Thursday, October 05, 2006

What it Do

Yo, so I'm on my way out to Pop Montreal as we speak but couldn't leave you without a couple things to do this weekend

  • First Friday in effect
  • Jayson Musson at Space 1026
  • Lovers Rock at 222
    • Definitely check this out, would have put up a full post bout it, but no time
  • Black Floor and the usuals in Old City
  • Them bols Emynd and Bo Bliz moved their spot to No. Libs, BYOB and other assorted goodies
    • White T's and White Belts at a new venue, BYOB, open till 4 this Friday. If you don't think this shit is going to be a huge fucking party, you're dead wrong.(see map)
    • Philly Weekly on smash as well:
      • Philadelphia Weekly Exhibit A so what we're funny looking
      • Philadelphia Weekly Exhibit B (just scroll down a bit)
  • Oh, yeah, something about Making Time at Pure.
  • Mojito
  • Brendan and Low B at Social Club
  • Other Stuff
  • Sundays Have Been the New Black
    • This Week Them Jeans from LA - DJ to the stars with Steve Aoki

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