Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pop Montreal

Montreal was crazy. Shout out to the city and all the people I met and saw. Curtis Vodka and I stopped by L'Étiquette Radio on Friday night after getting into the city. From there we headed Fractal. Fractal is a two level warehouse club that was just reopened. Curtis played from 1 - 2:30 with his signature sound of Baltimore club. Up next was DJ Orgasmic and TTC. The French Canadians absolutely love these guys as they were singing along to their songs. The energy from the show was amazing.

Up next was Daniel Haksman and Edu K. Edu K was the lead singer of a pop punk band of what seems like My Chemical Romance or something like that. In 2000, he wrote a song dedicated to baile funk called Popuzuda Rock n Roll (ass Rock n Roll) and has been riding the wave of funk carioca since. The show was interesting. Here is a guy that is dressed in all black, black painted nails, spiked collar etc and I think he's singing about ass shaking and partying. Hmmm. To add to the flavor, he was definitely into the show, climbing on top of speakers (nearly knocking them over), climbing on tables and humping them etc. Interesting to say the least. He's on tour and will be in Baltimore this Friday at Taxlo along with TTC and MSTRKRFT.

We wake up the next day and walk up and down St. Laurent and all around downtown Montreal. Aux Vivres is a killer vegan restaurant. I tried poutine from a random spot. Moog/DNA now stocks Yeti Bounce. Vice Records party jumped off. Saw Flosstradamus, Kid Sister, Pandemonium Jones, Dave from Chromeo, A-Trak, Huggs, Cullen Stalin and a whole gang of other people there. Fast forward to Fractal again. Hatchmatik from Peer Pressure in Montreal is killing them with Bmore and more. A-Trak was up next and kept the party jumping with bmore and baile bangers. We left shortly after attempting to find the Slum Recs after party with Pandemonium Jones, Erik Devro, Huggs (he'll be at Sundays on the 22nd) and a couple other cats but no luck. Head back to go sleep and watch White Label TV. This is killer right here. I got an exclusive for this and this is just crazy. Crazy amounts of Spank Rock and some ill video remixes from System-D128 and more. Will keep you updated as soon as its out.

Sunday we went to a sports bar on St. Laurent to watch the Eagles game and found we were in friendly territory. Surrounded by Iggles fans, we cheered the Birds on as they beat the Cowboys. After the game, we headed home, passed through New Baltimore and got back to NYC early Monday morning.

I was back in Philly Monday night and have been recovering ever since. Back to the grind today and here on out.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,
It was good meeting you last week. Let me know when I can catch you guys in Montreal again.