Monday, April 24, 2006

Snap or Die!

I haven't stopped talking about this since I first heard about it but its out now and you need this. When I got this, I couldn't stop bouncing around in my chair. I'm slightly better now, but if I really need to get something done quickly, Snap or Die is not the mix I listen to. Thats exactly what Snap music and the movement is about. Dancing in the club, leaning wit it, rockin wit it and just bouncing around having fun with it.

Lots of people have been clowning Laffy Taffy, D4L and lumping all this music together saying its too simple. See the thing is, they're missing the point. The snap movement is about making fun music. Its often high school kids creating infectious rhythms and then getting their shine on at the Poole Palace. Don't take my word for it though, Nat from A Silent Flute spoke with Low B and Deluxxx in Dappa Snappas

If you're still not convinced check out these mixes straight from the CD.
  • Tracks 3 & 4 - BHI,K-Rab - Bubble Gum mixed into K-Rab - Dunnadun

  • Tracks 15 & 16 - Born Threat, Threat Misses - Juke Ya Boi / Juke Ya Gurl mixed into Born Threat, Kip - Juke Ya Boi (While I do My Shuffle)

  • Tracks 22 & 23 - Youngbloodz - Chop Chop (Trilladelphia Remix) mixed into DJ Unk, Dem Franchize Boyz - Suckaz

  • Tracks 34 & 35 - Luch Millions, Get Rich Clique - Bunny Hop mixed into Southern Drama - Call it Quit

  • If some of yall slept on this before, here it is again Luch Millions - Da Bunny Hop (Dirty) - DJ's hit me up if you need the clean version

  • You can get this at Armands, Turntable Lab, or through paypal by sending $10 from the US or $13 from overseas to

    Personally, I'm pretty sure this is what I thought of when I first heard about Snap. :)

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