied Piper to Tone Loc with great success on "Wyld Ignition Thang". Meanwhile Cousin Cole's "Ignition Remix Remix" is a Bmore club floor filler that will make you bounce, bounce, bounce. For all the rock fans out there I've heard Jesus & The Mary Chain are reforming, well Couin Cole has brought them to the dance floor with his "Just Like Honey". For these two I'll let Pocketknife explain them "The rework of Suicide's "Ghost Rider" feels like something Carl Craig could have created. On "She's the Star," Pocketknife takes one of Arthur Russell's more subdued cello and voice compositions back to the disco." Listening to all seven tracks and knowing the M.O. of this blog, you would already know that "Bam a Lam" is my favorite track. Cole remixes Ram Jam's "Black Betty" into a Bmore banger that has been killing it in the hands of Scottie B, Cosmo Baker, Sinden and Catchdubs. All in all a fine, fine product that is limited to only 600 vinyl copies. Get yours quick because I heard they're selling fast. PS. You already heard "Bam a Lam" and "Just Like Honey" right?.

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Cousin Cole said...

Hey, thanks for posting this!!

I just want everyone to know, the mp3s from the EP are short previews. Aside from Ignition Remix Remix and Atlantic Records, you won't find mp3s of this stuff on the web; you gotta buy the record for the full heat.


Cousin Cole

di1 said...

Keep coming with those hot tracks and I'll keep posting them. Any plans for legal digital downloads?