Friday, October 27, 2006

Armand's Closing

Entire inventory of Armand's Records is for sale on Ebay for $199,000. Records, CDs, professional contracts, fixtures, DVDs, basically everything you need to start your own store or painstakingly flip it all on Ebay seperately. Anybody want to go in on it with me?



scruggs said...


Is that still going down? I was looking for a site mentioning it for a blog post link (check it -- finally posting that pic of the Miami bass record that's like the Amen Break of Rio funk with the Armands Sticker) and yours is still the only hit.

if it is, have they locked the doors yet? If not, I need to send my girlfriend down there as my christmas present!


di1 said...

I just talked with Armand's and asked them if they are going out of business and they responded "Not at the moment." Tower has closed but not Armands.