Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The PackofRats Promise™

From Jayson "PackofRats" Musson:
If you come to Too Black for BET Episode II: The Black Boy George this friday at Space1026, I promise you that you will at least giggle once. At least once. If you do not manage to giggle I will take you into the bathroom, passionately kiss you on your lips and lament for your frozen soul. Because if you do not giggle once, then its you, not me bitch. I'm funny as shit, son.... well I dont really know, that maybe a bit much... Just come to the show, Kurt will be there. Who doesn't love Kurt? He has a new moped he'll ride you around town on, and you can pick flies out of his afro like you two are two monkeys in love.

Too Blizzy for BET Part 2 and shit: The Negro Boy George
1026 Arch Street
2nd Floor, god.
More Info: JaysonMusson.com Too Black for BET: Episode 1 Space1026.com

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