Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TTC & MSTRKRFT at Taxlo Baltimore

So Friday we took a road trip to Baltimore to check out Taxlo with TTC, MSTRKRFT and Edu K performing alongside residents Cullen Stalin and Simon Phoenix. On the way there Dirty South Joe aka Deluxxx was dropping knowledge jewels about the next Hollertronix release, Hollerween, Diplo's favorite color, Low Budget's favorite food and all sorts of crazy insider information. I was busy scribbling this all down but he swore me to secrecy. Sike! Ha, actually he was dropping knowledge jewels about all sorts of 80's films I have never seen. System D128 mentioned his new video for Curtis Vodka's Diamonds & Cream track will be out soon and how ill White Label TV is, but nothing crazy beside that.

We finally arrive, Cullen Stalin is on the decks in the main room playing club music including some brand new MIA that killed it. TTC is on in another room. Twice in two weeks and still worth it. I just need to learn French. Apparently we missed Edu K. After TTC, MSTRKRFT dj set was up. Apparently, the one dude was sick and couldn't make it so there was only one half of MSTRKRFT. $3 Guiness all night and I was chilling. Shout out to all the people from Philly there. I almost didn't go out so I would be chill for Saturday, glad I went anyways. After the party, its the afterparty times two. Coming back, Philly seemed a lot farther away but we didn't crash until after we got home.

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