Friday, October 20, 2006

Jam Master Jackmaster

New mix just posted over at from Jackmaster. He hails from the UK and has an all vinyl mix ready for the dance floors.
When Jackmaster is not blasting speakers and making the ladies swoon at night he also works full time for Rubadub / Blackhole Distribution - one of the UKs leading distributors of underground heat with an emphaisis on records that don’t have bar codes. This dude came to us when we were still selling units out the trunk and gave us our first international order. Download this mix, done with all vinyl so if you hear something you like you can email him and he can tell you were to buy it, throw it on before you go out to the club tonight and then when the after party comes back to your pad thorw this mix on again. Then Saturday morning you can send a thank you email to Jack and post a comment on here about how Flamin Hotz got you laid.Get the mix here.
Tittsworth - Eye Whips Pussy (Viscious Pop)
Dopplereffekt - Infophysix (Gigolo)
Twista Feat. Pitbull - Hit Da Floor (Atlantic)
Rod Lee - Bass Drop (Unruly)
Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Institubes)
DJ Boobie - We Be Clubbin’ (Baltimore Breakbeat)
Jonny Blaze - Black Sheep (Blaze One)
Drexciya - Journey Home (Warp)
Ciara - Get Up Accapella (LaFace)
Ayres - Broke Ass Home (The Rub)
Spank Rock & Amanda Blank - Blow (Milkcrate Records)
Rod Lee - Feel Me Pt. 3 (Baltimore Breakbeats)
Like-A-Tim - Ride The Red Rhythm (Like Records)
Nelly Furtado - Man Eater Accapella (Geffen)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back Instrumental (Jive)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Jive)
Electric Soul - X2 (Direct Beat)
Les Visiteurs - Snoops Acid Drop (White)
Epy - Get Set (TRUST)
Drexciya - Hi Tide (Somewhere In Detroit)
Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me Instrumental (Money Studies)
DJ Rod Lee - When??? (Unruly / Club Kings)
Rod Lee - I’ll Be Your Man (Baltimore Breakbeats)
DJ Deeon - House - O - Matic (Dance Mania)
Gwen Stefani - Luxurious (Interscope)
Los Hermanos - Quetzal (Los Hermanos)
313 Bass Mechanics - Pass Out Acapella (Breakin’ Records)

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