Friday, April 14, 2006

More Bounce: Nu

I don't like it unless its Brand Nu

  • Nick Catchdubs and DJ Ayres - Tell Me When To Go (Bmore remix)

  • More Curtis Vodka fire on a smoothed out tip Curtis Vodka - Hey Girl

  • Low Budget, EP coming out in 2006

  • T.I. What You Know (Bmore remix)
  • Some smooth Low Budget - Spring Party

  • Since we're on a bit of a smooth tip, check out this mix Lyle Roundtree - Lite Rock. This is the April winner of a new Low Budget monthly mix competition.

  • Ghislain Poirier has a new CD release, "Rebondir EP", and it's now available thru his website via Paypal. Rebondir Records is the name of his new record label, so look out for releases in the near future.
  • For now download track 3 Ghislain Poirier - Pampa Pimp

  • Myninecanpiss is back with a new mix from DJ Slow - cent cinquante bpm aka 150 BPM mix

  • If you've wanted to play baile funk when you're out DJing but only have low quality mp3s, Flamin Hotz has stepped in and started pressing baile funk to vinyl. Check out the snippets below and then go buy the Sou Funk EP
  • Endereco dos bailes
  • Rap de Felicidade
  • Rocky Theme
  • Pau No Cu Do Mudo
  • 1 hora

  • That bol Paul Devro (you may remember from here) has a new re-edit up of Basement Jaxx - Romeo flipped into bmore and an interesting Lo-fi mix from Willie Southgate of David Banner's "Play"

  • If you like your hip hop dirty and from the south check this mix out from DJ Drastik

  • Get on the Spankrock Party Bus In the meantime check out Spankrock - President Evil remix feat Pase Rock Go preorder Yo yo yo yo yo yo now and get a spankrock T-shirt
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