Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hand Fed

SomaFM independent internet radio

Exemplary music is hard to find. And I'm lazy, so that doesn't help. What does help is an underground radio station called Soma Fm, broadcasting out of San Fran 24/7 throughout the world wide tubes. The music is hand picked, which means you're not just getting fed some random songs. You might hear repeats from time to time, but I'll bet you won't mind.

I recommend the "cliq hop" channel, for the comforting sound of pops and glitches placed under the reins of unruly beats. Or "beat blender" for some shuffling downtempo adventures. Whatever genre you pick, you're likely to be exposed to something explosive.

I was especially blown away by the group The Cinematic Orchestra who combine jazz and downtempo elements to initiate a full force bombardment of auditory artillery upon your unsuspecting frontal lobe.
Check out this myspace fansite for a taste.

- Seg

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Find ! We need more finds like this - you our are digerati, and we want more .. thanks guys ! fONk