Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Its Halloween for real tonite and we'll be baalllin! at the Bellevue Hotel top floor club XIX with Soul Travelers Orchestra, Grey Kid and just added Lucas Rivera straight from Mojito. Guestlist here but you better hurry up.

Couple more tracks for to get your Halloween bouncing:

"Maximum Overdrive VideoMix"

New live video from System D128. Robot rock appears to be serving as the rallying call for machines all over the world while Rhea-M envelops our earth.

We Mix On Your Grave

I just dug up this mix that has been buried for awhile now over at Laundromat United. Its from last year but it still kills. Its in 3 parts with the first and third 13 minutes and middle 31 minutes long. Laundromat United throw parties out in the Bay Area, so if you're ever in the area hit 'em up. You may also recognize Capski as he has a couple edits floating around the sphere.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

System D128 + Diplo - 'Kill Yourself!' Mad Decent Massacre

I just got the next installment of Mad Decent Radio. Its a monster mash mix straight from Diplo and System D128. It should be up on the podcast soon but you can check it out below.
put it on yer shuffle if your off to beat up lil kids and steal their shit...
will be soon as a new mad decent radio + but iweb fuckin up inna badman place..

Friday, October 27, 2006

What it Do: Halloweekend

I must say, last year was pretty epic. Childs Play on Friday then Ruboween on Saturday, Seg meanwhile stayed in Philly for last years Hallowasted we'll have to see how things compare this year. Ladies, if you need a costume place, get one from here, its in Jersey. Girls's Costume Warehouse including but not limited to Sexy 1900's Steel Conglomerate Tycoon, Sexy sexy and frog.


Armand's Closing

Entire inventory of Armand's Records is for sale on Ebay for $199,000. Records, CDs, professional contracts, fixtures, DVDs, basically everything you need to start your own store or painstakingly flip it all on Ebay seperately. Anybody want to go in on it with me?



Ballin at the top of the Bellvue Hotel for Halloween with Soul Travelers Orchestra and The Gray Kid. Costumes required.
We're mad psyched to present the city's biggest Halloween party along with the Soul Travelers at XIX (say it like 19) at The Bellevue on Halloween night this Tuesday, October 31st. XIX, say it like 19, is probably the raddest spot in the city. It sits on the top floor of the legendary Bellevue Hotel and overlooks the entire city. Huge ballroom ceilings, multiple rooms and plenty of space to dance. This will be the second year the Soul Traveler's Orchestra will be performing on Halloween. The Soul Traveler's Orchestra is DJ's Brendan & Joey Blanco with a live backing band of incredible musicians, led by the legendary James Routh, that play along with the DJ's. They destroyed it & packed Denim last year and now we're all collaborating to turn the party dial up to 10 at XIX.

The party starts at 9pm. Costumes are required for entry. It's $15 at the door, but just $10 on the list. Spread the word to all your people and get ready for the Haunted Hotel....(insert evil Vincent Price laugh here).
Just added is The Gray Kid. He's responsible for the hilarious Paxil Back track. MySpace here, website here. Download Lonely Love here.

Bonus track: Jim Jones feat T.I, Baby, Young Dro, Diddy - We Fly High Remix

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spank Rock Afterparty

Spank Rock afterparty killin it with the Kings of the Party aka Deluxxx, Caps & Jones. Bamboo preview like whoa. Ronnie Darko birthday party and stage diving off no stage. Shout out to Yuengling Lager, Yap Snaps, Jay Simplefly, Paperstreet, Nate Day and couple other people I now don't remember.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Spank Rock and Beck Tonight and After Party

Sayin though. Spank Rock opening for Beck tonight at Tower Theater. After jump at Bamboo, upstairs at Tom Hagens Tavern. Opening set by Caps and Jones, Live performance from Spank Rock Crew. Spank Rock and Beck Tickets still available for tonight. After party guestlist here.

Friday, October 20, 2006

What it Do

Yo, yo party peoples. Still no go on Level. I walked by the other day and they got popped for a whole bunch of different violations. Soon, soon, I swear. Once it does, its going to be some next level sort of stuff going down. Anyways, I'll post up more mp3s next week, I know I haven't done that in awhile. Lots of good stuff, just need to get it up here. So without further ado...

  • Vox Populi benefit with Plastic Little, Yah Mos Def and more. Vox is moving and you can help them by paying $10 to listen to music and drink Victory beer.
  • DJ Huggs direct from Montreal will be spinning at Sundays are the New Black $5

Jam Master Jackmaster

New mix just posted over at FlaminHotz.com from Jackmaster. He hails from the UK and has an all vinyl mix ready for the dance floors.
When Jackmaster is not blasting speakers and making the ladies swoon at night he also works full time for Rubadub / Blackhole Distribution - one of the UKs leading distributors of underground heat with an emphaisis on records that don’t have bar codes. This dude came to us when we were still selling units out the trunk and gave us our first international order. Download this mix, done with all vinyl so if you hear something you like you can email him and he can tell you were to buy it, throw it on before you go out to the club tonight and then when the after party comes back to your pad thorw this mix on again. Then Saturday morning you can send a thank you email to Jack and post a comment on here about how Flamin Hotz got you laid.Get the mix here.
Tittsworth - Eye Whips Pussy (Viscious Pop)
Dopplereffekt - Infophysix (Gigolo)
Twista Feat. Pitbull - Hit Da Floor (Atlantic)
Rod Lee - Bass Drop (Unruly)
Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Institubes)
DJ Boobie - We Be Clubbin’ (Baltimore Breakbeat)
Jonny Blaze - Black Sheep (Blaze One)
Drexciya - Journey Home (Warp)
Ciara - Get Up Accapella (LaFace)
Ayres - Broke Ass Home (The Rub)
Spank Rock & Amanda Blank - Blow (Milkcrate Records)
Rod Lee - Feel Me Pt. 3 (Baltimore Breakbeats)
Like-A-Tim - Ride The Red Rhythm (Like Records)
Nelly Furtado - Man Eater Accapella (Geffen)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back Instrumental (Jive)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Jive)
Electric Soul - X2 (Direct Beat)
Les Visiteurs - Snoops Acid Drop (White)
Epy - Get Set (TRUST)
Drexciya - Hi Tide (Somewhere In Detroit)
Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me Instrumental (Money Studies)
DJ Rod Lee - When??? (Unruly / Club Kings)
Rod Lee - I’ll Be Your Man (Baltimore Breakbeats)
DJ Deeon - House - O - Matic (Dance Mania)
Gwen Stefani - Luxurious (Interscope)
Los Hermanos - Quetzal (Los Hermanos)
313 Bass Mechanics - Pass Out Acapella (Breakin’ Records)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

WKDU Electronic Music Marathon

Just started. The Electronic Music Marathon takes a long weekend every year and puts a different electronic music DJ on every hour to raise money for a good cause.

From the WKDU EMM myspace:
The electronic music marathon has been a fund raising activity at Wkdu 91.7 fm for the past 8 years. We have raised money in the past for numerous charities both in and around the Phildelphia area. Most recently we raised over $3,000 last year for NOVA, The National Organization for Victim's Assistance, who desparately needed funds after the devasting effects of the hurricanes last year. To date we have raised over $16,000 for both local and national charities.. all with one goal.. to make music the key to a better world! Our past charities have been Philabundance, PhiladelphiaFIGHT, NOVA, Village of Arts and Humanities, and the Red Cross. And this year's charity is... Musicopia/ Strings for schools.
Listen in Philly at 91.7 FM or online here.


Thursday October 19th
6 PM DEV 79
7- kEVIN rucker
8- loopsky
11 TBA
12 midnight- Rick B

Friday October 20th

1 ainsworth
2- mike saga
3- TBA
4- brian Durr
5- canvas
6- erica
7- jim
8- tim
9- oriel
10- james manely
11- TBA
12 noon- dj rehab
1 pm carl michaels
2 Jenn louie
3- magin boo
4- strizzuth
5- art cuebik
6- Junior
7joey breakdown
8- mercury falling
9 zara
10 hectic
11 dj tommy

Saturday October 21st

12am Sister midnight
1 am roland riso
2 soma
3 jeff heart
4 the goddess
6 donato
7 James payne
9 King Trance
10- little dave
11 johnny g
12 noon sir ruff
1pm starchild
2pm the baraness
3 taco pimp
4 gabriel ben
5 Dj roo
6 general mayhem
7 jack siebert
8 frankie vibe
9 bille
10- kik
11 architect

Sunday October 22
12 mid- g drive
1am 621
2 isis
3 Russel mania
5 Duane broadnax
6 Jamie morris????
7 Olivetti
8 Dj Snake
9 Summer Joy
10 Dj dennis
11 Meeshu
12 willyum
1 rob paine
2pm dj kel
3 vincent wonder
4 linda leigh
5 justin paul
6- maike panik
7 deann mojado
8 joe kopasek
9 nigel richards

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hand Fed

SomaFM independent internet radio

Exemplary music is hard to find. And I'm lazy, so that doesn't help. What does help is an underground radio station called Soma Fm, broadcasting out of San Fran 24/7 throughout the world wide tubes. The music is hand picked, which means you're not just getting fed some random songs. You might hear repeats from time to time, but I'll bet you won't mind.

I recommend the "cliq hop" channel, for the comforting sound of pops and glitches placed under the reins of unruly beats. Or "beat blender" for some shuffling downtempo adventures. Whatever genre you pick, you're likely to be exposed to something explosive.

I was especially blown away by the group The Cinematic Orchestra who combine jazz and downtempo elements to initiate a full force bombardment of auditory artillery upon your unsuspecting frontal lobe.
Check out this myspace fansite for a taste.

- Seg

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October Monthly Mix Winner

The Low Budget monthly mix winner is Cousin Cole. Back again with a killer mix this time highlighting Marley Marl.

Marlon Williams (born September 30, 1962 in Queens, New York City), better known as Marley Marl, is an influential hip-hop producer. He was the house producer of the Juice Crew, which included (in addition to him): Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shanté, Kool G Rap, MC Shan (his cousin) and Masta Ace, and produced songs for outside artists including King Tee and LL Cool J. He was also an important figure in the careers of Eric B. & Rakim, producing their first hits "My Melody" and "Eric B Is President", mixing James Brown samples and synthetic beats in a fashion previously unheard of. Marley Marl was one of the pioneers of sampling in hip-hop. He debuted as an electro producer, but his records became more sample heavy, as can be seen by comparing the MC Shan LPs Down By Law (1987) and Born to be Wild (1988). The rhythms became less electronic, with drum machines becoming less prominent. Marl started his career working for Tuff City records. He debuted with his own track called "DJ Cuttin" in 1985, released under the pseudonym NYC Cutter. In 1994 Marley Marl was referenced on Biggie Smalls' track "Juicy" as being one of his early influences.

Def Fresh Crew intro
Terminators - Forever Dis
MC Shan - Beat Biter
Steady B - I Took Your Radio
MC Shan - MC Space
Craig G - Shout
Steady B - Get Physical
Biz Markie - Make the music with your mouth
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - It's a Demo
Superkids - Live at Hip Hop USA (over Spoonie Gee - Take it off beat)
Eric B & Rakim - Eric B is President
Big Daddy Kane - Get into it
Big Daddy Kane - Long live the Kane
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road to the Riches
Master Ace - Music Man
Roxanne Shante - Brothers ain't shit
Big Daddy Kane - Raw
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Cars
Craig G - Turn this house into a home
Roxanne Shante - Wack it
Cousin Cole - Marley Mix

Previously: Cousin Cole Mix

TTC & MSTRKRFT at Taxlo Baltimore

So Friday we took a road trip to Baltimore to check out Taxlo with TTC, MSTRKRFT and Edu K performing alongside residents Cullen Stalin and Simon Phoenix. On the way there Dirty South Joe aka Deluxxx was dropping knowledge jewels about the next Hollertronix release, Hollerween, Diplo's favorite color, Low Budget's favorite food and all sorts of crazy insider information. I was busy scribbling this all down but he swore me to secrecy. Sike! Ha, actually he was dropping knowledge jewels about all sorts of 80's films I have never seen. System D128 mentioned his new video for Curtis Vodka's Diamonds & Cream track will be out soon and how ill White Label TV is, but nothing crazy beside that.

We finally arrive, Cullen Stalin is on the decks in the main room playing club music including some brand new MIA that killed it. TTC is on in another room. Twice in two weeks and still worth it. I just need to learn French. Apparently we missed Edu K. After TTC, MSTRKRFT dj set was up. Apparently, the one dude was sick and couldn't make it so there was only one half of MSTRKRFT. $3 Guiness all night and I was chilling. Shout out to all the people from Philly there. I almost didn't go out so I would be chill for Saturday, glad I went anyways. After the party, its the afterparty times two. Coming back, Philly seemed a lot farther away but we didn't crash until after we got home.

Friday, October 13, 2006

What it Do: Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th! My favorite day of the year. Quite appropriate since its in October. Grand opening of Level this weekend is going to huge! Caps & Jones, Rod motherfukcing Lee, Juiceboxxx, Deluxxx, BBC. Can you tell I might be a little excited?

  • Scott Melker at Sundays are the New Black - $5 cover
    • Just back from Japan, about to go on tour with G. Love & Special Sauce, one half of DJ duo The CMB with Cosmo Baker, guest dj at Ruboween.
    • No fluff here, just great DJ's, week after week after week...

Whats Up With Rod Lee?

For those that don't know about Rod Lee, Dirty South Joe aka DJ Deluxxx did a short interview with him a couple weeks back for the Philly Weekly.

Background: “The undisputed godfather of Baltimore club.”

On the recent globalization of the B-more club sound: “When you’ve been doing it for a while, it kind of pans out to where you’re just thankful for what you’ve got. You try to stay grounded and humble and gradually get ’em on it. If they feel it, it’s a blessing. If not, it’s nothing to get upset about.”

On pretenders to the throne: “When you’ve got some average Joe who you don’t even worry about who takes the club music, puts their name on it and throws it out there­, they’re gonna get more notoriety than someone who eats, sleeps and shits it. Doing club music is how I survive and feed my kids. It’s more than just throwing a beat together and trying to make someone dance. It’s different when an outsider tries to infiltrate and create the Baltimore sound. To them it’s not that serious, but it’s what took me off the streets. Now we’re in competition. Now it’s gettin’ fun and I’m gonna have to shut you down.”

See the godfather of Bmore club this Saturday at the grand opening of Level. Read the rest of the article here.

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Grand Opening Of Level

3 floors. Rod motherfucking Lee, godfather of Bmore club. Caps & Jones killing it downstairs. Juiceboxxx back to blow your minds. Spank Rock djs BBC with nothing but heat and DJ Deluxxx. You know!
On the Third Floor is a private VIP lounge overlooking the dance floor with booths and private bar. We are currently accepting booth reservations for the third floor. There is a very friendly bottle service minimum: just one bottle per 6 person group. If you're interested in skipping the line, having your friends hold it down on the Third Floor and generally do it big for the opening, just holler at us with "Booth Reservation" as the subject with your name and a contact number.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pop Montreal

Montreal was crazy. Shout out to the city and all the people I met and saw. Curtis Vodka and I stopped by L'Étiquette Radio on Friday night after getting into the city. From there we headed Fractal. Fractal is a two level warehouse club that was just reopened. Curtis played from 1 - 2:30 with his signature sound of Baltimore club. Up next was DJ Orgasmic and TTC. The French Canadians absolutely love these guys as they were singing along to their songs. The energy from the show was amazing.

Up next was Daniel Haksman and Edu K. Edu K was the lead singer of a pop punk band of what seems like My Chemical Romance or something like that. In 2000, he wrote a song dedicated to baile funk called Popuzuda Rock n Roll (ass Rock n Roll) and has been riding the wave of funk carioca since. The show was interesting. Here is a guy that is dressed in all black, black painted nails, spiked collar etc and I think he's singing about ass shaking and partying. Hmmm. To add to the flavor, he was definitely into the show, climbing on top of speakers (nearly knocking them over), climbing on tables and humping them etc. Interesting to say the least. He's on tour and will be in Baltimore this Friday at Taxlo along with TTC and MSTRKRFT.

We wake up the next day and walk up and down St. Laurent and all around downtown Montreal. Aux Vivres is a killer vegan restaurant. I tried poutine from a random spot. Moog/DNA now stocks Yeti Bounce. Vice Records party jumped off. Saw Flosstradamus, Kid Sister, Pandemonium Jones, Dave from Chromeo, A-Trak, Huggs, Cullen Stalin and a whole gang of other people there. Fast forward to Fractal again. Hatchmatik from Peer Pressure in Montreal is killing them with Bmore and more. A-Trak was up next and kept the party jumping with bmore and baile bangers. We left shortly after attempting to find the Slum Recs after party with Pandemonium Jones, Erik Devro, Huggs (he'll be at Sundays on the 22nd) and a couple other cats but no luck. Head back to go sleep and watch White Label TV. This is killer right here. I got an exclusive for this and this is just crazy. Crazy amounts of Spank Rock and some ill video remixes from System-D128 and more. Will keep you updated as soon as its out.

Sunday we went to a sports bar on St. Laurent to watch the Eagles game and found we were in friendly territory. Surrounded by Iggles fans, we cheered the Birds on as they beat the Cowboys. After the game, we headed home, passed through New Baltimore and got back to NYC early Monday morning.

I was back in Philly Monday night and have been recovering ever since. Back to the grind today and here on out.

Rub Radio Been Killing It

The Rub has been killing it over on Brooklyn Radio. Last week was DC go-go (will post up the link once archives are back up) and this week Eleven hits us off with a reggae mix. Get the above mix for free by buying something from The Rub store or Turntable Lab. Pick up DJ Eleven's reggae mix J.A. Goods, Cosmo's Love Break 2, The European Tour Mix CD, The Motherfucking Remix 2.2 (unmixed and DJ friendly) or something else from the store that keeps growing.

  • European Mix CD
Reggae Mix tracklisting
Sizzla Rise To The Occassion
Richie Spice / Chuck Fender Freedom
Cornell Campbell Ain't No Tricks In The Bock
Johnny Osbourne Ready Or Not
Sizzla Free Up
Richie Spice Dem Leaders
Richie Spice Open Da Door
Collie Buddz Come Around
Chezedek Inna Di Road
Super Cat Me Glad She Gone
Barrington Levy Come Home
Richie Spice Brown Skin
Gentlemen No Doubt About It
Turbulence Repatriate
Ms. Dynamite Fall In Love Again
Beres Hammond Try If You Want
Supahype Uptown Story
Bounty Killer Far We Come Fron
Dr. Evil We A Gangsta
Dr. Evil More Punnany
Vegas One Of Them
Pinchers Double Xplosion
Busy Signal Too Much Gun
Vybz Kartel Politics
Stephen Marley feat. Jr. Gong Marly & Bugu The Traffic Jam
Busy Signal Hey Girl
Chosen Few Shaft
Sanchez Forever
Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing (Remix)
PS. Ruboween is back, with Ayres, Cosmo, Eleven, Scott Melker and Tittsworth

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What it Do

Yo, so I'm on my way out to Pop Montreal as we speak but couldn't leave you without a couple things to do this weekend

  • First Friday in effect
  • Jayson Musson at Space 1026
  • Lovers Rock at 222
    • Definitely check this out, would have put up a full post bout it, but no time
  • Black Floor and the usuals in Old City
  • Them bols Emynd and Bo Bliz moved their spot to No. Libs, BYOB and other assorted goodies
    • White T's and White Belts at a new venue, BYOB, open till 4 this Friday. If you don't think this shit is going to be a huge fucking party, you're dead wrong.(see map)
    • Philly Weekly on smash as well:
      • Philadelphia Weekly Exhibit A so what we're funny looking
      • Philadelphia Weekly Exhibit B (just scroll down a bit)
  • Oh, yeah, something about Making Time at Pure.
  • Mojito
  • Brendan and Low B at Social Club
  • Other Stuff
  • Sundays Have Been the New Black
    • This Week Them Jeans from LA - DJ to the stars with Steve Aoki

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

TWNW Relaunch - $5 Open Bar

As mentioned here, TWNW is back tonite and its a $5 open bar if you click on the pretty Simplefly pic.

New Mix from Cousin Cole

New live mix straight from Cousin Cole. Purveyor of the much blogged about Atlantic Records, TI Clearance track and Flagrant Fowl Records. Check the link for a link to Chicken Moose Rhino Monkey an incredible mix of Alice Deejay and Project Pat. Oh and here is part two.

Needless to say, Cousin Cole has been coming with hot tracks continulously, so holler at him to book him in your city. So without further ado, Cousin Cole Live Mix September.

Check it out. All live, no edits. Here's the tracklisting:
t raumschmiere / monstertruckdriver
killer mike / akshon (acapella)
outkast / the whole world
the egg / walking away (tocadisco mix)
freeform five / no more conversations (mylo mix)
mylo / drop the pressure
da musicianz / gyrate
shadows of knight / shake
ying yang twinz f. pitbull / shake (acapella)
ying yang twinz f. pitbull / shake
tiga / you gonna want me
soulwax / ny lipps
christopher and raphael just / popper (fox & wolf version)
zongamin / bongo song
three 6 mafia / stay fly (acapella)
cousin cole / bam a lam
cousin cole / chicken moose rhino monkey (part 2)
cousin cole / in the park
cousin cole / dance to the music
tomas andersson / happy happy
k-life / pussy da bomb (acapella)
scottie b & king tutt / african chant
rod lee / dance my pain away (acapella)
foremost poets / besides myself (dj spen mix)
aly-us / follow me
daft punk f. romanthony / too long
jesus & mary chain / just like honey (cousin cole mix)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let's Go!(Lost Mix)Say Whut - New video by System D128

New video featuring chopped up Lost TV show footage by SystemD128

UPDATE: Sorry, no longer available. The compression didn't quite come out correctly which affected the video quality too much so System D128 pulled it down.

Spank Rock touring with Beck!

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is going to be incredible. The Philly show is at Tower Theater and the NYC show is at MSG! Apparently Beck is a fan and now Spank Ro, BBC, XXXchange and Pase Ro will be joining him for a short tour. Sorry West coast.

FRI 10/13 NASHVILLE, TN City Hall w/ Beck
SAT 10/14 CHICAGO, IL UIC Pavillion w/ Beck
MON 10/16 TORONTO, ON Ricoh Center w/ Beck
WED 10/18 NEW YORK, NY Theater at MSG w/ Beck
FRI 10/20 MONTREAL, PQ TBA w/ Beck
SAT 10/21 TBA w/ Beck
MON 10/23 PHILADELPHIA, PA Tower Theater w/ Beck
TUE 10/24 TBA w/ Beck
Click here or the pic for the flash invite and to get tickets for the Philly show.
Ticketmaster for the rest of you.

Bonus: Music video for Bump (NSFW)

The PackofRats Promise™

From Jayson "PackofRats" Musson:
If you come to Too Black for BET Episode II: The Black Boy George this friday at Space1026, I promise you that you will at least giggle once. At least once. If you do not manage to giggle I will take you into the bathroom, passionately kiss you on your lips and lament for your frozen soul. Because if you do not giggle once, then its you, not me bitch. I'm funny as shit, son.... well I dont really know, that maybe a bit much... Just come to the show, Kurt will be there. Who doesn't love Kurt? He has a new moped he'll ride you around town on, and you can pick flies out of his afro like you two are two monkeys in love.

Too Blizzy for BET Part 2 and shit: The Negro Boy George
1026 Arch Street
2nd Floor, god.
More Info: JaysonMusson.com Too Black for BET: Episode 1 Space1026.com


Check out Erock's new blog CapHappy. The posts are littered with brand new New Era fitteds with all of the necessary collabos. I can completely relate with this site as you'll almost never see me out without my hat on. New Era is so much better with their hat game than Reebok. (I'm looking at you NFL.) Check back often as he scours the web for brand new lids.