Friday, October 13, 2006

Whats Up With Rod Lee?

For those that don't know about Rod Lee, Dirty South Joe aka DJ Deluxxx did a short interview with him a couple weeks back for the Philly Weekly.

Background: “The undisputed godfather of Baltimore club.”

On the recent globalization of the B-more club sound: “When you’ve been doing it for a while, it kind of pans out to where you’re just thankful for what you’ve got. You try to stay grounded and humble and gradually get ’em on it. If they feel it, it’s a blessing. If not, it’s nothing to get upset about.”

On pretenders to the throne: “When you’ve got some average Joe who you don’t even worry about who takes the club music, puts their name on it and throws it out there­, they’re gonna get more notoriety than someone who eats, sleeps and shits it. Doing club music is how I survive and feed my kids. It’s more than just throwing a beat together and trying to make someone dance. It’s different when an outsider tries to infiltrate and create the Baltimore sound. To them it’s not that serious, but it’s what took me off the streets. Now we’re in competition. Now it’s gettin’ fun and I’m gonna have to shut you down.”

See the godfather of Bmore club this Saturday at the grand opening of Level. Read the rest of the article here.

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