Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What Happened at Transit

From Tommy at Paper Street:
What happened at Transit on Saturday... if you were at the party then this message is for you. If you weren't you might as well read up anyway, you should find it interesting.

The party Saturday was going amazing, great music, people, energy and shortly before 4am the lights all came on and the Transit staff was telling me that the cops had shut the event down. They basically shoved into the front door and ordered everyone to turn the lights on, the music off and to get out of the place. There was around 800 people in the place at that point and the last thing on anyones mind was going home. We're still not sure why the event was forcibly ended 2 hours early and we're trying to get a solid answer.

Probably the biggest disappointment for me was having the sets by both King Britt and Junior Sanchez cut short. Not only were the party goers deprived by their full sets, but both Junior and King were very upset that they didn't get to play all night.

The best solution I have come up with is to bring you two make up sessions with these DJs shortly that will be free for you. My mom always said that when life gives you lemons, just take one of those lemons and throw it right back at lifes head. I would like to personally apologize for the confusion and the missed opportunity to get more awesome for another 2 hours that night. This is the first time anything like this has happened at an event were thrown and its not a good feeling.

So sorry guys, Ill make it up to you. Stay classy.

Definitely an odd experience. Regardless we'll keep you updated when King Britt and Junior Sanchez will be back next.

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